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Tarot Cards Meanings: “The Magician” – 1

Continuing the journey started at the Fool Card, the Magician is the first card in the Major Arcana to have a number – the number One. This card is ruled by the planet Mercury, planet of learning, communication, the mind, intelligence and teaching. As such, the Magician Card is all about these things and much more – the Magician card is one of the most positive cards to get in a reading, as as the name suggests, it’s all about making magic! What is magic? It’s not the airy-fairy idea that most people think it is – Magic is simply harnessing your willpower and tapping into your environment using your resources to get the thing you want! Simple as that.

Symbolism of The Magician Card

This is very abundant and inspiring card, visually. We first notice the man standing with one arm up, the other one down, and in both hands, he holds his “wands”. The symbolism of this position is that he is “channelling” the will of the Divine – meaning the Universal Will – to manifest his dreams and goals in the here and now. For example, he desires to start a business – he taps into universal energy in order to make that happen. The infinity symbol above his head shows the infinite reserves of support that the universe has for us when we direct our will into a particular area of focus.

In front of him lies a table with a chalice, staff, coin and sword. These are the symbols for the four Minor Arcana, and represent the elements and physical resources that we have to make our will happen. These also represent our talents, the support we have from others, the financial backing we have as well as our ideas that we can all use to make this happen.

Below the table are flowers, which show the blooming and abundance of what we have manifested – the physical results. It shows that there is a direct reward of using our powers of focus and intent.

General Meaning of The Magician Card

This is a highly positive card to get in any reading! It means that you are in the phase of physically creating your goals, hopes and dreams. You may start your own business, begin writing a book, start a career or somehow manage to get exactly what you want right now!

You also have all the resources you could possibly need – you don’t need to go out and get any more, or wait around for a better time to start. There is no time like now to manifest your own reality! This is a logical, masculine card which reminds us to think of what we want very clearly, and then look at what we have available to us to make it happen. As soon as we have decided, it’s just a matter of harnessing what we have to create magic in our lives!

Meaning of The Magician Card in The Past

When we get the Magician card in the Past position of a Tarot Reading, we may have recently started something very important in our lives, some sort of new project, job or even relationship that is currently in the process so developing. We need to look to our “now” and work actively with what we started so that it continues to grow. This is a time of reaping the rewards of our new beginning very recently. This is not the time to be manifesting anything more – we need to build.

Meaning of The Magician Card in The Present

In this very moment of time, you are in a state of pure manifestation! It’s time to sit up and take notice of what’s going on around you, as you are turning lead into gold, so to speak! What resources do you have right now, that can bring you more of what your heart desires? Maybe you have studied and finished, or can begin implementing what you’ve learnt. Is there a project you are getting underway now? This project could have very successful results. You are in a space of making real “magic” happen in your life in a very real, tangible, world way! You don’t need to go and look for anything that you don’t already have. In short, you are the Magician of your own life, right now! This is a time of beginning, of harnessing your energy, of tapping into the universal will and get into the flow of things!

Meaning of The Magician Card in The Future

This is a very exciting card to get in the future position of a Tarot Reading! Whatever you are doing right now, whatever situation you are in, you can look forward to a brighter future, a future in which it’s very possible that you’re going to get exactly what you want – though you have to do the work for it. You need to think, right now, about what it is that you want to manifest in your life, whether it’s more money, developing your intuitive talents, starting a company, leading a project or anything else, and make it happen! This is not the time to fluff around and not be clear about your desires, Soon, you’ll have infinite energy to draw on to make the life that you want! You may embark on a course of study in the future or learn new things that will help give you the resources that you need.

Meaning of The Magician Card in Relationships

When you get the Magician card in a relationship question, it’s a time in which you have to be the one to initiate things. Whether it’s starting a new relationship by telling someone how you feel about them, or initiating a move of home together (it’s important to interpret according to your relationship status, of course). You will have what you need to get going. This could also talk about the start of an important business partnership coming your way soon, and that this person could be essential in helping you to get on your feet. You and your current romantic parent may start a passion project together, something which is very important to your hearts. If you’re single, this may be a reminder to ask too what you really want in a partner, and working on yourself in a way that invites healthier relationships. It may also remind you that you are whole, perfect and worthy of a partner – you may have learnt a lot up until this point which you can implement in a relationship. Generally speaking, however, this is not card for relationship – it’s a card about you, what you want, and what you create, independently of anyone else.

Meaning of The Magician Card in Career

This is a wonderful card to get in a career question! It means that a new project is about to kick off, or even a whole new career! You could have completed studies and are now ready to start your business or job, having all the tools at hand. Even if you are still studying, this could be a time to begin things. You could head up a whole department, and have all the support you need, financially and well as emotionally and physically. This is a great time to decide to harness your energies towards the direction you most desire, because the universe is right behind you!

Meaning of The Magician Card Reversed

When you get the Magician Card in the reversed position, it indicates that you may be feeling stuck, unsupported and unable to manifest your deepest desires. This may not be a time in your life to try and tap in to start new things – the advice is to hold back and wait for a better period, when the universal will is aligned to yours. You may be trying to force something which you are not ready for yet or don’t have enough resources for. Try to be patient – the right time will come.

Alternatively, this reversal could also mean the toy refuse to the see the talents and resources at hand, that you are not aligning yourself with what the universe is offering you, which is creating a feeling of being out of alignment. Try and go with the flow now instead of carving out a difficult path.

Summary of The Magician Card

This is a great card to get in any Tarot Reading, from a Celtic Cross or a Career Reading. It shows that you are in alignment with the universe, and using the gifts and talents at your disposal to create and manifest anything you want! This message is telling you that there is more than enough support for what you want in life, and that you should think of what you desire and make it happen in the real world, in the here and now. It’s a perfect time to start a project, a career, a relationship or anything else. You are in a rare position right now, so don’t let it go to waste!


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