Keen Psychic Network Review

Having been established back in 199, Keen is an online psychic network with over two decades worth of experience to its name. Having completed over 40 million readings in this time, Keen have an excellent reputation in the industry today, with clients having thousands of psychics to select from. With readings taking place over the phone and via an online chat feature, this review will take an in-depth look at Keen, including the type of readings available to clients, along with pricing, security and support. However, let’s start by outlining the main pros and cons uncovered through testing of the Keen online psychic network.

Pros & Cons of Keen Psychic Network

Pros: Cons:
– 24/7 readings available – Video chat unavailable
– Free 3 minutes for new customers
– 100% satisfaction guarantee policy
– Reading transcripts available afterwards
– Over 1,700 psychics found

How Does Keen Work?

Keen is an online psychic network offering readings to clients around the world, whether it be over the telephone or live chat. Having created an account, customers can select from over 1,700 advisors, who each come with their own set of skills and levels of experience. No software is required to be downloaded, with readings being carried out confidentially and securely. Psychics at Keen are separated by their availability, price, rating and abilities, making it easy for clients to find the advisor which best suits their needs, whether it be surrounding relationships, career or tarot readings. Having located their preferred psychic, customers can click on the “Call Now” or “Chat Now” buttons, which will connect the two parties automatically when available. Meanwhile, for times when a psychic is busy or offline, clients can request a call back at a time which is convenient for them. Clients are charged by the minute at Keen, with prices depending on the experience and capabilities of psychics. The fact that Spanish-speaking Psychics are available also helps Keen meet a different market.

Types of Reading at Keen

A major factor behind Keen’s success over the years has been their ability to meet the needs of all clients, with psychics specializing in a number of areas. Customers entering the Keen website are able to quickly view the experience of psychics, including the number of readings they have completed, their rating and areas of expertise. With that being said, the following reading types were available at Keen at the time of writing this review:

Love & Relationships

For those who seek advice or information surrounding a romantic interest or other relationships, psychics at Keen are on hand to provide such readings. A huge number of advisors have experience in this field, helping to provide answers surrounding whether a relationship will last or if your partner is being unfaithful.

Life Questions

Away from relationships, clients at Keen are regularly looking for answers when it comes to a possible career change or relocating from your home town. Such decisions can be overwhelming, with psychics providing a helping hand at Keen, helping people get some piece of mind in the process.

Tarot Readings

As one of the most traditional and tested form of readings, tarots are used by many psychics at Keen in order to provide information surrounding clients. While not specifically predicting the future, tarot readings instead allow psychics to reveal points in which clients may not already be aware of.

Spiritual Readings

Many psychics at Keen also specialize in the spiritual work, allowing them to provide clients with a better understanding of what is going on around them. Those looking for answers to the meaning of life should certainly take advantage of such advisors.

Other Readings

Readings at Keen also revolve around money, pets, Feng Shui, dream interpretation, astrology and numerology, catering for the needs of all clients in the process.

Is Keen Trustworthy?

For anyone looking for an online psychic network, confidentiality and security are among the most important factors, along with trust. While other platforms have fraudulent psychics operating on their sites, advisors at Keen are the real day, despite the fact that their screening process is not as thorough as on other platforms. While separating a legitimate psychic from a fraud is not an easy task, customers at Keen can rest assured that only those with the required experience and expertise are accepted on their network.

The screening process at Keen is not as strict as others, with psychics generally being able to upload their own information, before being in a position to start carrying out readings via phone and chat. It will quickly become clear as to which psychics are trustworthy, with clients providing reviews and ratings based on their experiences. As a result, quality control at Keen is effectively delivered by customers themselves.

Pricing & Promotions

New customers at Keen will receive the first 3 minutes of their first reading for free, however after this point, they will be charged on a per-minute basis. Psychics set their own prices, which can range from anywhere between $1.99 per minute to a substantial $34 per minute. It is probably worth steering clear of those offering the lowest prices, with the majority of psychics at Keen pricing their services at somewhere between $5.99 to $10.99 per minute.

A small number of promotions are available at Keen, with offers generally targeting new clients. Those new to the Keen psychic network at the time of writing this review were able to claim 3 free minutes, however this changes from time to time, so keep an eye out for new promotions.

Favorite Features at Keen

While the simplistic format of the Keen psychic network has helped to attract new customers on a regular basis, a small number of additional features also helps to separate them from other platforms. With that being said, the following are some of our favorite features at Keen:

Call-Back Option – The most popular psychics at Keen are likely to regularly be unavailable, whether it be because they are already with a client or if they are offline. As a result, Keen has introduced a call-back option, which allows customers the opportunity to request a reading at another time, when both parties are free. Such requests can be carried out by clicking the relevant box, located on a psychic’s bio. Clients will see the availability of the individual psychic before selecting an appropriate time and date for a call-back.

