DILD Technique Introduction The dream induced lucid dream better known as the DILD Technique is when you realise that you are dreaming in the middle of a normal dream. This is my personal favourite as it requires no going out of your way, and it has been the most successfulContinue Reading

Its tough to become aware, but its very easy to become unaware of the fact  that you are dreaming. I personally have had many dreams where I’ve become lucid, and then later become distracted and lost lucidity. There are precautions you can take to prevent or at least limit theContinue Reading

Sleep progresses through various stages; these stages are characterized by different brain wave pattern. The study of sleep was only possible after the invention of electroencephalograph. Prior to its invention scientists didn’t have a means to study sleep. There are two types of sleep: Quiet Sleep or the Non-Rapid EyeContinue Reading

We have dreams every night even if we don’t remember them the next day when we wake up in the morning. Sometimes we can even let our mind wander into a dream when we are awake. There are actually seven different types of dreams. So what are the different typesContinue Reading

Dreams are the gateway to our hopes and fears. Have you ever had a dream that was so inspiring it drove you to be happier for days after you had that dream? What about those terrible dreams those wake us up in the middle of the night? Dreams have more influenceContinue Reading

Over the course of our evolution, we have changed quite a bit from the caveman days of our ancestors. One of the few things that remain is our love of sleep. Sleep is one of the most important activities that we do throughout the entire day but have you everContinue Reading

Here’s some of the best lucid dreaming techniques to get you started; Mnemonically Induced Lucid Dream (MILD); This method includes intention and visualization to push yourself into a lucid dream as you are falling asleep.  Usually this is combined with setting an alarm to wake yourself up in the middleContinue Reading

Lucid dreaming is an incredibly interesting subject and one that many people are fascinated with. Lucid dreaming is, of course, when you are conscious during your dreams. Some people find that they can control the situations and scenery of their dreams and others like lucid dreams because they give themContinue Reading

Lucid dreaming is the name given to dreams in which the person knows that they are dreaming. Some people have even been known to control the circumstances of the dream and have reported being able to do superhuman feats that they would never be able to do in “regular life.”Continue Reading