Ophiuchus is sometimes considered the thirteenth sign in the astrological zodiac. Not everyone includes this as an accepted sign, but it has been growing in acceptance recently and that trend is likely to continue. People born from about November 29th through December 18th can be considered Ophiuchus. The Ophiuchus symbol looks likeContinue Reading

Lucid dreaming is the process by which a person dreams consciously. That is to say, at some point in the dream the person dreaming realizes that they are, in fact, dreaming. From there the person might try to control the events of the dream or attempt actions that they knowContinue Reading

Introduction to the Tarot The art of Tarot divination is like holding up a mirror to reality, revealing the greater forces that are working “behind the scenes” of the physical circumstances. Tarot fortune-telling is used to reveal what energies are active in a given situation— including those in the pastContinue Reading