Tarot Cards Meanings: The High Priestess

The High Priestess Tarot Card

This is a Tarot Card that many people connect to! It’s mysterious, compelling and fascinating. This is one of the cards which a lot of people look forward to getting in a Tarot Reading, as it represents intuition, mystery and the occult. The High Priestess is the Magician’s counterpart – she is the Feminine face of magic, in other words. In a Tarot Reading, she symbolises magic happening behind the scenes, whereas the Magician Card is more active and visible manifestation work. The energy of this card is quiet, yet powerful. 

Symbolism of The High Priestess Card

The most compelling image on this Tarot Card is, of course the women sitting on the throne with the two pillars on each side of her. The High Priestess represents the Sacred Feminine – which is the principles of receptivity, intuition, passivity and cycles. The three-phase Moon on her brow symbolises the cycles of life – beginnings, middle and end and how those cycles dictate all of life. This crown also shows that she is someone with a lot of power and authority. The book she holds, the Tora, essentially means that she works within the greater laws of the universe and of nature.

Behind her is a curtain embroidered with pomegranates, which means fertility and abundance, though not necessarily in the psychic sense – the High Priestess is not the Mother archetype (this archetype is reserved for the Empress card which follows). Rather she is the “mother of all” – the Divine Mother, so to speak. You may think of her as Mother Mary from the Bible, for example.

If you look closely, behind this curtain lies the ocean, which always symbioses deep intuition, and psychic awareness. There are also two pillars on each side of the High Priestess card – the black pillar means strength and the white pillar means top establish. In short – establishing strength. The colors of course, are all about duality and the energies of masculine and feminine in balance, as well as finding the balance between light and dark.

General Meaning of The High Priestess Card

Getting the High Priestess Card is a good sign – it means that you are about to, or already are, experiencing an inner awakening, an awakening of personal intuition and awareness. There’s a sense of you getting in tune with the cycles of life, and of tapping into the vast unknown.

This card also talks about needing to go within to make the “magic” that you wish for, to look inside for resources rather than on the outside. This card talks about abundance and of your creative desires being fulfilled, but only through surrender and quietness. This is not a time to actively “go out there” in the world to make your dreams come true, but to tap into your inner resources.

Meaning of The High Priestess Card in The Past

When the High Priestess is received in the past position of a Tarot Reading, you may have recently experienced an inner wakening of out intuition, and gone through a period of deep reflection. The past has been a bit roof passivity, receptivity and of delving into our subconscious worlds – what nuggets of truth a have you gained recently? The results of your introspection are bearing fruit now, and you may have a lot of offer the world because of your inner journeys! It’s possible that you have also recently achieved a state of inner balance, which has influenced your life in a positive sense.

Meaning of The High Priestess Card in The Present

This is a lovely card to get in the present position! The High Priestess in the present indicates that you are currently experiencing an awakening of your inner Feminine energy – whatever you identify as in terms of gender specificity – and you’re finding that delicate balance of activity as well as passivity. You’re in a space of surrender, and it’s as time of withdrawal from the world outside to explore your subconscious world. Your intuition is awakening, and you’re in touch with the cycles of life and may be drawn to “moon magic”, which is simply aligning you will and goals to the cycles of the Moon. You’re able to sit back and receive now, rather than take and be active in the world.

Meaning of The High Priestess Card in The Future

You can look forward to a much deeper relationship with yourself and with life in the near future! You’re about to embark on a big soul journey, which will lead you right back to yourself. Perhaps you’re feeling out of alignment at the moment, out of touch with the cycles of life, lost, without direction or confused. Soon, you’ll withdraw from the chaos of the world to investigate your innermost needs and rhythms, and your intuition will grow as a result, you may undertake a course of study – in Tarot for example – which will help build your intuition. The future will be a time where you will negotiate the balance of light and dark inside of yourself, through external life events that ask you to reflect. Seem say that this is a card of pregnancy and birth, which is also a possibility.

Meaning of The High Priestess Card in Relationships

The High Priestess is not generally thought of as a particularly romantic card, but she does represent energies within a relationship. When you get the High Priestess in a relationship question, you’ve got to ask yourself if you are allowing yourself to trust your intuition about your partner or love interest? Are you ignoring your inner voice that may be telling you something important? It’s time to listen to that voice.

This card also asks you to surrender a little more in the relationship, to not try and force things, but to allow the relationship to go through its current phase or cycle. This is not a time push anything. You may also encounter someone very spiritual or intuitive whom you fall in love with.

For some couples, this card indicates a time of fertility and could tell you that it’s a good time to start trying for a baby! So, if that is on your agenda, then you can definitely celebrate and start to make things happen!

And finally, the High Priests in a relationship questions asks for more balance in the relationship – perhaps you are taking on too much of a masculine role, or visa-vera. It’s also possible that you are being overly passive and not active enough.

Meaning of The High Priestess Card in Career

If you’re looking to create a career in the healing or intuitive arts, the three really is no better card (except, perhaps the Magician) to get! This card indicate that now is the time to exercise your unitive ability in your career, and to start reading Tarot cards, or pick up astrology – whatever it is you are interested in! Even if you are in a corporate position, you can start using your intuition more effectively to get enjoy done.

You could encounter someone like the High Priestess soon too, someone who serves as a guide, teacher and mentor to you and helps you learn more on the job. You could be this person too, and help or mentor someone else.

Meaning of The High Priestess Card Reversed

When you receive the High Priestess in a revered position, it can indicate that you are currently not listening to your intuition enough, which may be leading to upsets or problems in your life. You may be feeling like your inner voice is blocked, and that you’re unable to find your personal compass. This may feel a little distressing, but the card is telling you that you can change this, simply by withdrawing and going within. Perhaps you need to read Tarot Cards more often, get yourself a pendulum, or start tapping into the Moon cycles.

This is an important time for you to try and find some stillness and calmness in your life’s so that you can tap to what your true emotional and spiritual needs are. Try and find some time to stop being so active and to become more passive!

Summary of The High Priestess Card

Getting the High Priestess card is a great sign that you are on the right path to developing your ignition. This period of time in your life is a very busy one – but on the inside. You are in a space of personal manifestation, and you have the resources within you to make your dreams come true. This is a time for surrender, a time to be passive rather than active. It’s a time to tap into your dreams, your inner world and understand that everything in life is cyclical.

Some of you may be draw to moon magic, and developing your sacred feminine side. Maybe you have a woman in your life that needs more respect and is teaching you how to respect the Sacred Feminine energies. This is a time in life to find inner balance and rest.


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