How Do Tarot Cards Work?

Have you recently developed an interest in Tarot Cards? You’re not alone! Tarot is gaining more and more popularity in the western world recently, along with astrology and magic, and millennials are especially becoming extremely interested in making sense of the chaos of life and of the world. Tarot used to be a “parlour trick”, and often treated as a game and not taken too seriously, but perhaps you have discovered differently! Perhaps you have picked up your first deck, and realised there’s a whole world to be explored, and that the cards seem to be able to “tell” you things that you know yourself – but have never shared with anyone else!

This can be addictive, but at first, this can also be a bit freaky. Lots of people get scared when they work with Tarot Cards or do Tarot Readings because of how accurate they can be! You get what you are looking for! It does help a lot to demystify and understand how Tarot actually works, so that you can develop a healthy respect for it, rather than fear or resistance!

Some folks even think that Tarot Readings are engineered by the “devil” or “demons” – but that’s only because there is very y little understanding of how tarot Cards actually work. So, without further ado, let’s get started and learn all about what goes on behind the scenes during a Tarot Reading and how Tarot Cards actually work:

Tarot Cards Work with Your Very Own Subconscious

Tarot Cards

That’s right – your subconscious! Yours, and no one else’s! All human beings have a storehouse of knowledge buried deep inside, and with some practice, using intuition-developing tools such as Tarot Cards simply helps you to unlock that subconscious material. Think of yourself as a walking storybook, with all the characters and storylines fully formed – it’s just that you don’t always know it. What Tarot Cards do is, like a key, is open up that door and allow you to see, in tangible reality, what’s already inside of you. You could even compare Tarot Cards to a movie projector, and you’re the movie! Tarot Cards tell your story, they open up the last experiences you’ve had – (that you often don’t remember – we take in so many impressions every day!), they help you realise what you already know in the present moment, and what you intuited about the future. Yes, it’s that simple!

But, There Is Also Some Outside Help

So, if Tarot Cards just unlock your own subconscious, is there no external message form anything else at all? Well, not necessarily. We all have a “Higher Self” – kind of like an older, wiser, loving part of our souls that stands aside from our human experiences and wants the best for us. Often, we access that Higher Self during a Tarot Reading. Many of us may work with angels, guides or gods/goddesses with our readings, and there can certainly be some input from the “otherworld”. However, mostly, it’s you, your subconscious, your own energies. Can you invite darker forces in? Only if you choose to! You have the power of free will to decide what sort of energies you decide to work with – and only you!

Tarot Cards Tell a Story

When you do a Tarot Reading, you can think of it as a story, with a beginning, middle and an end. This helps to simplify a reading, and make it easier to follow the “flow”. So, if you’re doing a simple 3-card spread, or a bigger Celtic Cross Reading, just think of things in this way. Maybe you ever want to think in your mind “once upon a time…” and take it from there. Tarot Readings tell your story, your movie, and help you to see where things started and where they could potentially end up – if you don’t change anything.

Tarot Cards Can Tell You the Future 

Can Tarot Cards tell the future? Yes, they can! However, it’s important to remember that the future is not as black and white as you might imagine. There are many, many scenarios to the interpretations of a particular Tarot Card, and often, the outcome will surprise you! That’s why its important not to get too swept up in the answer of the “future” card! There are also many twists and turns in the road, and as any Tarot Reader will tell you, your choices can often change the outcome entirely! When you’re doing a Tarot Reading, remember that before you get anxious and worried about receiving a “bad” card in the future position!

Tarot Cards

You Need A Clearly Formed Question

For Tarot Cards and Tarot Readings to work properly, you need a very clearly formed question. If you just threw the cards down, without thinking of something to ask, the cards will just not show you a clear answer. A jumble will just come out with no clarity, and you’ll be left feeling even more confused than before! Remember to take the time to sit down and process whatever it is you want to ask before you leap in – journal, meditate, whatever it is you need to do! Even better, ask a question that’s not vague, such as “will I ever change my job”. A Better question is “should I apply for xx job”, or “would I be good at xxx skills?”. This is cleaner and more empowering.

They Offer You the Opportunity to Develop Your Intuition

Intuition is like muscle – the more we use it, the more it develops and works for us. Tarot Cards are one way to build out intuitive muscle, just as any kind of “magical” work is – from doing intentions with the Moon, or using a pendulum to find answer, using spells to attract what you want or doing astrology or numerology. Divination arts such as Tarot are there to serve you, so that one day, you won’t even need to use tarot Cards to know what your intuition is telling you!

They Show You What You Already Know

Tart Cards show too information that you already know, but may have not been conscious of, or often, scared to take ownerships of. They show you your own innate wisdom and validate your intuition. This helps to build confidence inside you, is that with each Tarot Reading you become better and better. Tarot Cards very seldom tell you what you don’t know, and if they do, it’s information that you possibly buried completely or just refused to see or acknowledge.

They Use Images to Describe A Situation

Unlike other divination tools, which often rely on quite a bit of logic and reason, Tarot Cards use useful imagery to tell your story. This helps to cross barriers, and reach across language and culture divides, so that anyone can understand the message. This is especially helpful for visual leaners to develop their intuition. The images are instantly understood as challenging or helpful, and often the message is received much quicker simply because of this easy to understand system!

They Are Universal, Archetypal Messages

These images that we use in Tarot Cards are Archetypes. What are Archetypes? As the famous psychologist, Carl Jung said they are idea that are stored in the collective subconscious mind (in other words, humanity’s stored memories and impressions) that we can all understand on a universal level. For example, we can all resonate with the idea of Mother and Father – represented by the “Empress” and I”Emperor” Tarot Cards. We can also all understand the “Devil” card as something negative and difficult, and see the “Fool” card as an adventure! Because Tarot Cards use these archetypal images, anyone can do a Tarot Reading and grasp the meaning of at least one pictures on the card. These Archetypes are also timeless, so no matter what year it is – and Tarot Cards were officially made around the early 1400’s – they will always be relevant. That said, there are many new Tarot decks emerging now that help to bring Tarot into the modern world a little more.

So, as you can see, there are many, many ways in which Tarot Cards work. They use your own subconscious memories and knowledge. They make use of images and architypes to tell a story, with a beginning, middle and an end. Sometimes, if you ask for it, help from the “otherworld” can be called on, but only with your permission and intention. Tarot Cards are not evil, dark or demonic in any way – they are only scary to those who aren’t aware if themselves or of the power that you have yourself of being able to see answers!

If you’re curious to know more, there are many Free Tarot Readings online to help you develop your tarot skills, whether it’s a simple One-Card reading, or a longer reading you are looking for! Tarot Cards should be used with respect and care, and always with compassion! Remember – do no harm! Tarot Cards can become you very best friend, if you use them with the best of intentions!

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