Life is about the journey rather than the destination. After all, everyone ends their life in the same anticlimactic, breathless manner—it’s what you do with all of the days leading up to that point that counts.

Online psychic readings aren’t meant to tell you precisely how to act at every juncture, they simply give you a deeper insight into the grander intentions meant for you, and how you can read the signs all around you to intuit the proper path for a more meaningful life’s journey.

What Is A Psychic Reading?

In the simplest of terms, a psychic reading is a communication in which an individual gifted with extraordinary capabilities uses their powers to provide a subject with some information or insight about their life.

Psychic readings take innumerable different forms, utilize countless tools, and draw upon various methods with roots in numerous cultural traditions across the world. Every psychic reading is different for the simple reason that every psychic is different; because the term “psychic” is merely an umbrella label that encompasses many mentally gifted people, no two psychic readings are likely to be similar, but that doesn’t make either of them invalid.

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Who Are Live Psychics?

Your next-door neighbor who always nods at you knowingly. Your childhood friend who always had a wise and worldly countenance, long before the life experience to go with it. Live online psychics are the people you encounter in daily life who seem to know something beyond what the rest of us have been clued into—and they want to let you into the secret.

Oftentimes, live psychics are people who have had psychic gifts their entire lives. In some cases, psychics spend years actually believing that everyone can communicate with spirits or read other people’s energies in the same way that they can.

Eventually, most psychics come to a day of reckoning where they realize that their gifts are, indeed, special—that’s when they begin to actively seek a positive outlet for their abilities, and performing online psychic readings are the perfect solution.

The live psychics with which you interact during online psychic readings are ordinary people with extraordinary powers. They simply want to use their gifts to enhance the lives of others.

False Myths About Psychic Readers

Perhaps the most pervasive myth about psychics is that they must be absolutely correct all the time or they must be frauds with no margin for error. Obviously this is an unfair expectation.

Considering how easy it is to change the future, it’s clear that an exceptionally gifted psychic might give a reading that turns out to be slightly skewed simply because a small act altered the turn of events in question. If things don’t come to pass exactly as predicted, that doesn’t mean that a psychic isn’t gifted, it simply means that other factors were at play.

Another widespread myth concerning psychics is that they are constantly exerting their abilities, walking around in the world reading the minds of everyone they pass. In reality, no psychic could realistically be using their powers constantly as it would simply be too exhausting, and no psychic can “read minds” in a literal sense anyway.

The truth is, psychics are not all that different from anyone else who uses a natural-born skill as a profession, such as an athlete or a performer. Does an NBA Player dribble down grocery store aisles, and does a ballerina pirouette to the dinner table each evening? Of course not, and neither do psychics use their abilities when it’s not necessary or relevant.

How Do I Choose The Right Psychic for Me?

Selecting a psychic is much like selecting a therapist, or any other personal confidante with whom you must be able to build trust and rapport. When it comes to choosing a psychic, there is the added consideration of which type of psychic ability most closely aligns with your largest questions for your present and future.

For example, if you’re having trouble understanding the complex nature of your personal life at the moment, a psychic who reads tarot cards may be able to illuminate things for you. If you are struggling to regain a sense of normalcy and find closure after the sudden passing of a loved one, a medium who can connect with spirits is certainly the sort of psychic you’ll want to seek.

Once you have determined the best type of psychic for you based on ability, you can go about narrowing it down by fit. Not every psychic will be able to connect with you properly; it’s okay to receive multiple readings before finding the psychic that truly understands you.

How Does A Psychic Reading Work?

While the specifics of a reading depend upon the type of psychic with whom you are working and the type of reading you’re receiving, the general premise of every psychic reading follows the same lines: the psychic will need to establish a connection with you (this can be done physically or remotely); once this has been accomplished, you are free to ask burning questions and seek guidance.

Perhaps the most important factor that will affect a psychic reading is the subject’s openness. If you are overly guarded and skeptical of the experience, the psychic’s connection will be marred and they will be unable to provide you with the clarity you seek.

How Can A Psychic Reading Take Place?

Technology has opened up doorways that didn’t even exist just decades ago; now, online psychic readings are more accessible than ever. In addition to the obvious option of a voice call, there are two main ways that online psychic readings can occur:

  • Email readings — this type of reading obviously happens at a slower pace and each correspondence is more in-depth.
  • Text readings — this type of reading will feel more like a dialogue between the psychic and the subject.

Many services will offer a free reading to clients who have not yet forayed into the world of online psychics, or who have never received a psychic reading at all. This is a great way to dip your toes before diving into the world of psyching readings, so to speak.

What Can I Expect?

It may sound like a cliche, but when it comes to online psychic readings, you should always expect the unexpected. One thing is certain, though: you can be sure that you will receive precisely as much in return from the process as you are willing to give in kind.

