You can find anything in the world that you are looking for on the World Wide Web – including your favourite psychic website! Psychic websites are all over the web and most of the more well known psychics have their own sites where they can keep their fans up-to-date on their predictions and other information about their career.

Psychic Reading Websites, What Look for and Look Out for

Psychic Reading websites are a great way to get a quick and often accurate psychic readings that may actually help you through the more troubling times as well as give you the confidence and knowledge that you need to make the good times even better. There are some things that you need to be wary of when you are getting a psychic reading. Websites online will sometimes try to spoon feed you the good news while avoiding any negatives.

Psychic readings, psychic advisors, tarot card readings, spiritual mediums in real life and on the psychic websites would all have to agree that there is both good and bad in life. Some of the psychic websites that offer tarot card readings and live psychic readings using modified tarot decks will remove all of the negative cards from the tarot deck in order to make your live psychic reading online sound a lot better than it is.

The biggest and most obvious problem with getting a psychic reading done online with an incomplete deck of tarot cards is that the psychic reading will be incomplete. What is even worse is that an incomplete deck of tarot cards used to do a live psychic reading online will actually distort whatever is left of the psychic reading since it is literally impossible to get a complete picture of anything when so many parts are missing.

Even the best psychics online are unable to make a complete psychic reading with an incomplete deck of tarot cards so if and when you ever see the psychic websites online that use these incomplete decks, they should be avoided. That is not to say that all of the cards in the tarot deck are always used though as there are times and occasions when certain cards from the tarot deck will not be used in the live psychic readings online.

The standard tarot deck is made up of two primary sections or divisions. There are 22 trump cards or major arcana cards and 56 cards comprising four suits. These 56 cards are known as the pip cards or the minor arcana and were actually the basis used for the modern day playing cards. This actually leads nicely in to the next point regarding live online psychic readings.

Many people will automatically dismiss the notion that a psychic advisor or spiritual medium can give a viable psychic reading with a deck of  playing cards but this is not only possible but actually very common. While the standard playing cards are lacking the major arcana trump cards of the tarot deck, these cards are not always used for the purposes of a psychic reading with tarot cards either.

The only time that you truly need to worry about an incomplete deck of cards being used is if the online psychic advisor has simply removed all of the cards with negative connotations. Depending on the spread or the layout or what you would probably call the “deal” of the tarot cards, it is actually very common to use only the trump cards or the pip cards.

Keep these facts in mind when you are looking for psychic reading websites online, find a good spiritual medium, clairvoyant or psychic advisor online that you can trust and you will have found the right psychic website for you.

Psychic readings

You are probably one of the many who seek psychic readings on various aspects of their lives such as finances, love, career and so on and have probably searched the web trying to find a legitimate psychic to give you an honest reading. You have probably ended up getting many options after doing the web searches and often times have no clue on how to separate the chaff from the real thing. The widespread notion by skeptics that anyone with interest can learn the psychic ability is untrue because an authentic psychic’s gift is inborn. Fortunately many accredited psychics will substantiate this fact.

Despite this fact, many unscrupulous people loose on the web will without remorse squeeze unsuspecting persons off their money. There have been numerous accounts of people on how they were scammed of thousands of cash by these charlatans who claim to be authentic psychic readers. Despite the huge number of these scam incidents that are happening , only a few are reported and many go unnoticed by the public or concerned authorities. However, thanks to this site, many seekers of real psychic readings are able to get exaclty what they pay for without being conned, from genuine psychics.

There is a wide variety of psychics and many options on how to get access to them. Independent psychics,spirits guides, love advisors, palm readers, tarot card readers, mediums, Tv psychics and many others are available online, through Tv, advertised via signs, through phone directories and many other forms of advertising. However, the question of how to get a psychic reading that can be trusted still remains.

The menu on the right of this site offers reviews of top psychic networks which are worth checking out; a comparison chart of the psychic networks is also available for easy decision making.

In order to be of further help to you, outlined below are some of the tips that will help you spot a psychic scam a mile away.

