How To Become A Psychic Detective

Want to learn How To Become A Psychic Detective? Then you’ve come to the right place. The term psychic detective refers to just that, an individual that uses supernatural abilities to solve crimes and mysteries. Though not the most publicized of elements, the reason so many are seeking answers with regards to how to become a psychic detective revolves around the important role these gifted individuals play within police investigations.

The beneficial elements of utilizing psychic detectives are not as widely chronicled as they should be; yet there is no denying that the psychically gifted have proven and will prove useful in the effective solving of the numerous crimes that pervade today’s society.

How To Become A Psychic Detective Step By Step:

Requirements of a psychic detective

The first step of becoming a psychic detective is determining if you are in possession of a psychic gift worthy of the career you are intent on pursuing, be it psychometry (gleaning information from touching people or objects), telepathy and the ability to see the past, the future or both.

By definition, a psychic detective is an individual that can uses psychic gifts to provide insight into mysteries. As such, rationally speaking, you are not going to become a psychic detective if you do not have psychic abilities.

Once acquired, it will prove necessary purchase Polaroid cameras, paper, pen, a compass, video camera, electromagnetic detector, tape recorder and laptop.

These are essential tools for psychic detectives to fully utilize their skills in solving crimes.

How to become a psychic detective

Just like the acquisition of a university degree doesn’t mean an automatic assimilation into one’s chosen career, possessing the right tools and psychic abilities doesn’t mean automatic entry into the psychic detective field.

Effort must be applied to prove one competent in their chosen arena, taking steps such as the following:

  • Before any police department sees your worth as a detective, you are going to have to prove yourself. Find a local project to immerse yourself into with the aim of building your reputation.
  • Be it a haunted house, strange happenings in a cemetery or something less supernaturally inclined, make certain that you have permission from involved parties to investigate before commencing work. Do not attempt to trespass to execute your investigation; share your information where possible.
  • Execute a comprehensive investigation; this will involve gathering information about the case, locating witnesses and making certain to record everything you encounter or discover. Where confidentiality is promised, make certain to keep your word.
  • Interviews will prove necessary with all involved parties; however all work will not be limited to the field; you will have to visit the library, possibly collect history documents from local courthouses to educate yourself on the target area.
  • You should be able to collect crucial information from previous residents of the target area, possibly scouring nursing and retirement homes for long term inhabitants.
  • At the very start of the investigation, thoroughly scrutinize any supernatural claims by determining any potential normal explanations for the supposed paranormal activities being claimed and proceed with accurate information.
  • Approaching the authorities should be done subtly as most departments are not likely to advertise their involvement with the supernatural. More often than not it is the kin and kith of a victim that reach out to psychic detectives.

Still want to learn How To Become A Psychic Detective?

Then remember this. As such networking is important, allowing one’s reputation and experience in the arena to make the rounds in as many circles as possible.

While it is possible to advertise one’s services within all various media, the career proving lucrative in many cases and charging by the hour, anyone wondering how to become a psychic detective, at least on a formal basis in which you can expect to earn the trust of colleagues and garner quite the reputation, should begin by volunteering his or her services for free, using this opportunity to prove their worth.

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