Lucid Dreaming How To

Lucid dreams are those dreams you have in which you realize that you are dreaming. They can be incredibly interesting and often fun (after all, once you realize you are dreaming, you get to control the dream) and many people like to use lucid dreaming as a method for working through other things that are happening in their lives. Some people just like to have lucid dreams because the dreams themselves are so fascinating.

Of course, learning how to have lucid dreams can be a long process. Consciously inducing lucid dreams is regarded by many to be a sign of great skill by the dreamer. Here is a quick “lucid dreaming how to” to help you on your way to giving yourself lucid dreams.

The first thing you must learn to do is to remember your dreams. This can take quite a while, but it will help you out quite a bit on your way to lucid dreaming. How to remember your dreams? Here are a few tips: Try not to move first thing in the morning. Stay completely still and do your best to go back over your dream and remember everything that happened. Give yourself a solid grasp on as much of the dream as possible before you move. Movement yanks us out of our dream state before we can give ourselves a chance to remember our dreams. Record every detail of your dreams that you remember in a dream journal. The act of remembering and recording your dreams will teach your brain to give significance to the dreams you are having and you will probably find yourself being able to remember more of the dreams as time goes on.

The next tip of our “lucid dreaming how to” is to give yourself reality checks. Every so often, ask yourself if you are dreaming. Do this at regular intervals and in a short period of time, it will become a subconscious action and you will find yourself doing it during one of your dreams. Another step to help this along is to pay attention to what you write in your dream journal. Your dream journal will start to follow patterns. You’ll notice that the same people, situations and things pop up in your dreams. When you encounter these subjects, do a reality check. Your brain will start to do reality checks every time you encounter them and eventually you will be dreaming when you do your reality check!

The last tip of our “lucid dreaming how to” is to learn your sleep patterns. Lucid dreams usually happen during REM and the best REM cycles happen when you take a nap just a few hours after waking up in the morning. This is because your brain is still receptive to the idea of sleeping and will re-enter REM much more quickly than it does when you go to sleep at night.

Learning how to induce lucid dreams can be a valuable skill to have. Lucid dreams give you a chance to reflect on your life and to do super human tricks, all at the same time!

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