Prepared To Be Shocked With This Psychic Medium Evidence

You won’t believe it till you read this Psychic Medium Evidence

Have you ever wished you could speak to someone who has passed away, an old friend or beloved family member? Well, good news, because evidence of psychic mediums has been found, which is great news for those who want or need to contact someone on the other side

Mediumship is often dispelled as untrue. Most people do not believe that mediums exist, and feel it is impossible to speak with the spirits of those who have already died. However, we now have evidence that not only do mediums exist, but that they are helping people who, for whatever reason, need to talk to friends and family members who have died. Mediumship has also often been affiliated with religions such as voodoo and is seen as a New Age practice that most people simply don’t believe possible.

What Are Mediums?

Most mediums use a power called clairvoyance to reach the spirits. With clairvoyance, the medium can see the spirits to communicate with them. However, other kinds of mediums exist. Clairaudience is the power of hearing the spirits which is often better than clairvoyance because the medium can speak with the spirits. There is also clairalience, which is the ability to smell a spirit. Mediums who are clairalient will be able to smell a certain perfume the spirit person once wore, or perhaps be able to smell the spirit smoking a cigar. There are other senses that mediums can take on, one of which has the medium taking on the psychical ailments of the spirit. But the most common type of medium is the clairvoyant one.

Do Mediums Exist?

Recently we have seen evidence that mediums exist. Such proof comes through with TV programs such as the Long Island Medium, a show about Theresa Caputo, a medium living in New York who routinely connects with the spirits of the dead, much to the astonishment of her guests. Her guests are always incredibly relieved, and most often leave her sessions in tears; tears of happiness and tears of relief. Many people get answers in death that they could never get in life. These answers are often questions that have been waiting decades to get answers for. The Long Island Medium is both clairvoyant and clairaudient, meaning she sees and hears the spirits when she contacts them.

Rebecca Rosen is another medium who has been dismissing the belief that mediums are just frauds and charlatans. Rosen is a psychic medium who has worked with many celebrities, such as Oprah Winfrey. Rosen, like the Long Island Medium, is clairvoyant and clairaudient. Rosen is also claircognizant, meaning she knows the spirits, and clairsentient, which means that she feels what the spirits are feeling. She considers herself a bridge between the spirit and physical world and loves that she can connect people with those they have lost.

Can a Medium Help me?

Mediums are not the same as psychics. Psychics look to the past whereas mediums look to the present or the future. They are often able to see in the past, but their duty is to answer questions in the present day. They are many people who want this information for the insight it provides them. They want to know if they are traveling down the right road, taking the path they were meant to take. Asking the spirits these questions often helps people follow the path they were meant to follow. However, no one should take the advice of a spirit as gospel; it is important the messages from the spirits are used as a guideline to help them make the best choices possible.

Whether you choose to visit a medium is your choice. Do you have questions that need answers? Do you have unfinished business with friends or family members that have passed on to the after-life? Is not knowing this information causing you to not move forward in your life? If this is the case, know that psychic medium evidence is here, and there are cases where mediums have been proven to be true. So take the jump, get those questions answered, and seek out the assistance of a psychic medium.

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