The Hermit Tarot Cards Meanings

This card is a Tarot favourite! Most people connect very well with the energy of the Hermit Card, simply because it conveys, very much, a sense of peace, calm and wisdom.

The Hermit appears at the part of our inner journey where we have to go inward and look for our inner guide. This indicates a period of solitude, reflection and withdrawal from all the busy things of our external lives. Often, this card is associated with studying teaching or some other scholarly pursuit. The Hermit card is associated with the sign of Virgo, which is the ultimate scholar sign, the wise (wo)man, and the humble individual.

Symbolism of The Hermit Card

This card is quite an easy one to understand in terms of its visuals. In the centre of the card, we see an old man – a wise man – which is an archetype that is understood widely across the world. Everyone knows the Wise Man! His gaze is downwards, showing his humility and humanity, and his robes plan, which indicates that he’s not necessarily someone trying to wield power.

In his hand he holds a staff, which is his wisdom, power and authority – but not necessarily in a material sense. He’s not a king – but he could be seen as an advisor to a king. In his other hand, we see a lantern with a star inside of it, which represents hope, faith, wisdom and the guiding light of knowledge. This star also helps to light the way for others, showing where to go next. In this way, he is a guide and a teacher.

It is interesting to note that this star is the same one as in the Star Tarot Card, which is a card of hope, faith and optimism!

The Hermit is alone, which indicates that this card is about the need to go inward and reflect so that one can guide others widely. The mountains he stands on are jagged, perhaps showing the difficulty of the path chosen, but also his mastery of the spiritual and scholarly path.

General Meaning of The Hermit Card

The Hermit card in a Tarot Reading asks you to take a step back from the world and go within – deeply within. This is not an active card for material, world matters but instead, is rich when we turn towards ourselves and reflect.

This card often appears when we undertake a course of studies – usually spiritual in nature – and need to disappear from our external lives for a while. This card is about solitude and inner work, and can be very satisfying when we take that step back from the busy-ness of our lives.

The Hermit Card also appears when we encounter a teacher or master to guide us – perhaps a yoga teacher, astrology teacher or trait teacher – or even a book – which helps us to get to know ourselves better.

We may ourselves become that teacher, that guide, especially if we have been on a particular path for quite some time and have much to offer.

The Hermit Card is a very spiritual card, and hints at the wisdom that we are gaining and will share with others. It’s important not to think of this card as lonely, but rather as a peaceful alone-ness.

Meaning of The Hermit Card in The Past

When we get the Hermit Card in the past position, we may have recently encountered a teacher or spiritual guide that gave us a great deal of wisdom. Now, we are reaping this learning in our current lives in a very proactive way. We have emerged from a period of solitude and are ready to engage with the world again, perhaps guiding others in a way, using the learning we have gained. We may be seen as someone with wisdom to share.

Meaning of The Hermit Card in The Present

The Hermit Card in the present position is a lovely card to get, and tells us that we are in a very implant phase of life where we are not engaging with the outside world, but rather, are engaging with our inner world and gaining so much insight there! This is a remarkable period of inner growth and learning, and we should make the most of it.

We may be studying something very enriching, or have teacher how is showing us the way. Either way, there is wisdom being gained, and it feels very deep and spiritual in nature.

Meaning of The Hermit Card in The Future

Whatever your current status is at the moment – perhaps you are very actively engaging in the world – soon, you will leave that behind for a little while to focus on your inner world. You may soon encounter an important teacher how will show you new things and help you gain new knowledge of yourself and the world.

You may also become a teacher of some kind yourself, especially if you have been studying something like yoga or tarot. Whatever it is, the focus will be on learning and growth. This is a time to look forward to, and perhaps prepare for.

Meaning of The Hermit Card in Relationships

When you get The Hermit Card in a relationship question, you may be headed for a time in which a lot more solitude and alone time will be sought, whatever your status. The focus is not so much on togetherness and sharing, but personal, individual growth. In the most extreme cases, this card could symbolise a split, but only if your pattern is not supportive of your spiritual growth and taking some time out.

This is a time to enjoy your solstice instead of chasing love and relationship. Perhaps there is some inner work you need to do before you can healthily engage in a relationship – and this can be a very good thing for the future!

Lastly, the Hermit card may also indicate that your partnership is undergoing a very spiritually enriching period, where you and your sweetheart are focussing on inner growth together, and learning to incorporate spiritual aspects into your bond.

Meaning of The Hermit Card in Career

The Hermit Card is not much of a career card, unless you are a teacher or in a spiritual profession. If so, this can be a wonderful add to get, as it indicates that you may start or continue teaching and be seen as a true guide and light. You may also study to upskill yourself, for example, adding yoga to your toolkit.

This is a time in which you actually have to withdraw from the working world a little so that our can focus on yourself. Your inner world is much more imprint that your career at this stage, so try at fond ways to disconnect and foster that inner wisdom. You may have been so caught up in the rat race that you have ignored your soul’s needs, and your soul is reminding you to take stock.

Meaning of The Hermit Card Reversed

When you get the Hermit Card reversed, it indicates that you are most likely neglecting your spiritual growth and path, and that it’s time to really check yourself and ask why you are avoiding being alone and doing inner development work. You may have been extremely distracted with work, life or other things going on. But, now it’s time to focus in your inner world for a bit.

You may also have been withdrawing a little too much, and need to be brave enough to peek outside of your inner world and see if you have been neglecting the people that are most important to you. You may have been partiality withdraw in a relationship, which could be creating complications in the long run.

Try and find the balance of inner and outer world, of connecting and withdrawing – if you can do this, the Hermit will not work against you, but for you.

Summary of The Hermit Card

The Hermit card is a much-loved card for spiritual enthusiasts and teachers/students, as well as introverts alike. It indicates a period of immense inner growth, specifically when we go inward and reflect.

The Hermit card also abdicate that a mentor is on the way or in your life that is proving to be very valuable for your growth. This mentor has immense wisdom to give you, and offers a guiding light to you. Usually, the metro is spiritual in nature.

You yourself may be that mentor, and people could see you as the Wise (Wo)man Archetype. You’re humble about it, though and you’re not after glory or affirmation.

Ultimately, this card reminds us that the outside world is just as important as the inner world, and that if our inner world is unbalanced, the outer will follow and chaos ensues. We need to wisely use this time to withdraw from the busy-ness of life, and take some very necessary down time. Ideal, we need to be studying or learning something spiritual, even if it’s reading a book or taking a small course.

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