Our personal Freedom – Free Will

We may live in a society, in an over populated world with little space or personal freedom. There are rules we should follow, for the sake of a collective harmony. There are restrictions and apparent social and cultural limitations to which we are obligated. Although, within each of us there is a sacred space, our own personal kingdom, from where life is decided and emerges.

Independently of any social and cultural interferences, we always have the last word. It is always our choice, our decision, and no one can take it away from us. It is called Free Will right, a universal law we are all linked to, no matter the circumstances. We can choose to accept life’s challenges and its thorns, and learn from it, or may choose not to. We are not obligated to consent every low vibrational situation or person we encounter with.

With self-love comes the ability and wisdom to say “no”. Its practice is essential for our spiritual growth and love evolution. We have the right to set our own boundaries, on behalf of a healthy interaction with others. “Our freedom ends where the freedom of others begin.” – French proverb (Notre liberté finit où celle des autres commence). To say “no” to what does not or no longer serves our well-being, is to say “yes” to self-respect, to loving self.

Freedom begins within ourselves. It is ours to use and wisely “abuse”. Many believe that freedom nowadays is a mere illusion, and that we are conditioned into imposed choices. Indeed, if we believe we are not free, we never will be. This freedom might not always be so obvious or even an easy path, most of the times it’s not. I believe this is why many do not see it, that there is always an alternative option. In a life filled with challenges, when the answer is even harder by glimpse, we prefer not to acknowledge it. We accommodate and later regret the consequences.

Life and our freedom is a constant leap of faith. We embrace our true selves, our essence and dreams and we make it real, by choice, and by our actions. The best things in life never come easy, we must always fight for what we believe from the core. This is how we evolve as a species, how we create new paths, and add value to the universal consciousness.

If there were no free will, life would be a repetition of patterns, and we were not be where and how we are today. We would still most likely be living in caves, hunting animals for survival and painting with blood on the cave walls. Or many would not have the chance to exist, all because sometimes loves rebelled against imposed social guidelines. Our history is rich in free will examples and brave souls who had the courage to pursuit their dreams. Why can’t we all do the same? Our lives only begin when we find that inner personal space, where everything is magical and possible. We either have the chance to thrive or survive. I choose freedom, and you?

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