  • A psychic who insists that they will only give you a reading if you give them more cash on the pretext of for example, needing to buy specific items for effective an reading is a liar. Drop them like a bomb!
  • If the psychic asks you for money to oust demons or offer you and your family protection from the doings of evil spirits, don’t ever believe them.
  • If the psychic promises to remove a certain curse that hangs over you and your family for some cash, distance yourself from them, Curses aren’t real!
  • If the psychic asks you many questions, sounding as if they are fishing for information, this is known as a “cold reading” an its never accurate. Real psychics will not require anything other than your birthday and name for them to give honest psychic reading.

However, authentic and honest psychics do exist and we are going to show you where to get them. The best and only way to get yourself a psychic you can trust is going through a psychic service or company that throughly screens its psychic readers and mediums. Reliable companies will allow their users to voice their comments and reviews after getting the service.

The best and most reliable psychics are found at Psychic Source. This reputable company only considers legitimate and proven psychics for hiring and the screening process is very strict and thorough. Only 5% of many psychic applicants are allowed to work there they are only top best as the 20 years of glowing reviews from clients who sought readings will testify.

Psychic Readers and Communication with Psychic Spirits

With the advent of many psychics websites online and the ease with which psychic readings can be had there seems to be some confusion as to which of these psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and other paranormal specialists online actually communicate with “the other side”. In the psychic realm there is a vast difference between direct and indirect psychic communications with the other side … some of this even overlapping the many mediums even among different practitioners within the same psychic or paranormal fields of study.

One of the most common encounters for free psychic readers online involves receiving readings from the tarot cards. These tarot cards do not generally require the psychic advisor to communicate with anyone. Rather, the medium, clairvoyant or psychic must have a clear understanding of the meanings of each of the different tarot cards. Additionally, they have to understand how all of the symbolism of the tarot cards works together depending on what order they appear in, which tarot deck spread (or deal) is used and how they relate specifically to the question being asked.

Many psychic advisors and clairvoyants will actually “read” a person’s energy and be directed by an indirect psychic communication that leads them to certain conclusions regarding the issues at hand. Some psychics communicate via images, songs, visions or even by seemingly natural acts that occur around them as they are reading the person’s psychic energy. Often over the course of many years, these psychic advisers have seen correlations between events that occur around them, their visions or other methods of indirect communication or psychic energy and understand how to interpret that information well enough to provide quality clairvoyant psychic readings.

Many clairvoyants and other psychic advisors, psychic readers, mediums or other practitioners of the paranormal will actually communicate with spirits in one form or another. Sometimes the spirit may be some type of “guardian angel” or “spiritual guide” within the ethereal plane who does communicate directly with the psychic or clairvoyant medium. This is one of the most physically draining of all psychic practices since it often requires the psychic or clairvoyant to enter a trance or semi-trance state.

These types of direct communication are also the ones that are (theoretically at least … or so some would argue) the most dangerous of all types of psychic activity as they require a very real course of interaction between the psychic adviser and the spirits involved. In these cases, evil spirits have been known to attempt to make a good effort go bad. Only the strongest of psychic readers should ever attempt to have any real interaction with the ethereal plane.

The last method of direct communication is through the use of talking aids like the popular Ouija Board. Again this is a very dangerous method for inexperienced psychics or other practitioners of paranormal activities since there is often a very real and very direct communications with whatever “beings” do reside on “the other side”. There have been many instances when nothing at all happened when people used their Ouija boards whether for fun or for the excitement of it but there have also been cases where the psychic interaction with a Ouija board has had terrible consequences as well.

Whether you are considering direct or indirect psychic communications or participating in other instances of paranormal activity, it is always better to start with a qualified and experienced psychic reader who knows what they are doing. There are plenty of methods for learning more about the paranormal realm and getting to know some of the many psychics websites can be a great place to start.

How Does a Psychic Website Work?

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding psychic websites and exactly how they do what they do. When psychics engage in their trade on a psychic website, this is often even more confusing. One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is equating all psychic readers on an equal footing. Such has never been the case and to attempt this is to compare a bicycle with a Bentley with a Caterpillar High-track D8 bulldozer. While all of them are driven by a human being, that is about as far as the base resemblance goes. Such is the case with psychics … and especially psychic websites.

