The Empress Tarot Card’s True Meaning The Major Arcana in Tarot Cards represents a journey, inner and outer, and we can even think of the journey as the growth from conception, to infant, to adolescent, young adult and wise man/woman. There are many ways to think if the Major Cards,Continue Reading

The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning: Love, Money, Health & More Following on from his consort and partner, the Empress, the Emperor is the part of our journey in life that encounters the concept of “Father” or “Authority”. He is the counterbalance to the Empress and is hard where she isContinue Reading

Hierophant Tarot Card Meanings The Hierophant is a card that many people just don’t connect with. They often just see the religious figure sitting on the throne, and have a reaction to what they may think he represents. Or, they might just miss the entire meaning of the card. SomeContinue Reading

“The Lovers” Tarot Card Meaning The Lovers Tarot Card has to be one of the most popular, well known cards! It usually receives the same kind of enthusiasm as The Fool card, and it seen as a lucky, fortunate card. But, did you know that when first developed, the LoversContinue Reading

Leo in 2020: Your efficiency at work will be the catalyst for success The year 2020 blesses Leo natives with best opportunities, exciting offers and rewards. These people will be planning and moving ahead in their life with a practical approach towards things rather than delving into unrealistic aspects ofContinue Reading