Temperance Tarot Cards Meanings

After the rigors of the Death card, comes the cooling, calm waters of Temperance, bringing balance and stability to a situation. Temperance often appears after a time of great transition, and may even sometimes point to actual angels – or spirit guides – if we have lost someone important to us.

This is the last card of the special Inner Journey we have taken tanging from Justice all the way to this card. Wave done the outer world work with The Fool until the old, the inner work, and soon, we’ll need to integrate it all.

Temperance is often a gentle card, the calm before the storm of the Devil and the Tower, that moment when we feel life is balanced. Simply put, it’s a card of peace.

Symbolism of Temperance Card

The images in this card are visually stunning. At the very centre we see an angel with huge purple wings – purple being the colour of enlightenment and insight. Sometimes, these wings look red, which indicate power and empowerment.

This enlightenment can be further seen by the light around the angel’s head as well as the symbol of the Sun in the model of their forehead, which is the symbol of spirit and being connected to the divine. Interestingly enough, this angel is not a woman nor a man. It’s a mix of masculine and feminine, which is, essentially, what the aim of real Tarot is! Tarot strives to bring together these masculine and feminine principles, dark and light, hard and easy, good and bad.

We can see the angel is pouring water from one goblet into the other – this symbolises the life flow and how life can be transformative (like we experienced in the Death card).

One foot stands in water and the other on earth, which shows grounding as well as empathy, spiritual and material balance. The Sun far away above the mountains, leading up from a path, shows the journey we take in life towards enlightenment and consciousness.

The entire card is lush and fruitful, and gives off a feeling of total calm, balance and refreshment!

General Meaning of Temperance Card

Temperance card in a Tarot Reading says that after a tough and trying time, we’ve reached a point of balance and peace. This peace and balance have really only been able to come about as a result of the challenges that we went through, so we can be grateful for those important life experiences!

Temperance is all about finding balance in our lives. Have you been pushing things to an extreme point? Have you been guilty of excess or wastefulness?  Now is the time to bring it to a point of moderation again, to equally balance your material and spiritual life, so that you can enjoy all of what life offers you.

Temperance is also about taking a middle ground, and not giving into extreme judgements, and to find a way to compromise, even if that’s not in your nature. Cooperation and harmony are the only way through this situation.

If life is hard at the moment, temperance asks you to remain level-headed and peaceful, to use your wisdom and moderate your judgements – and to be patient! Try to bring your community together and unite. This is not a time to stand apart, but to merge and refine and blend in.

This blending may also be part of your personal life. Maybe you need to find a middle ground with your partner’s family, or at work.

Meaning of Temperance Card in The Past

Temperate in the past position of any Tarot Reading is saying that you have successfully managed to, in the recent past, find balance in all the extremes and a middle ground. This has set you up very well for the future, and you’re in a good, strong place of personal peace, empowerment and strength.

You may have had a tough time recently as well, and could have lost someone or experienced difficulty with, for example, finding balance in your life. But you did find it, and you are back on track!

Meaning of Temperance Card in The Present

The Temperance card in the present position can mean one of two things usually: firstly, it could mean that you have a direct link or access to angels, guides and helpers in your life. You may even have the sense of an angel nearby, particularly if someone you knew passed on.

Secondly, Temperance card in the present position also indicates that you are currently in position where you are seeking – and finding – more balance and refinement in your life. That you are learning the middle ground, and to compromise and find your footing. Even if things are hard, you may be feeling as if you’ve still got your inner peace and calm.

Meaning of Temperance Card in The Future

Temperance card in the future position lets you know that, whatever you are going through now, especially if it’s chaotic, that peace and calm will come – that you’ll find your footing and balance, no matter how intense the situation.

If you’re caught in any excessive habits now, soon you’ll be finding a way to balance those habits and refine your patterns rather than give into excess. You may even enlist the help of angels, guides or spiritual helpers if you go through a tough time.

Meaning of Temperance Card in Relationships

The meaning of the Temperance card is an interesting one when it comes to relationships. It indicates that you may have been experiencing an imbalance in your partnerships, for example,  where one person is doing all the giving and the other is just taking.

If that’s the case, Temperance reminds you both it gets back on track, and to find equality again. If you’re a couple that drinks too much or parties too hard – or has any sort of unhealthy habits – this is a time where you need to curb your excesses.

Finally, Temperance in a relationship reading can talk about the need to blend and merge with each other’s families and lifestyles and to find common ground. Comprise is absolutely key!

Meaning of Temperance Card in Career

The Temperance card in a career question can often mean a simple fix of problems – if you’ve been overworking or underworking, this is a time where you have to take stock and once again find some kind of balance.

This may also a be a time to remind yourself to blend your skills with another to achieve a goal, and to use the qualities of teamwork and compromise in your workplace. Some of you may experience assistance as if from an angel, especially if you’re in a tough place! This can definitely be a card if hope, trust and faith in the future!

Finally, ask yourself if you’re getting the work/life balance right. Are you not relaxing enough, or working enough? This card reminds you to find that place where everything is held in balance.

Meaning of Temperance Card Reversed

When you get the Temperance card reversed, it can indicate that you may not be allowed yourself, for whatever reason, to find balance in life. This can reflect in work, relationships, health or anything else. Our have to ask yourself why it’s so important for you to go to excess with this issue – is it an escape? A coping mechanism? Be honest with yourself so that you can start to being things to a better state of equilibrium, or else you might find your life spinning out of control.

Reversed, Temperance asks you to look within and get in touch, once again, with the “flow” of life rather than resisting where it’s taking you. Maybe you also need to reach out and pray for help if you need it, and welcome the spiritual into your life.

Summary of Temperance Card

Temperance is a very gentle, pleasant, peaceful card to get in any Tarot Reading, for any sort of question. It’s the peace after a raging storm, and helps you to find your inner centre even if things are tumultuous around you.

Temperance reminds you for your wisdom, divine connection and of the angels all around you, willing to help you. It helps you to connect with lost loved ones, and to know you are never alone.

If you’re caught up in excessive behaviours or habits, Temperance says that too need to find the middle ground in your life, to release addiction and escapism.

Finally, Temperance is about compromise, negotiation and learning to cooperate with others, in work, love and friendship. It reminds you that you can’t always have your own way – which is not a bad thing at all!

Sometimes, temperance can arise when we are feeling as if we have achieved life’s sweet balance – and is a slight warning that things may change soon again, but that the growth will be immense. We need to not get too comfortable, just yet! There is still more to come!


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