Ophiuchus, the 13th Zodiac Sign


Ophiuchus is sometimes considered the thirteenth sign in the astrological zodiac. Not everyone includes this as an accepted sign, but it has been growing in acceptance recently and that trend is likely to continue. People born from about November 29th through December 18th can be considered Ophiuchus. The Ophiuchus symbol looks like a U with a wavy line through it and it is said to represent a man carrying a snake. Even though the Ophiuchus zodiac sign is not yet fully accepted by everyone, it is making significant progress and more and more is being learned about it every day.

There are many Ophiuchus horoscope traits which can influence the relationships of people on a day to day basis. People born under the Ophiuchus zodiac sign are typically extremely independent and can be considered stubborn about certain topics or subjects which they feel they are experts in. Ophiuchus individuals make excellent and loyal friends, though they can be moody, which at times causes problems. Once a bad mood is over, however, they are often quick to forgive and even forget that the fight ever happened. Another Ophiuchus characteristic is that they are typically quite creative. They will want to be able to use that creativity in most areas of their life from personal relationships to their day to day activities in their job.

Ophiuchus is based on a constellation which represents Aesculapius, the Greek god of medicine, which may mean you have a gift for caring for others or working in the medical field in some capacity. People born under the Ophiuchus zodiac sign often want to apply their desire to help or heal others in their day to day life no matter what types of job they have and that is often seen as them being quite compassionate. Some of the best Doctors are born under this sign and a lot of nurses and other care givers as well. People with Ophiuchus characteristics also tend to perform well in high profile jobs like upper managers or even business owners.

On a more personal level Ophiuchus characteristics normally include being quite attractive to the opposite sex. They are also known for having a higher than normal sex drive, which if left unchecked, can lead to quite a promiscuous life style which can get them into trouble. Both men and women who are born under the Ophiuchus zodiac sign have both the ability and the desire to use their bodies to try to get what they want from others. This can make it very difficult for them to get into or maintain a serious monogamous relationship, but it’s not impossible.

Most people with Ophiuchus horoscope traits are smart enough to realize that they have to keep their high sex drive in check at times if they want to achieve the level of success they desire both personally and professionally. The fact that they know they need to work on this is often enough to overcome their natural desires. People with the Ophiuchus sign are often seen as managers and as having authority, even if it is not directly given to them. They will naturally emerge as the one in charge unless that role was specifically and directly given to someone else. This can sometimes cause strife at work but other times it is just what is needed to ensure a job gets done.

If you are looking to enter a long term relationship with someone born under the Ophiuchus zodiac sign, it is important to set some boundaries quickly. Being up front and direct with them and telling them your intentions is important in ensuring that they know what is and is not appropriate. If they see themselves as a long term or even lifelong partner with you, they will do all they can to help you in all areas of life. You will never have to worry about someone being on your side, as they are eager to jump in to defend you even if they actually don’t fully agree with you. An Ophiuchus characteristic of being loyal comes into play here and most people will like the feeling of being taken care of. Some people with the Ophiuchus sign will want to be in charge of the relationship and that can be a problem at times.

Working to ensure both parties are satisfied with the relationship might be important to most Ophiuchus individuals, but they sometimes assume you want the same thing as they do. Speaking up and pointing out problems or differences as soon as they come up is important so as to not end up getting in a fight about it later. The Ophiuchus will often appreciate the up front and directness of this so they can quickly work to fix any problems or avoid any problems in the future.

The varied and exciting Ophiuchus characteristics can make for a difficult relationship, especially at first while just getting to know each other. Most people under this sign have strong opinions and personalities which can sometimes come off as abrasive. Once you get to know them well though the relationship can be quite rewarding. They are loyal and dedicated people who will want to make those that they love happy. Be careful if ending a relationship with someone who is an Ophiuchus, though, because they might get irrationally upset and say some very hurtful things when lashing out. Fortunately, they don’t often remain angry for too long and can often end up remaining friends. One other interesting Ophiuchus horoscope trait is that people in this sign are normally afraid of thunderstorms. This is most likely because Aesculapius was killed by a thunderbolt from Zeus.

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