Tarot Cards Meanings: “The Lovers”

“The Lovers” Tarot Card Meaning

The Lovers Tarot Card has to be one of the most popular, well known cards! It usually receives the same kind of enthusiasm as The Fool card, and it seen as a lucky, fortunate card. But, did you know that when first developed, the Lovers Card was depicted as three people? A man, his wife, and his mistress?

This is a little-known fact of the Lovers Cards, so whilst most think it’s all about love – which it is – oftentimes this card so related to choose! Sometimes, between two people, and sometimes, between something else.

Nevertheless, this card is usually quite positive to get in a reading, and represents a time in our lives where we, as young adults encounter our first relationship, and feel desire for the first time. We are challenges not to act on sheer desire, but to rather learn to restrain ourselves if we need to – and that is how we grow up!

Symbolism of The Lovers Card

The Lovers card is truly fascinating. It depicts two people, a man and a woman, standing opposite each other with an angel above them.

Of course, this man and woman represent a relationship – a very important, karmic relationship. The angel indicates that the relationship has been “ordained” or destined. The Lovers card has striking similarities to the Devil card, and warns of a relationship become co-dependent in the long run.

Behind the man lies a tree with flames, representing his desire for the woman. Both are naked, showing they are open and vulnerable, and very sensual. Whilst the man looks at the woman, the woman looks at the angel, showing that she is more intuitively connected to the divine, whiles he needs he to guide him spiritually.

The foundation between indicates obstacles that lie in their way during their relationship, and the angel, in a way, protects and helps them. This mountain may also symbolise the rising passion for each other, backed up by their nudity.

General Meaning of The Lovers Card

As you probably are aware, the Lovers Card in a Tarot Reading talks about love and relationships. It indicates a time in which you may meet or have already met someone who is going to be a very important fixture in your life, someone whom you have a karmic connection with.

This can mean with a friend, but is most likely a sexual connection. However, desire can turn into lust, and that can become toxic if we don’t keep the balance of physical, emotional and spiritual connection. This relationship has a higher purpose than just to satisfy an itch – it is something bigger than each of you!

In some circles, this card also means having to choose between two partners – an old and a new. That choice needs to be made from spiritual awareness rather than pure lust. The Lovers card may also mean that you simply have a big life decision lying ahead of you, which offers two important paths to take.

Meaning of The Lovers Card in The Past

The Lovers card in the past position tells you that you have recently met, chosen or formed a relationship with someone very important that will have lasting influence on your life. You are now building on that, and the relation is a very defining factor to where you are now in your life.

You may have also recently made a huge, life-altering decision which changed your direction completely. This has a direct impact on life right now and you are living with the consequences of that decision.

Meaning of The Lovers Card in The Present

Is there someone in your life right now that you think you have a spiritual, karmic connection with? The Lovers card says to sit up and take notice, because the one you are looking for is already here. It asks you to be open, vulnerable and to trust, to be led by compassion and not desire.

The Lovers card also appears in the present when you are dealing with an import choice to make. Once again, you have to make your decision from a place of love and that you have to respect your own values in that choice. Unfortunately, you cannot simply put your head in the sand!

Meaning of The Lovers Card in The Future

If you have been hoping for your soulmate to come, then this is certainly a good sign! You may not need to wait too much longer, as someone may soon appear in your life that becomes a very important relationship for you. This relationship may have plenty of desire attached to it, but it’s generally more than just physical.

The future holds a choice for you – and the choice will be very important. Whether it’s a choice between two people, a choice of career paths or some other choice, it’s important for you to open your heart and trust that you will be guided by a higher force. This choice may not be easy, though, so be warned!

Meaning of The Lovers Card in Relationships

This, along with the Empress Tarot Card, and the Two of Cups, is the most relationship- ordinated card in the Tarot! There’s no other card that quite speaks to love as clearly as this one does, and even if you had to take this card to a random tribe in the middle of nowhere, they’d recognise that it was Love!

So, of course, getting this card in a Love question, is very auspicious! It speaks of your current connection being a soulmate one, or of a relationship coming into your life soon that will become very important indeed. This relationship has a very spiritual component, and will be built on vulnerability, compassion, open and care. It will also be a relationship with plenty of physical desire and passion, and warns of getting carried away by passion!

Sometimes, this card comes up in a relationship where there is a love triangle, and a big choice has to be made. This choice may not be very easy, and we have to be sure to not make the choice out of sheer desire. We may be the mistress, the wife” or the man/woman, or we may be in love with two people. Whoever way it works, the choice will be very important indeed, and this is finitely a karmic lesson.

Meaning of The Lovers Card in Career

This card comes up in a career question when we are faced with a decision. Do we take this job, or that job? Maybe there’s a love-related aspect to our career, such as whether to work with our husband/wife, or start a business together. We have to make this job from a place of passion, but not total desire or lust as it may turn toxic down the road.

In any scenario, there is a choice to make, and the choice will be important, as well as guided by a higher power of some kind. We may feel quite blessed and fortunate, and there could be someone else involved in this decision who becomes very important down the line.

Meaning of The Lovers Card Reversed

When you get the Lovers card reversed, a relationship may be gang pear shaped, or there could be a lack of vulnerability, trust and openings. All the qualities that should be in a healthy relationship are not there, and you have to make some kind of effort to turn things around. It may be that your current relationship is simply not the right one for you, and you may just have to let it go.

You could simply feel out of sync with others, and a lack of connection in general. You may have to get your shared values back on track.

This also indicates that you may not be facing or dealing with a choice that too have to make right now. This could be a problem in the long tun, so be ever so careful! You are dealing with a lot of inner conflict, and you really have to review your values in order to make the right choices now.

Summary of The Lovers Card

The Lovers card is a very desirable card to get in a Tarot Treading especially if you are wanting answers all about love and relationships! It shows a very meaningful relationship developing right now, soon, or recently that will have profound effect on your life. This relationship feels strongly connected, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

We have to be careful with the Lovers card not to make choice sour of sheer desire, but to also apply a spiritual slant to our decision. Otherwise, the Lovers card can turn very toxic indeed.

This card may sometimes speak to a big life decision with important consequences, whether it’s been two relationship soar anywhere else. We have to review our values and be sure to align all of our choices to these to stay on the right path.

Finally, this card can indicates any relationship, but is most likely a love relationship where there is a strong emphasis on chemistry and physical passion.

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