That is to say, if you open up completely to the experience, you are likely to gain some groundbreaking revelations and walk away with a clear picture of how to move forward. If, on the other hand, you hold back and maintain a sense of disbelief, you’ll find that you don’t get quite as much value from your reading.

Aside from these generalizations, you can rest assured that online psychics will maintain your anonymity and will utilize the utmost discretion when discussing your reading. Like the path your life takes, your readings are deeply personal, and your psychics are acutely aware of this.

Things You Should Know Before Consulting A Psychic

People seek out psychic readings for all sorts of reasons. In fact, nothing has to be particularly wrong for a psychic reading to be a good idea; a little extra guidance and light never hurt even the most successful and accomplished among us.

Still, it’s a good idea to go into your psychic reading with your eyes wide open about the process. First and foremost, while it’s a good idea to have some general topics you’d like to discuss, you should be prepared for the session to take a different course than you had planned. After all, your psychic is merely transmitting powerful messages, and if those messages are taking them in a different direction than you had intended, then you still ought to listen.

This brings up another important consideration to think about before a psychic reading: your psychic may not always tell you what you want to hear. Naturally, all of us would love for psychics to simply affirm that we will get the promotion, meet the love of our life, and stumble into a pile of money within the next month, but that’s rarely the case. Fortunately, your psychic can assist you with altering your trajectory for a more fulfilling future.

How Do Different Types of Psychics Work?

As previously mentioned, comparing two psychics to each other is like comparing two snowflakes—they may bear similarities, but to draw too many comparisons is to overlook their unique beauty. Each psychic brings their own individual skills to the table, but most fall into a certain category based on their specific abilities or the tools they used during their readings.

  • Tarot Card Readers — These psychics harness their subject’s energy to deal with a deck of cards in a seemingly random order in a particular pattern, and provide a reading based on which cards appear. This tradition is centuries old, and each tarot reader has a slightly different take on the cards and their meanings; these readings can shed light on current turmoil, as well as provide clarity on a path forward.
  • Mediums — A medium is precisely what it sounds like: someone who serves as a middleman between the human and spirit worlds. Mediums will work with the living to contact a loved one who has passed on to provide some level of comfort and closure, so for as it is possible.
  • Clairvoyants — The term “clairvoyant” comes from two French words which simply translate roughly to “see clearly.” That’s precisely what clairvoyants do—they see clearly through the impermeable haze of time into the future. The glimpses ahead that clairvoyants see do not always have context and so they are sometimes rather confusing in and of themselves; sometimes, a clairvoyant will have a vision of someone’s future upon simply speaking with them.
  • Horoscopes and Astrology — Horoscopes are far more complicated than the puff pieces you read in magazines, and astrology is more meaningful than simply knowing your zodiac. Psychics who truly study astrology can intuit a great deal about your character and the turns your life will take based on the alignment of the cosmos at any given moment.
  • Angels — Some psychics are in communication with specific entities connected with their subjects, like guardian angels. When the psychics connect with subjects’ guardian angels, they are able to communicate guidance that would otherwise go unheard.
  • Fortune Telling — The tradition of fortune-telling is rich, time-honored, and deeply misunderstood. In truth, many different types of psychics are capable of telling fortunes because it simply means shedding light on a subject’s future. Often, palmistry, crystal gazing, and tea leaf reading are counted as some of the most common fortune-telling methods.
  • Dream Analysis — Like psychic abilities, scientists have no explanation for why human beings dream, so it stands to reason that dreams are messages fit to be interpreted by psychics. A dream analysis psychic reading will connect to your life in ways you probably hadn’t even considered, and will likely provide a path forward that you’d not considered exploring.

There are virtually limitless types of psychics that exist in the world; the only true bounds to the limits of psychic abilities are the limits of the human mind. As you try to choose the right type of psychic for your reading, understanding these basic categories will aid you in the decision, particularly if there is a specific topic you want to discuss.

Popular Online Psychic Reading Topics

While there’s not necessarily a clearly set boundary beyond which an online psychic reading cannot traverse, most readings tend to meander in familiar territory for the simple reason that most people have similar issues.

These are some of the topics most commonly covered by online psychics, and the ways in which a psychic might be able to assist.