Psychic websites, like the psychics themselves, vary in degree, ability and what they can and will actually do. Some real psychics are what are commonly called mediums and mediate or work as a “go-between” of sorts between the more ethereal realm and the “real world” that you live in.

In some cases, these mediums will need physical contact with something that is owned by the missing or dead and can use that as a means to channel their individual energy and communicate with these ethereal beings whether directly or indirectly. A medium or real psychic will generally channel the energy from an item and from that energy, they will be capable of discerning the location of a person, a missing item or other “feats” which are beyond the explanation of the “natural” sciences and venture into the realm of paranormal experiences.

The mediums who do this work through the use of a psychic website will not generally need to come in to physical contact with an item but can channel the energy by concentrating on an item. Sometimes this will be accomplished by having the person who is trying to locate the missing item concentrating or even meditating about it in order to give the medium or psychic advisor the ability to focus on that energy.

Still other mediums and real psychics will quite literally work as a medium, communicating directly or indirectly with ethereal spirits of one kind or another and through that communication they can ask specific questions and receive some type of response from “the other side” to give the person asking for the assistance of the psychic advisor.

In some cases, the response to the psychic readers inquiries will be an actual communication, but often times, the medium or psychic advisor is guided by different visions or even led to certain items that may give them individual clues as to the answer to their questions. Again, the psychic readers and mediums, like the psychic websites that they run, are all quite varied based on the individual abilities of the medium or psychic advisor in question.

One of the most important things that you will have to do if you want to find a psychic website that will actually work for you is to define your needs as specifically as you possibly can. Once you have figured out exactly what you want, you can begin your online search for a real psychic or medium who can handle the type of psychic work that you need done. Once you have accomplished all of that, you can begin your search for psychic websites with an actual chance of finding the right psychic advisor to do the right job for you.

Why Try Free Psychic Websites

With over eight billion websites targeted by Google alone, it is easy to imagine that nearly every subject possible has been covered by one website or another. Still, free psychic websites are a relatively new innovation on the Internet. You may find isolated examples of psychic websites going way back in time but they were few and far between in years past.

These days, free psychic websites are entering the “mainstream” and becoming an increasingly common medium … no pun intended. Many of the new psychic websites do have fees attached for certain purposes but many others are totally free psychic websites and are available for you to use at your leisure for whatever information you may be seeking.

Some people will use the free psychic websites for finding out what will happen in the future. Some people do not want to know everything that will happen but may seek out a psychic consultation in order to better understand what is happening and how to deal with it. Still some other people will use free psychic websites in order to find out specific details about certain events that may be coming up.

During these troubling times, both free psychic websites and even many of the paid psychic sites have an increasing number of people visiting them in order to discover just how they are going to fare during these times and what waits for them on after the troubles have passed.

Many people will use the services of free psychic websites in order to assuage their fears about what is on “the other side” and how lost love ones may view matters in the world where they remain.

Perhaps one of the noblest exercises that many psychic advisors and mediums will pursue is for the location of missing pets and even missing persons. While many agencies will not readily admit to the use of a psychic advisor, there are many such instances recorded. In these cases, locating a psychic on a website may not have been how it all started but where these mediums and psychics have been successful, how it got started hardly matters.

For someone who has ever lost a pet, you already know how difficult it can be to get any real assistance from the law enforcement agents. Many times, psychic advisors or mediums are available to help where more traditional methods of search and rescue are unavailable.

In still other cases, the psychic or the medium may be consulted to help discover a long lost item that is of great emotional or financial value to the person seeking it. Lost valuables such as wedding rings and family heirlooms are among the most common items that are regularly recovered with the assistance of a real psychic or medium.

No matter why you are searching out the service of a real psychic or a medium, chances are now better than ever that you can find a free psychic website with somebody there who can handle all of your needs. Free psychic websites may not have been the most popular medium in the past but they are gaining an increasingly popular presence on the Internet today. Now more than ever before, it is very easy to discover a free psychic website to handle all of your psychic needs.