The 12 Signs Of The Horoscope, An Overview

Horoscope signs are a popular way for people to navigate their interpersonal relationships with each other. Even though men and women can be different creatures at times; fundamentally, attributes of each individual sign remain consistent.

The fundamental difference between the male and the female of any given horoscope sign would more than likely be the fundamental difference between men and women in general; that men tend to operate more from the cerebral, and women tend to operate more from a more emotional plane. With this in mind we are going to take a brief tour of the 12 signs of the horoscope currently in existence.

Even though none of these are written in stone, if you will; they do tend to provide an insightful and occasionally humorous view of the various types of human nature that exist.

Few months ago, the scientists invented a new horoscope sign, called Ophiuchus. This is just an invention, that discredit astrology.

Western astrology is based on the orbit of the Earth around the sun,
with the longest and shortest day and night defining the starting points of the
cardinal cross, which when divided into three sections makes 12 horoscope signs.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Those individuals born under the sign of the Aries horoscope sign tend to be quite an energetic lot. Full of boundless energy they can run circles around other members of the horoscope. The Aries sign can sometimes feel that they have more energy than what they can possibly utilize. This can sometimes make the sign appeared to be flighty in the way that these people will flit from one activity to another. The Aries sign of the horoscope can be very verbal at times, and they are not shy about letting you know what they like and do not like.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

One of the more prominent Taurus traits is their deep sense of caring and compassion. Loyal and dependable, this member of the horoscope is well known for being a nurturer. Because of this it is wise that the Taurus use discretion when it comes to whom they are going to nurture. There are many individuals out there that would attempt to take advantage of the Taurus for this, ultimately wear them out to the point where they had no energy to nurture themselves. In addition to this the Taurus can be a bit headstrong, but this probably plays a great part in their innate sense of stability.

Another component of this horoscope sign is that they can be very possessive when it comes to their surroundings in the things that they own. Taurus consider the people in their lives and the possessions that they hold as an extension of their own personal energy, and if any of these are treated with disrespect, then it is not going to bode well for that individual for the Taurus will not be shy about protecting what they believe to be theirs. Aside from this, the Taurus sign thrives on routine and stability; it is what they set their compass by.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

One of the most profound of the Gemini traits is their very active mind. They possess the mind of the seeker, constantly searching for facts and new details; anything that will help to bring them to a greater truth or understanding. Their mind is constantly running with new ideals of concepts, and they easily grasp the conversation of another member of the horoscope. In addition to being highly intellectual, the Gemini is quite verbal as well, easily and effortlessly verbalizing any thoughts, feelings and emotions in a manner which is easy for others to grasp. Their verbal capability can sometimes be a detriment to them when they speak because something they have not thought thru what they wished to communicate. This can cause the other party in the conversation to walk away with a wrong misconception of what was said.

Aside for this, Gemini’s are for the most part optimistic soles, always believing that ultimately things are going to work out for the good and that everyone’s going to come out on top. This is one of the great attributes of the Gemini in that this helps them as well as those that they know to better deal with the ups and downs of life.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer horoscope sign has a well established reputation of being not only emotional but nurturing as well. This overly sensitive horoscope sign is sometimes prone to mood swings; however cancer makes up for all of this by being one of the most effective nurturers in the entire horoscope. So for all of the drama that they occasionally put others through with their moodiness, they are ultimately forgiven because people realize that Cancers are really kind and generous souls for the most part. Being perfectionist at heart Cancers do possess a great passion about the various aspects of their life, and they have an earnest desire for everything to be as perfect as possible.

The flipside of this corn is that Cancers can sometimes load a great deal of unnecessary stress upon themselves, which is not healthy when you take into consideration that life all by itself brings stress to us all. When they find themselves in a precarious situation it is in the cancer’s nature to a first attempt to retreat within them, however if pushed far enough then they will go on the defensive and actually attack as best they can. This sign would do well to see things more as they really are rather than attempting to see life through the proverbial rose colored glasses.

