Tarot Cards Meanings: “The Fool” – Major Arcana Tarot Card Meanings

“The Fool” – Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool is the very first card of the Major Arcana, yet it is numbered “0”. This is a great starting point to introduce this often-loved card! The number 0 talks about potential, conception, the unmanifested. The Fool is all the things in life that are just about to start, in that very precious pre-conception phase! Thus, most people see this as a very exciting card, and a new journey to be undertaken!

Symbolism of The Fool Card

The best place to start with Tarot Cards is always by studying the visual cues on the cards themselves. When you look at The Fool Card, the first thing you notice is a man standing on the edge of the cliff, with his head thrown back. He seems light and free, though he doesn’t seem to be aware that he is about to fall off the cliff! This symbolises the freedom of naivety, of starting an adventure, not always being aware of the danger. As they say, ignorance is bliss!

This man holds a white rose – the symbol for purity of his spirit and his innocence. The backpack, small and light, symbolises the lack of baggage that is taken with us on this new adventure, as well as our talents and abilities as yet unrealised.

The dog at the Fool’s feet represents protection on the journey as well as following one’s instincts. The dog is both trying to warn the Fool of the danger ahead, as well as remind the Fool to have fun. The mountains, as well as the cliff due, show the danger ahead – these are obstacles that the Fool will encounter over the course of his journey. And finally, the white Sun above the Fool shows that he is guide by a higher consciousness than himself!

General Meaning of The Fool Card

When you get the Fool card in a Tarot Reading such as the Celtic Cross or any other reading, it means that you are about to go on a big adventure, a huge journey – whether it’s an inner journey or an outer journey! It’s a time of embracing the unknown, a time of travel perhaps, of starting projects, a pregnancy, new relationship, new job or any other important journey. We might expect a long road ahead of us, and we may even be a little foolish or naïve about what we are undertaking.

However, even if we are foolish, we will learn along the way from our mistakes, and we have to just trust in the best outcome, even if the journey is long! This card may also beckon us to travel or expand our personal horizons in some other, unique way.

Meaning of The Fool Card in The Past

When we get the Fool Tarot Card in the Past position of a three-card tarot spread, it indicates that we may have recently undertaken a big adventure in our lives, and we are now still experiencing the repercussions of that. However, the time of adventure is now behind us, and we need to look to how to continue the journey in a more responsible, aware way. The time for conception and potential is now behind us, and we are solidly on our way forward, hopefully making some progress, whether it’s on a job, a relationship or in any other area of life. We may feel a little despondent that the “best” is behind us, but we have to remind ourselves that life can’t be a constant adventure 100% of the time!

Meaning of The Fool Card in The Present

Many people get really excited to get this card in the present! Right now, you are starting a journey and may feel inspired, overwhelmed, excited and eager to get going. There’s a whole new world at your feet, and though you may not anticipate the dangers that are on your path at the moment, you are being led by a higher force, a higher power. You might be travelling, starting a brand-new career, a family or a course of studies. Right now, you are on a soul journey, and there is a lot of potential in your life at the moment – can you see where it’s all unfolding?

This feels like a very positive energy in your life right now, though you may be a little scared of the big changes, especially if things have even the same for a long time. However, this is a very positive card, and most people love getting it. It’s also an important time to stand up and be uniquely yourself, and not worry about what anyone else thinks!

Meaning of The Fool Card in The Future

There’s so much to look foraged to when you have the Fool Card in the Future position! In not too long of a time from now, you are about to undergo a huge life journey, whether it’s’ moving to a new country, backpacking around the world, starting your own company or exploring your inner world. It’s a time to take a risk soon, to leap – and trust that the net will appear! You may need to be aware of dangers but nonetheless, it’s time to trust that a higher force is guiding you. This will be the start of one of the biggest re-orientations of your life, and you won’t seethe whole picture as yet. You have a full set of tools in the future that you will put to good use, so trust! Also, soon you’ll be stepping into a very unique aspect of yourself, and you will dare to be different, to march to the beat of your own drum!

Meaning of The Fool Card in Relationships

When up get the Fool Card in a relationship question, I mean that you need to take a chance, take a risk and trust that things will work out. If you’re already in committed relationship, this could be a time where you seek freedom and independence, where you go travel, for example, way from your beloved. Your relationship ay has an on-again, off-again vibe about it, and it this is not the time to seek for commitment, but rather, seek to express yourselves and gives each other plenty pf freedom. Sometimes this card in a relationship can mean a breakup, if there is a lack of freedom and personal expression. If you are in a strong bond, it can mean that you are about to have an adventure together! Any which way, the keyword is trust, being guided and freedom! Last but not least, some people may experience this card as starting a family – that in itself can be quite an adventure, and something to be embraced.

Meaning of The Fool Card in Career

The Fool Card in a career position is a very positive card to get, and it’s the perfect card for cutting old ties and starting something new. It could herald a new job, or even a whole be career direction, a direction which will have many twists and turns, yet a journey which you will learn and grow from. Your career or business may yet be in its conception phase, and action is needed in order to start making things more of a reality! You may be to be a little wiser, and you could trust blindly at t his point, so be sure to watch out for any pitfalls right ahead of you!

Meaning of The Fool Card Reversed

If you use reversed cards (and not everyone does – that’s also totally okay!), the reversed Fool card, of course, means all the opposite things to the upright position. For example, you may be lacking the spirit of adventure, unable to step forward and take a risk. Your spirit may be afraid to expand, or you could be felling trapped – in a relationship, a job, or any other situation. You could feel as if there’s nothing exciting in the world, and this may even signify a period of depression due to being stuck.

The advice here is to try not be afraid to take that leap forward, that you need to cultivate a sense of faith and trust that things will work out. It may be very important for you to invite more adventure into your life, to know that you are being guided and that you don’t have to try and control everything yourself in life.

Summary of The Fool Card

Is the Fool Card a positive card to get in a Tarot Reading? Most definitely! You’ll notice that the card is bright yellow and white, the colours of happiness and purity, and although there are sharp mountains in the distance and a cliff edge, the point of starting a journey is being brave enough to face the challenges and pitfalls. Some of us may be foolish at the beginning, but everyone has to start somewhere, and it’s important that we just get going rather than miss the opportunities available lto us now. All in all, this card heralds big, possibly even sudden changes!

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