  • Love — Affairs of the heart are particularly painful, exciting, and engrossing. When you meet someone new and exciting, wouldn’t it be better if you could simply know right from the start whether they’re the one for you? Discussing a new partner with your psychic could give you a clearer picture of a relationship’s potential early on.
  • Career — Professional success is a huge cornerstone of personal fulfillment in the modern world. Unfortunately, that means that competition in the workplace is often steep, and it can be difficult to know which move to make next. A psychic reading can provide you with some insight as to whether you can expect to receive that big promotion, or if it might be time to start looking for a new job.
  • Finance — Money is a tricky thing; it probably creates as many problems as it solves, but it’s a necessity nonetheless. Perhaps you’re seeking guidance on whether or not it’s a good idea to lend a friend some money; maybe you have a bad feeling that the market is about to go south. No matter the precise situation, consulting a psychic can give you the assurance that you’re on the right financial path, or save you from making a massive misstep.
  • Spiritual — Life’s biggest questions have nothing to do with worldly possessions or material worth. Many people receive signs from spiritual guides but are blind to them. A reading from an online psychic can help you remain open to the symbols all around you, prompting you to follow a path toward enlightenment.
  • Family — At the basest level, humans are animals. We seek connection with each other, we seek to prolong our own existence by passing a piece of ourselves on to the world through our children. What happens when strife exists within our families, though? It causes deep emotional turmoil.

An online psychic reading focusing on the topic of family can provide you with some concrete steps for mending strife within your family, whether it be with your children, parents, spouse, siblings, or any other family members.

Your psychic reading can, of course, venture into other topics as you feel necessary. Whatever you choose to discuss with your psychic will remain completely private, and will receive dedicated attention from your gifted psychic for the duration of your reading.

5 Tips for Making The Most of A Psychic Reading

Working with a psychic who has truly strong powers is an amazing opportunity; the last thing you want to do is waste it. To help you maximize the value you receive from your online psychic reading, take stock of these 5 tips before you engage in a reading.

  1. Only ask open-ended questions. Try to think of your psychic reading as a conversation with “the powers that be.” As with any conversation, asking questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no won’t get you much detail, so they should be avoided. For example, rather than asking, “Will I get promoted at work?” ask the psychic, “What specific career changes lie in store for me over the next few months?” during your reading. Asking questions like these will yield far more satisfactory answers. Remember that a psychic is generally just a messenger—they cannot provide you with the right answers if you don’t ask the right questions.
  2. Allow the psychic to guide the conversation. You can—and should—have an idea of what you would like to discuss in your reading, but allow your psychic to the ship. For example, if you want to focus on your love life and have been pining after a coworker, but your psychic wants to discuss a close friend you’ve been overlooking instead, allow the central point of the reading to pivot as necessary. After all, you want the truth, and the truth has no regard for your plans.
  3. Prepare for the reading ahead of time. Take a few quiet moments for yourself to clear your mind before you engage in your online psychic reading. Try meditating, or simply reflecting upon your intentions for the reading. This will allow you to properly focus your energy on the task at hand, and ensure that the psychic is able to properly connect with you.
  4. Take the time to understand your psychic’s abilities. Readings can vary greatly depending on which psychic you choose, so make sure you are familiar with your particular psychic’s powers and style before the reading. That way, you’ll be prepared for the entire process and can stay on task.
  5. Remember that you’ll get out of the reading what you put in. The more open you are to the reading, the more your psychic will be able to tell you. If you close yourself off before the reading ever begins and convince yourself that you won’t hear anything of value, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Stay open and willing to engage.

Bearing these tips in mind will help you ensure that you walk away from your reading feeling that you’ve truly gained something.

10 Psyching Reading FAQs

How long does an online psychic reading last?

This generally depends on you. Readings can last however long you would like for the most part, barring other appointments.

Can a psychic reading really be performed online?

Yes. Psychic abilities aren’t confined to the physical form, and a psychic can easily make a strong connection with you remotely.

What if I want to change the outcome I hear in my reading?

That’s absolutely possible, and your psychic can likely provide you with some ideas for how you can make that happen.

How do I know if an online psychic reading is right for me?

Are you completely and totally 100% satisfied with your life? If not, then a psychic reading could help get you there.

Can all types of psychic readings be performed online?

Certain readings that require physical touch between the psychic and subject cannot be performed online but this is extremely rare and only applies to individual psychics. Generally speaking, all readings can be performed remotely.

What topics are covered in online psychic readings?

The sky’s the limit—you can cover whatever you want in your psychic reading, from love to work to family to finance.

How will I know what to talk about in my reading?

It’s a good idea to think about what you would like to discuss before you begin your reading, otherwise you may find yourself at a loss. Try writing down questions ahead of time, but remain open to letting your psychic guide the conversation.

Do I need to give my psychic personal information about myself?

A certain amount of openness is necessary in order for the psychic to establish a connection with you remotely; the more open you are to the process, the better your reading will be.

How do I know a psychic is real?

Real psychics will give you specific answers that aren’t obvious merely based on your questions. They won’t fish for information but will offer insights without prompting.

Can a psychic tell my future during my reading?

Yes and no. A psychic will provide information, but the future is fluid and always in flux. While a psychic may be able to tell you what the future looks like at the time of your reading, that can always change.

Life is a spectacular winding journey, filled with both peaks and valleys. Psychic readings can help you make the most of the adventure, and see the true beauty of the scenery along the way.