Everything in this Universe is a physical manifestation of energy. Everything you see, hear, smell, taste and touch also exists in a vibrational form — including YOU! You have a Higher Self— a you that exists in a vibrational form. Many people think of the Higher Self as something thatContinue Reading

Developing extra sensory abilities is far from a dream restricted to the realm of the gifted. The term ESP (extra sensory perception) is often called the sixth sense and revolves around sending and receiving information without using the five basic senses of sound, smell, touch, sight and taste. Basic ESP abilities will includeContinue Reading

Want to learn How To Become A Psychic Detective? Then you’ve come to the right place. The term psychic detective refers to just that, an individual that uses supernatural abilities to solve crimes and mysteries. Though not the most publicized of elements, the reason so many are seeking answers with regards to how toContinue Reading

Intuition also referred to as the inner guidance is a mechanism of instinctive or inner knowing which does not require or use logical thinking processes. Intuition education is therefore the teaching of how to develop your intuition, which is an alternative knowledge source. We all have the inner voice or awareness and though itContinue Reading