When looking for a psychic who will give you a helpful reading, the best way of figuring out a genuine and trusted one is simply reading the customer reviews on the ones you are considering. Reviews make or break a service or a product, and the psychic service is not exempt from the effectiveness of a review whether good or bad.

Positive reviews tend to elicit trust from potential clients, while negative ones are catalysts for suspicion and great distrust. The California Psychics review below says quite a lot about the service.

California Psychics network has this good approach which is very straightforward when it comes to readings with clients. Callers have the option of speaking to who they prefer, thanks to the many psychics featured with special abilities outlined on their short bios.

The network doesn’t fall short when it comes to having the best psychics. The psychics are labeled under expressive titles such as “Customer Favourites”, “Top rated” or “Staff Picks” . Potential clients find it easy to pick the psychics of their choice from the psychic ratings and description of their abilities on the short bio under every one of them.

How it works

The customer service of the network is really on the top side. When clients select the psychic they wish to speak to by clicking, they can then call the displayed number for a connection. In case the psychic in question is not able to speak to them because they have session with another client, another appointment can be scheduled or the client can opt for a call back. The psychic then calls the client immediately they become available.
After a session with a psychic ends, the client’s credit card is charged based on the duration of the session at a per minute rate.

California Psychics offer introductory one-time offers for first time users which rates at $1.00 per minute. These rate for the new users is great compared to the normal rates charged per minute for continuing clients. It is the perfect deal for the new users to get a feel of the expertise of the psychics without spending a lot of money. This is very different from many networks who often times are focused on making money and therefore charge new clients exorbitant fees. As much as California psychics are a legal business and intent on making money, they still capitalise on the interests of their clients.

Customer Satisfaction

California psychics have indeed done their best and kept their customers contented by giving the best when it comes to psychic readings. In case a new user feels that they are not getting what they require, a full refund of their money without further ado is guaranteed.
Many of their clients find the network uncomplicated and quite user-friendly making it easy to make a selection of the many gifted psychics unlike many other psychic networks.

California psychics network is no doubt one of the best psychic networks with diverse options when it comes to psychics of specific abilities and great service. This is evident in the many positive customer reviews written about them by no doubt satisfied customers.