Satisfaction Guarantee Policy – Despite being an area in which other online psychic networks fail, Keen deliver a satisfaction guarantee policy, which helps to cater for times in which clients are not happy with readings. Customers must complete the relevant request form no more than 72 hours after a reading has finished, with this process being available once per month at Keen. Clients are in line to receive a maximum of $25 in returns, which are delivered back to your account, rather than in cash.

Articles & Forums – Enjoyable and informative articles are found on a blog-style page at Keen too, while forums also help to demonstrate the work being done by the psychic network in order to promote a sense of community on their site. Articles surround interesting topics such as dreams, tarots and relationships, with all being well-written and engaging, while also being available for free.

Radio – Live radio shows are also available at Keen, with episodes being available to customers on a regular basis, with discussions surrounding topics such as spirituality, resolutions and being grateful for what we have.

Horoscopes – Free horoscopes are available at Keen too, with visitors to their site being able to view information on a daily, monthly and weekly basis.

Keen Website Usability

The design and usability of the Keen website is an area in which the psychic platform have clearly worked hard to improve. While still being easy to use, the Keen site now has a more professional feel to it, with users not being overloaded with information, while the clear color scheme helps clients to quickly locate their favorite features. Psychics can be filtered by their price, area of expertise and availability, while the top menu at Keen provides quick access to popular psychics, articles and horoscopes. Meanwhile, important pages including customer support and help are found via links at the bottom of the screen at all times.

Keen Mobile

For those looking for readings on mobile devices, there is perhaps no better platform than Keen. The Keen website is fully function on a variety of mobile internet browsers, while a dedicated psychic network app is available on both iOS and Android devices, with download links being found on both the App Store and Google Play Store respectively. Readings can still be carried out via online chat using the app, while other features, including horoscopes, articles and radio, are also available, perfect for those who are constantly on the move.

Customer Support

24/7 customer support is available to clients at Keen, which is always a good sign for an online psychic network. However, it is worth noting that those looking to communicate with support agents via phone can only do so between the hours of 6am-6pm Monday-Friday, as well as 8am-4:30pm on weekends. Elsewhere, emails are generally replied to within 48 hours, however this can be significantly quicker, while a detailed FAQ page provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding Keen’s operation. Unfortunately, there is no live chat support at Keen, which is much demanded online today.


All personal details at Keen are kept secure at all times, with telephone numbers or email addresses never being revealed to psychics or third parties. Meanwhile, when calls are made, all conversations are confidential and anonymous, which should help put client’s minds at ease. All payments made at Keen are also processed securely, with clients having to enter their credit cards details just once, while encryption technology helps to keep details safe too.

Keen FAQ

The following are both the questions and answers surrounding some of the most important points of the Keen operation, perfect for potential clients:

Q. What is Keen?
A. Keen is an online psychic network with over 1,700 advisors to its name, who help to deliver readings to clients across the globe. Readings take place in areas including love and relationships, spirituality and astrology.

Q. Are readings free at Keen?
A. New customers at Keen will receive 3 free minutes upon signing up, however readings will then be charged at a per-minute rate, which differs from psychic to psychic. Prices at Keen start at just $1.99 per minute, rising to as much as $34 per minute, catering for those with varying budgets in the process.

Q. Can I make payments using PayPal?
A. Yes! Clients at Keen can add funds to their account using PayPal, which is one of the most popular online payment services in the world today.

Q. Does Keen offer a money-back guarantee?
A. Yes! Clients can apply for money back once per month, with those successful receiving up to $25 in credit.

Q. Is Keen secure and trustworthy?
A. Absolutely! A number of security measures are in place at Keen, while the online psychic network has also developed an excellent reputation since it was founded in 1999, with their advisors having ratings to demonstrate their trustworthiness.

Q. How Can I make payments at Keen?
A. Payments at Keen can be made using credit or debit cards, along with a small number of ewallets. While payments are accepted online, clients can also add funds to their account over the phone by entering their PIN and selecting option 4.

Keen Bottom Line

This review has clearly demonstrated that Keen is one of the most efficient and rewarding online psychic networks available to clients today, with their site scoring highly when it comes to pricing, promotions and additional features in particular. While the ability to carry out video readings would take them to the next level, as well as adding another layer of trust, Keen will undoubtedly still attract new clients as a result of their expert advisors. Regularly updated articles, horoscopes and radio shows only add to their appeal, with Keen undoubtedly being a leading option for customers with varying needs and budgets.