Leo (July 23 -August 22)

Members of the Leo horoscope sign tend to consider themselves to be stars in their own right. Compassion, caring and generosity is the heartfelt desire of Leos. They wish for everyone to live as happy and healthy a life as humanly possible; and if there’s anything that they can do to facilitate this within reason they will not hesitate to do so. Leo’s have a deep and earnest desire to be in control at all times; therefore Leos need to be careful that they do not use their generosity try to lord over people for the purpose of controlling them.

Leos would do well to learn that everyone has their own path that they must take, and that the Leo’s idea of what someone else must do is usually not the best ideal for those others. When it comes to interpersonal relationships Leo’s must practice walking the walk of faith as well trusting in the universe that people from the kindness of their soul will ultimately grow and mature to the beings that they are supposed to become, without powerful manipulation that a Leo can apply. It is sort of understandable why the Leo would have to struggle with this because they are by nature natural born leaders; they will take just about any task that they focus on and bringing it to successful conclusion.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

People that belong to the Virgo horoscope sign can be some of the sweetest people on the planet, because at their core they just want to be helpful. Highly analytical with a penchant for neatness, they possess an extraordinarily active mind. With a keen sense of observation and their willingness to share, some may consider the Virgo to be rather picky and judgmental. They desire to try to educate and bring people to a fuller awareness of what is around them and the things that they’re dealing with; again to help them along their way. Because of the Virgo habit to think rather than feel, all that know them are of the general opinion that they’re all cerebral and unemotional.

Some of those that know Virgos may even consider them to be emotionless. In the Virgo’s defense they believe that the most efficient way of dealing with the issues of life is to approach them from a logical perspective and to filter out any emotion. Logic is usually the most effective and efficient for you when it comes to dealing with in solving a problem or some adverse circumstance of your own life; so it makes sense that you would take the same approach when it comes to dealing with the affairs of others.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

For those individuals born under the Libra horoscope sign you have a reputation for living your life in a world of your own… Literally! Your approach to life tends to be happy an uninhibited. You enjoy social settings and you can be quite the diplomat. Kind and helpful for the most part, your appreciation for Fun tends to bring you quite a bit of good luck, as well as helping you to navigate the affairs of your own life. Libras create a balance and harmony in their personal existence, and they avoid any and all turmoil if possible, for when it comes to dealing with turmoil it is a very painful thing for them to do emotionally speaking. Turmoil and problems tend to throw their mind completely off kilter, and they more than anyone must have balance in their mind and heart in order for them to be genuinely happy and content. This can pose a challenge for Libras because you are such a sensitive horoscope sign, and you can easily turn into the turmoil or problems that may exist around you. One of the things that your friends tend to appreciate about you your ability to sense when you’re having a problem, even when they don’t verbally communicated their problems to you.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

If you are born under the horoscope sign of Scorpio intensity is your mantra. Virtually every aspect of your life is conducted with a sense of intensity. It is this sense of intensity that enables you to maintain your attention when it comes to the affairs of life. Without it you would easily lose interest, also you might miss something of vital importance to you. You have a fundamental need for power and control and are not bashful about doing whatever it takes to acquire it. There’s nothing passive about the Scorpio horoscope sign, virtually every aspect of your life is full speed ahead. Not one for compromise, many consider you to be temperamental to boot; so much so at you may find yourself occasionally going into a self-destruct mode.

On the occasions that you can make yourself aware of this, you can counteract this by taking a moment to just relax and reflect upon the situation at hand. With a firm grasp of what’s going on, you will usually hit the brakes to prevent yourself from totally self-destructing. Having a tendency to be a very possessive person, it is very easy for you over do it with your significant other to the point of almost smothering them, and making them severely uncomfortable in a relationship with you.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

