The Devil Tarot Card is one of the most powerful and misunderstood cards in the Major Arcana. The image of the Devil can be quite intimidating, but it is important to understand that this card represents much more than just evil. In fact, the Devil Tarot Card can be interpretedContinue Reading

After the rigors of the Death card, comes the cooling, calm waters of Temperance, bringing balance and stability to a situation. Temperance often appears after a time of great transition, and may even sometimes point to actual angels – or spirit guides – if we have lost someone important toContinue Reading

The dreaded Death Card! This, along with the Devil Tarot Card, is perhaps the most feared card of all! It’s the one that’s most featured in movies that misrepresents Tarot readers, and brings to mind imagines of coffins, the grave and loved ones passing. But is it all that, really?Continue Reading

Before diving into what this card means, remember that in some decks, Strength is swopped with Justice, making Strength card number 8 and Justice card number 11! So, just in case you were feeling confused, that’s why the number at the top is sometimes different – and this won’t causeContinue Reading

This card is a Tarot favourite! Most people connect very well with the energy of the Hermit Card, simply because it conveys, very much, a sense of peace, calm and wisdom. The Hermit appears at the part of our inner journey where we have to go inward and look forContinue Reading

The Chariot card instantly gives off a sense of power and control when you look at it – and rightly so, as it is a card of progress and movement! This card is the seventh card in the Major Arcana Tarot Cards, and represents the end of a journey ofContinue Reading

There’s an interesting fact about this card. It’s number 8 in the Rider-Waite deck, but in other decks, it’s number 11. So, if you get this card a little later in your deck, don’t worry! This card starts a 7-part journey (according to tarot author, Rachel Pollack) into the innerContinue Reading