A lucid dream is a dream in which you recognize that you are dreaming. Often people say that lucid dreams are far more vivid and realistic than their other dreams. Another common thing about lucid dreams is that once you have a lucid dream, you usually want to have anotherContinue Reading

Lucid dreams are dreams in which, at some point, you realize you are dreaming. People love having lucid dreams because they can help them process problems they are having in their waking hours. Many people find that, after some practice, they can control the happenings of their lucid dreams andContinue Reading

What causes dreams? There are two sets of thought on this. Some people think that dreams are caused by the physical movements of a person’s eyes while they are sleeping and there are other people that think psychology is what causes dreams. What Causes Dreams: Physiology Most biologists will agreeContinue Reading

Lucid dreams are those dreams you have in which you realize that you are dreaming. They can be incredibly interesting and often fun (after all, once you realize you are dreaming, you get to control the dream) and many people like to use lucid dreaming as a method for workingContinue Reading

What are lucid dreams? Lucid dreams are dreams in which you realize that you are, in fact, dreaming. Many people relish lucid dreams because they both enjoy the sense of control they have over their dream world and they like being able to analyze the situations and symbols of theirContinue Reading

So, you have read about lucid dreaming and decided that it is something that you want to learn to do yourself. You know you have had lucid dreams before, but the thought of making a lucid dream happen is a new concept to you. How do you go about makingContinue Reading