If you’re born under the horoscope sign Sagittarius, then you’re probably Optimism Incarnate! One of the most happy go lucky of all the horoscope signs you are considered by most to be friendly, kind, smart, and creative to name but a few of your many good virtues. Sagittarius can be quite impulsive, and you have had your fair share getting into uncomfortable situations because of your impulsiveness. Even though you’re quite the free spirit, you must really watch yourself to make certain that you are not too careless in your endeavors. After all sometimes bad things really do happen to good people; so try to be more mindful of the things that you find yourself being impulsive about. One of the times that you have a tendency to be impulsive is when see something new. You have a genuine love and appreciation for what is new and novel, and like a moth to a flame you are drawn to it. In your excitement you may fail to take into consideration at this great new novel thing may not necessarily be in your best interest. It would be a great benefit to you if you will begin to exercise more judgment in these matters.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorn horoscope signIf you’re a member of the capricorn horoscope sign then you are not at all the stranger to success, as a matter of fact success is not only your middle name, it is first nature for you. A great deal of your success can be attributed to fact that for the most part you are a hardworking, levelheaded, serious individual that takes seriously any and all task that are laid to your charge. For this reason people on the outside observing you tend to be of the opinion that you actually grow success. It is said that patients is a virtue; and you possess no shortage of patients. This attribute is but one of the Capricorn traits that enable you to be the natural leader that you are. Many consider the Capricorn to be naturally reserved and attached, but what they do not realize is that reserve and detachment they are perceiving is in fact the methodology that you utilize to properly analyze whatever situation that you may find yourself in for the purpose of bringing it to the most successful and productive conclusion possible. You take your work seriously and you’re not at all dissuaded by the opinions of others.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

If you look up the word independent in a picture dictionary, then the picture under this word will be the picture of Aquarius. The most pronounced of all of the Aquarius traits is that of independence. Aquarius takes pride in their independence; this iis there mantra. Offbeat and unique, Aquarius takes great pleasure in setting themselves apart from the madding crowds. Their Ideas are massive and their perceptions are global; Aquarius is specifically engineered for global life.

Equally comfortable in a room filled with people or alone, the primary concern of the Aquarius is to make certain they always have the independence and freedom to live and conduct their lives in the dual world formats of natural and spirit; they do with the greatest of ease. Many people just cannot wrap their minds around Aquarius and what makes them tick; and Aquarians are very comfortable with this and unapologetic about it.

They feel as though they have a command and perception of most things well in hand, and you do not need to worry yourself about such matters. Intellectual by nature, they move with comfort and ease in between the two worlds of spiritual and natural, happily dispensing pearls of wisdom and information to the rest of the horoscope as they can. They do take a bit of pride in the knowledge that the rest of the horoscope community cannot live without them, after all… everyone needs a drink of water, and Aquarians are the water bearers.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

People born under the Pisces horoscope sign, are usually considered emotional creatures as well as having a deep capacity for the mystical. Like no other side of the horoscope, Pisces takes the prize when it comes to living and conducting their life on an emotional plane. It is perhaps this deep and abiding connection with their emotions that enables them to operate fluently and effortlessly in the mystical. The primary disconnect with most people when it comes to the mystical, is that their logic and reasoning will tend to cancel the mystical out; however for the Pisces, emotional by nature, the mystical is very often their personal playground and they’re very comfortable and at ease with things of the spirit realm.

Naturally sensitive to their environment Pisces must be cautious not to get so caught up in the energy of their environment that they lose track of their own energy. This tends to be one of the greater struggles for the Pisces, to master the balancing act of being a full participant in life; while not accidentally losing track of their own.
These are but a few of the highlights of the 13 horoscope signs. There’s much more to learn, so at your leisure do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with them all. You may be pleasantly surprise with what you discover about yourself, as well as some others.


For those born under the Ophiuchus horoscope sign you are known to be full of knowledge, quite intellectual and strong seeker of wisdom. Being a great seeker of wisdom has never hurt anyone; actually for you to exercise your earnest desire to obtain greater wisdom is the very thing that saves you from some of the darker avenues of life at your hunger and thirst for knowledge would have taken you down. Your earnest desire to seek after and actively apply wisdom to your life and circumstances is probably the single greatest denominator that can be attributed to the good success and victory that you enjoy in your life on such a consistent and liberal basis.

Professionally you are probably best suited for a career in the sciences or the medical field. These paths will be best suited for you because it is your earnest heartfelt desire to live as long as possible for the purpose of healing as many people that you can. You are not particularly fond of regimen and this can cause you to quickly lose focus on the project that you have already initiated. You want to watch out for this because you do not want to end up in a position where you have many uncompleted projects on your hands.