Strength Tarot Cards Meanings

Before diving into what this card means, remember that in some decks, Strength is swopped with Justice, making Strength card number 8 and Justice card number 11! So, just in case you were feeling confused, that’s why the number at the top is sometimes different – and this won’t cause a problem in your readings, so not to worry!

Strength is one of those cards that most people respond to with immense positivity. After all, who doesn’t feel a wave of optimism when looking at the Strength card?

This card comes at a time in our inner journey where we have to learn to face challenges with strength, courage, patience and compassion. We need to also learn, at this stage of our lives, how to manage and temper our primal urges so that they don’t take over our conscious life (for example, learning that we need to control our eating, sexual or other animalistic habits).

Symbolism of Strength Card

The symbolism of the Strength card is quite simple, yet powerful. Firstly, we see the bright yellow background, the colour of joy, optimism and creativity. This already conveys good feelings about this card!

The name of the card, as well, as very clear and simple – have Strength. The woman stands in a white robe, a symbol of purity of spirit, with an expression of kindness and compassion on her face as she gently opens the and looks into the jaws of the lion.

The Lion doesn’t look ferocious, but instead looks at her with trust and openness. She has the infinity symbol above her head, which signifies that she has endless strength, compassion and patience with the lion. She doesn’t need to force him or push him to achieve her goals. This infinity symbol also shows her immense wisdom and calm.

It’s clear that she is the symbol for our conscious side, and the lion is the symbol for our more unconscious, primal part – and this card reminds us to keep them all in a tender, kind balance.

General Meaning of Strength Card

Strength card in a Tarot Reading is a very clear and simple meaning – have strength. Be calm, gentle, compassionate and patient.

However, what most people don’t always take into account with this card is the fact that usually, there has to be a problem, challenge or test in order to get the strength card. So, in a reading when we get this card, challenges have and are appearing, and we have to be courageous.

The Strength card also comes up when there’s a possible imbalance between our “lower” selves and our “higher” selves, which is, essentially, our spirit and our body. The soulful and human parts of ourselves. Here, we may be experiencing an overpowering sense of lust, for example – or greed, or any of the “seven vices”.

Hence, although it’s not “bad” to have these urges, and in moderation, they are healthy and normal But, when we give into our primal urges, and let them take over, we can run into trouble. Then, we can experience imbalance and problems in our lives.

We have to try and get back on track, and be patient with ourselves. We may have to dig deep and find our own source of inner strength.

This card is about determination, overcoming obstacles, stamina and bravery. It indicates that you will be able to overcome problems using these qualities and even if you are afraid, you will manage to succeed.

With that said, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help if you need it – there’s no shame in that!

Meaning of Strength Card in The Past

When upon receive the Strength card in the past position of a Tarot Reading it indicate that you may have recently gone through a great many personal trials – but you have overcome them! This is a time to celebrate your achievements, to find joy in the present, as you have built a strong base within yourself.

Yu have overcome and learnt a great many things, including balance compassion and the mastery of raw, primal feelings and urges. You can now confidently set out on your path ahead and enjoy a life that is, if not challenge-free, certainly a lot easier!

Meaning of Strength Card in The Present

Right now, you may be feeling as if you are undergoing many a test, trial and challenge. Life may be throwing you with all sorts of problems, and you could be feeling the temptation to just give into your raw emotions, and run wild!

However, you’re not doing that – you’re being strong courageous and kind to yourself, which means that you will overcome these current trials. Have faith, stand your ground and trust in yourself. This is a time in your life where you can look back and know that you did the very best you could do in that moment. Be patient with yourself – this is an important life lesson right now!

Meaning of Strength Card in The Future

You may not like hearing this, but there’s a strong possibility that in the soon-to-be future, you will be facing some sort of challenge. However, at the same time, this card promises that you’ll get over that challenge using patience, calm and inner strength.

You’ll be called on in the future to channel your courage, and to find a good balance of spirit and body. You may be overwhelmed by inner urges that are somewhat destructive, yet you’ll manage to overcome them. Remember you are in charge – not your lower nature.

Meaning of Strength Card in Relationships

The Strength Card in a relationship question proves a tricky one. It may be that there are raw, primal and powerful emotions going around, either from you or someone else, and these need to be managed and “tamed” so to speak.

In the “Thoth” deck of the Aliester Crowley Cards, Strength was Lust – so this may also indicate a lustful relationship, or one very much based on primal animal attraction. It’ll be important for you (both) to get this attraction to a place where it is balanced with consciousness and not to allow just the attraction to run wild!

This card could also let you know that there may be a time of struggle coming, and that you’ll need to dig deep to find the strength to overcome the challenges – together, as a team, or solo, if the relationship is not one that so working out or has proven toxic and overly animalistic or prone to imbalance.

Meaning of Strength Card in Career

The Strength card in the career position talks about having to maintain a position of great strength and courage, despite the challenges, You are being called in to be your highest self, to take control of your raw emotions with patience, kindness and calm, and to not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the urge to attack.

Strength says that time of challenge is coming in your professional life, but that you will manage to handle it. You’ll grow immensely through the experience, so don’t worry too much! Determination, courage and persistence is absolutely key right now.

Finally, the Strength card in a career question can remind you to find balance between your material urges and your spiritual urges – if you are finding that your work/life balance is problematic, then this is the time to change that.

Meaning of Strength Card Reversed

Getting the strength card revered can mean a time in which you feel you are lacking strength overcome your most basic primal urges. You may be allowing your emotions to run wild without any sense of awareness or desire to take control, and this may be causing issues in your personal life.

You may also be experiencing a lack of willpower, determination and courage to deal with the problems in your life. However, you do need to stand up and trust yourself, to assume control and to be strong in yourself. You are much stronger than you think!

This may also indicate that you have run out of energy and need to rest and rejuvenate yourself. This is the time to take good care of yourself and learn calmness and patience with yourself.

Summary of Strength Card

The Strength card appears when there us a challenge to be overcome. It reminds you that you do have the strength, willpower and confidence to succeed, and that our will grow enormously through challenge.

The Strength card reminds you how strong you really are, and asks you to find balance between your primal urges and more conscious awareness. Top balance the spirit as well as the human side of your life. It’s important to “tame” yourself, in the words.

It’s okay to reach out and ask for help if you need it, too. You don’t have to do this all alone. Someone else may offer you that patience gentleness and compassion that you’re looking for.

Remember – you are courageous!

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