Celtic Cross Tarot Layout

Reading tarot is an effective and magical way to provide insight to yourself and others when confronted with mysterious or confusing situations. The cards dig deep within your psyche and your energetic vibrations to provide clarity where it is lacking. The Celtic cross spread is one of the most commonly used tarot card layouts due to it’s broad scope of information and it’s ease of access.

Position one is in the very center of the spread, crossed by card number two. Card number three is placed above these center cards, card four placed below. Card number five is placed to the left of the center cards, card number six placed to the right. This forms the Celtic cross. Seven is placed to the right of the cross, toward the bottom, followed by eight, nine, and ten which are placed in succession above seven.

Regardless of the type of tarot cards used, the layout will remain the same. The meaning of each card’s position is as follows:

  1. The central theme of the reading.
  2. The energies influencing the situation, whether positive or negative.
  3. Subject’s conscious thoughts toward the situation.
  4. Subject’s unconscious thoughts toward the situation.
  5. The past and it’s influences.
  6. The future and it’s influences.
  7. Depicts subject’s current state of being, they’re attitude toward the situation.
  8. Energies approaching subject from the outer world.
  9. Subject’s hopes and fears.
  10. The outcome.

The Celtic cross is a simple spread that can provide myriad answers to many questions. Should the reading end on an ambiguous note, feel free to draw clarification cards for a more clear picture. Share your success stories with the Celtic cross spread in the comments section below.

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