The High Priestess Tarot Card This is a Tarot Card that many people connect to! It’s mysterious, compelling and fascinating. This is one of the cards which a lot of people look forward to getting in a Tarot Reading, as it represents intuition, mystery and the occult. The High PriestessContinue Reading

Have you recently developed an interest in Tarot Cards? You’re not alone! Tarot is gaining more and more popularity in the western world recently, along with astrology and magic, and millennials are especially becoming extremely interested in making sense of the chaos of life and of the world. Tarot usedContinue Reading

In our modern society we think of ‘magic’ as something fantastical and impossible. But societies have, since the dawn of time, have used “magical” techniques to affect their realities, and more and more are waking up to the powers that lie within. What we are quick to dismiss as nonsenseContinue Reading

At some point in our lives, all of us ask the question, “what is my purpose?” You have probably wondered at one point or another if you have a destiny, or what that even means. You did not come into this physical incarnation to struggle, to suffer, to feel unappreciatedContinue Reading