What can I Expect from a Tarot Reading? 7 Tips to help you be prepared!

New to Tarot Cards? Or, perhaps you’ve never had a reading before – or you’ve never done one yourself. Many people have the wrong idea of what a real Tarot Reading entails – some may tell you that it’s “the devils work”, whilst other laugh it off as a party trick to play with friends, And, indeed, Tarot was developed as a game many years ago, so as to hide the power of the cards from those who would use them for their own, misdirected motives. Which is where the idea that Tarot Cards are “evil” came from – Tarot Cards and Tarot Readings aren’t bad in themselves – the fault lies in a human being and their intentions!

If your intention is to help and find some guidance, then Tarot Cards can be your very best friend – but if your intention is to hold power over someone else, or to harm or to manipulate, then this would be contributing to the bad reputation of the cards! Generally speaking, however, most people are good at heart and really want to help. Tarot Readings are gaining more and more popularity at the moment, and becoming more accessible in general. Whether you’re looking for a Free Online Tarot Reading, or wanting to develop your psychic and intuitive side, a Tarot Reading can really help to point you in the right direction.

There are many different types of Tarot Readings, from a simple One-Card Spread, to the more common Three-Card reading (Past, Present and Future), and to the bigger Tarot Readings such as the Celtic Cross Reading. How do you know which open to go for? Well, that depends on the depth of your question – if you ahead huge question, such as whether to get married to your boyfriend, then its best to go for the bigger reading! If it’s a simpler question, then it’s a better idea to use the smaller readings!  For a daily reading, you can just pull one card – this is also a great place to start for those who are completely new to Tarot Readings! There are also loads of Free Tarot Readings online for you to get started!

With that out of the way, what can you expect on your first ever reading? Or, maybe you’re familiar with the cards already but would like to manage your expectations – after all, as they say, expectations are the mother of all disappointment! So, let’s get to managing those expectations right away!

You’ll get your answer – to the “real” question

Be careful who you choose to do your reading! If you’re doing it yourself, that’s great – you’ll be the only one to see the truth! But, if you are visiting a Tarot Reader, or asking a friend to do your reading, be prepared for them to see it all! Because the truth is, even if you come to your reading with a particular question – the question you think is the one you want to ask – Tarot Cards have a funny way of revealing the true or “real” question! This may be a bit uncomfortable for you if you aren’t prepared, but none that you are, you can p [perhaps go back to your question and think to yourself “what do I really want to ask?”. Perhaps there is a deeper issue at hand going on. For example, you may think you want to ask about your career situation, but in actual fact, you have a toxic relationship with your boss, for example. So, here’s a heads up – expect the writing to be on the wall!

Your answer will strike right to the heart of the question

Now that you know the “real” answer will be shown to you, be prepared for an even deeper dive! Tarot Varus aren’t like Oracle Cards (Oracle Cards are often less than 78 cards, and usually focused on only positive messages). Tarot Cards and a Tarot Reading will strike into the heart f the question, and make you really face whatever the problem is, for some people, this can be absolutely thrilling band for others, it could make you feel a little like your privacy has been invaded! But for those seeking a true experience, Tarot Cards can be your best friend!

A Tarot Reading will not make your decision for you

If you’re hoping to shift the responsibility of a decision to a Tarot Reading, then it’s best you review your expectations. A Tarot Reading will definitely help top shine a light on the path ahead, behind and in the present, but it won’t make a decision for you. a Tarot Reading will give you all the details and feel of the bigger picture in relation to your issue or the question asked – but the choice is up to you!

The answer can reveal itself ever a few weeks – or even a few months!

Sometimes, a Tarot Reading can be a little confusing at first. Maybe it makes no sense to you at all, and doesn’t resonate even a single bit! In that case, take a picture of the reading or save it somewhere on your pone or computer. Then set a reminder to check it again in a month, or two, or three. Very often, a Tarot Reading can only real itself much, much later! This is very common, so don’t lose your faith in yourself or the person who is doing the reading for you (unless of course, they are not the real deal! You’ll pick this up when you realise that their reading just didn’t come true or resonate even later down the line!). So, file the reading away and come back to it later on – you may be quite surprised!

You will feel validated and seen

Doing a Tarot Reading for yourself is like switching in a light in the deepest part of your mind and heart! It’s suddenly as if someone has just ‘seen” you – and is validating everything you have already been feeling and thinking! It’s quite disconcerting, but mostly, people find the experience extremely comforting. It makes you feel as if you are on the exact right path for yourself, and that you have had the answer inside you all a long! Tarot Readings are like movie projectors – the movie is playing in your own subconscious, and the Tarot Cards simply take that information and show it to you on visual pictures in tangible reality! Your inner movie, in other words, plays out in a reading. In this way, you can rest assured that Tarot Cards are not “the devil’s work” – they take information that is already there!

It will empower you – if you choose to let it!

You may find a Tarot Reading extremely weeping, precisely because you have been validated and affirmed. A good Tarot Reading will help you to feel more confidence in your choices, more sure of yourself and willing to tea responsibility. Unless, of course, yore the type that tends to give responsibility to anything an anyone outside of yourself. If this is the case it’s better for you to work on that sense of empowerment before you engage with Tarot Reading – otherwise, what may happen is that you surrender your own power of decision- making to the cards. Then, you might become a little bit of a victim. So, be sure to treat the cards as a guide, not as the be-all and end-all of life!

You’ll be hooked!

Done correctly, your first reading may start you on a lifelong journey of self-discovery and exploration. Tarot Cards are very addictive, and before you know it, you may be doing readings for your friends and family, and studying as much as you can! Do be careful, though, that you’re not becoming too obsessed – you’ll know when you’re unable to make a decision without consulting the cards first. If this is the case put them down for a while, or practice solely on others, until you have better impulse control! Otherwise a healthy relationship with Tarot Cards is one of the best things you can have in life -like having a best friend in your pocket at all times! You get very easily get hooked on Tarot Readings – so enjoy every moment with your new friend!

So, are you ready for your first reading? There are many amazing Free Tarot Readings available online, so go ahead and give it a try! Otherwise buy yourself a deck of cards – or borrow some – and get cracking! If you are still unsure or inexperienced, then why not visit an Online Psychic or Tarot Reader to help you with your first experience. Take note of your handy list above and help yourself get prepared and managed your expectations for your first Tarot Reading! Good Luck!


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