Death Tarot Cards Meanings

The dreaded Death Card! This, along with the Devil Tarot Card, is perhaps the most feared card of all! It’s the one that’s most featured in movies that misrepresents Tarot readers, and brings to mind imagines of coffins, the grave and loved ones passing.

But is it all that, really? Does it really mean death to those we love – or, our worst fear, ourselves?

Of course not! Unless you know someone is on their deathbed, this should not be taken literally. The Death card comes at a time of our lives where we have to learn to let go, to allow transformation to walk in, and to surrender to the inevitable ending of something.

Death card can be very positive abdicating a clean sweep and a new slate! Sometimes – and only, once again, if you know someone is actually on their deathbed, should you take it as an actual death. If that is the case, it’s an initiation to adulthood, marking you as someone who has experienced one of the most important things anyone ever can.

Symbolism of Death Card

We can quickly see the prevalence on the classic death colour – black. Death comes on his horse, as a skeleton dressed in Armor. Of course, the skeleton part is what give she message of this card away! His armour shows that Death – or change – is an inevitable warrior that no one can stop!

His Flag is very symbolic and important. It has a wrote rose on it, which matches the colour of the horse. White is the colour of purity as well as the purification process of change and death. Most often, transition comes when we have to wash way certain things form our lives but may be resisting.

There are five petals on the rose, which indicates change, too – this is the number of shifts – as well as changes! However, shifts are a very important part of life, and as they say – change is the only certainty there is!

What’s interesting about the Death card is the figures that are in front of the horse. We see a priest, children and other figures. This is showing that death, change and transition happen to everyone – young old, rich or poor – and that its levels everyone. It reminds us that we are all equal in this life! No one can avoid death and change, no matter how gorgeous, young and rich they are!

The sun sets in the distance, symbolically also signifying an end as well as the promise of a rebirth when it rises again.

General Meaning of Death Card

Death card in a Tarot Reading most often tells u that change – big change – is afoot. Life topics such as relationships, career, finances or health is about to undergo a shift, and it isn’t necessarily bad.

The problems will arise when you don’t allow the transition to happen naturally, if you hold on too tightly and resist the natural flow of life. It’s in this resistance that you’ll find suffering.

However, if you let go and realise the need to control, you’ll find yourself accepting things much easier and maybe even enjoying the process of death/rebirth!

Sometimes it can mean the loss of someone in life, but only very rarely. This should certainly not be the first thing you think, as it most suggests transition from one thing to the next.

This will be a big growing-up experience for you, and you’ll come out on the other side stronger, wiser and more adult than ever before! Death card reminds you to just trust in the process.

Meaning of Death Card in The Past

Upon receiving the Death card in the post position of a Tarot Reading, you can breathe a sigh of relief! The worst is now past you and y you’ve likely grown hugely through the experience. Are you lost someone, or lost something – a job, a relationship, or good health?

Now, you’re given the opportunity for a clean slate, and a mire balanced view of life. This experience, whilst hard, has prepared you to truly “grow up” and be an adult.

Meaning of Death Card in The Present

It’s normal to feel a little anxiety when you get this card. After all, who really likes change that much? Few do, and most of us prefer to stay in our happy comfort zones.

However, getting the Death card in the present position is not a death sentence – not at all! In fact, it’s telling you that you are already in the press of change, of letting go, of shedding skin and transforming, maybe something in your life is falling away, and you could be holding on very tightly. Can you try letting go and trusting in the process? Trust in the transformation that’s taking place!

Meaning of Death Card in The Future

The first thing you need to not to, when revoking the Death card in any Tarot Reading, is panic. When you get death card in the future position, you simply have some big changes ahead of you. And, maybe, you already know that certain things need to shift and change in your life (very often the case!).

These changes can happen in the form of home, love, career, money or health – or even in friendships or something else! Remember, everyone has to go through change, and you can make it easier simply by letting go of the things that are no longer meant for you. Welcome the personal transformation, instead!

Meaning of Death Card in Relationships

The Death Card in a relationship question can being some worry, of course – which is very natural. On the downside, it can mean the end of a relationship, particularly if it’s toxic or unhealthy and you’ve done all you could to save it.

This can perhaps not be seen as such a panic, if you’re prepared for it.

In healthy relationships that don’t have bad problems, Death appears at a time when your partnership is undergoing a huge transition – maybe you’re getting married, having a baby or moving countries. Things are ending in your lives to make space for the new, and it’s important to be open to what’s coming.

In a worst-case scenario, it may be that one of you loses someone (such as a parent) which could bring you closer together or put strain on your bond. However, this is very uncommon and should only be taken seriously if someone is quite seriously ill or injured.

Meaning of Death Card in Career

Death in a career question can be an amazing message! If you’ve been feeling completely over it when it comes to work, this card says that change is on the horizon, or is already happening! Maybe this is the time where you can finally walk away, feeling supported by the universe.

Just remember that with every change, comes an opportunity to start again. Maybe this is the invitation for you to begin your own thing or walk a completely different career path! The possibilities are endless here, so be open to all of them.

Meaning of Death Card Reversed

The Death card reversed can indicate that you’re very resistant to change – that you’re not allowing certain things to leave your life and make way for something new.

This resistance is causing you immense suffering and problems, and the more you hold on, the more you’ll find that the universe steps in to help you surrender a little more (although this certainly won’t seem like help!)

Try your best to reflect on where you are holding not to things that are just no longer serving you, and where you can release, just a little. Whether it’s an outworn relationship, job or family relationship, see if you can take steps to get yourself unstuck.

Summary of Death Card

The Death card seldom means actual Death, unless in very rare cases. Death, most of the time, is about change, transition and letting go. It’s about letting shifts happen and allowing yourself to transform.

Sometimes, death comes at a time to tell us that we are resisting too hard and causing ourselves a great deal of unnecessary suffering. Do we really need to hold on so hard? Maybe it’s time to allow that situation to leva your life so you can bring something new and different into your life.

Death can be a very existing card – it’s associated with the astrological sign of Scorpio, which is the sign of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Scorpio goes deep, just as death does, and we are forced to “grow up” and face the realities of life.

Death is by no means a death sentence. In actual fact, it’s the promise of new life ahead, and a new beginning, even if it feels very hard at the moment. It’s an important process that everyone goes through, no matter how you are – and brings us together instead of driving us apart. We all share the experience of death in one way or another!


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