Who decides who is worth to live?

Who is worthy to judge the value of another human beings life? All humans make mistakes, that is undeniably our condition. Some seem to make more than others, and yet they have the right to exist or another chance to correct their errors, but who is qualified enough to question Life’s unquestionable reasons?

Many times we catch ourselves doing judgments of this nature, and it happens more often than admitted. In situations such as the death of loved ones, or innocents worldwide, even if for just brief moments of anger, we do question why some die so unexpectedly while others do not seem worthy to live. Even today, I could not help to hear that comment on the supermarket, “he was a good and healthy person, when there are so many people out there who only hurt others. “

Life has its reasons, beyond any rational explanation. Its logic is not meant to be understood by the mind, but only embraced by Love and under a deeper spiritual meaning. Life does not applies uniquely to this plane, it exists at all vibrational levels. As spiritual beings, we choose this realm to make mistakes, to learn, to explore and create. As in all amazing discoveries, it takes a life time of failures to reach that unique moment of righteousness.

Every being is worthy of Life, no exceptions. If we believe and trust in a higher order, may it be God, Allah, the Universe or Universal Consciousness, then as an acting love of faith, we must also trust their reasons and manifestations. To respect all beings is a sign of Love, a lesson of the higher love which is the most difficult to achieve. To love and embrace those who harm us, others, themselves, or all options together.

When we look deeper within, each of us has certainly made errors they are ashamed or regretful of. Some learn and change. There are so many examples of individuals who for many life’s circumstances started on the “wrong path” and eventually become great examples of honestly, generosity, and decided to make a better life for self and others. Each being has the capacity to become whatever it can think, dream of or imagine. There are no born saints, just beings who perfected themselves into sanctity. Everyone deserves a chance.

To the ones that make very little mistakes, I must disappoint them and state how that too is an error. Not to make mistakes, also means not to take chances, lack of courage and curiosity. One does not evolve if kept in a protective shell of imposed limitations and other people’s beliefs.

Like in school, nobody knows all the answers at first, if so there would be no reason to have a school in the first place. We learn by error and systematic attempts.

But most important of all, nobody knows our story and motivation better them ourselves. Behind each error there is a profounder reason and lesson to be learned. We should be humble not to question other people’s mistakes, but our own, as we are unaware of its deeper meaning.

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