The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Cards Meanings

The Wheel of Fortune is a fascinating card indeed. Filled with archaic symbolism, rich in wisdom, this card appears at the part of our journey where change is inevitable. We are on this inner path, and at this point, we learn that things are constantly in a state of flux – and that we can seldom control or predict what’s going to happen.

The Wheel of Fortune is about the rise and fall of fortunes – ours and others. Often, life shifts at a moment’s notice, and all we can do is keep up. However, there is order to this chaos, and we can rest assured that there is a cosmic plan in place.

Often, this is seen as appositive card, as it’s ruled by the Benefic planet Jupiter, planet of girth, abundance and good fortune. Whatever the change is, we can usually know it’s a good one, unless there are harmful cards surrounding it in a Tarot Reading.

Symbolism of The Wheel of Fortune Card

There is a lot of symbolism here! First, at the centre of the Wheel of Fortune, we see the Wheel. On the inside are the symbols of the 4 elements – water, salt (for earth), mercury (for air) and sulphur (for fire). These elements show the foundations of all life on earth.

On the outside of the wheel, we can see the letters spelling Taro (also read as Rota, the word for wheel), as well as the Hebrew letters which spell the name of God. Phew! This, combined with the elements, show the connection of spirit to earth, and how change is inevitable as a part of life and the universe.

There is a Sphinx on the top of the Wheel, which is all about knowledge. The snake symbolises the material world and the God Anubis on the right symbolises the cycle of death and rebirth – which is, essentially, what change is.

The four creatures on the side so the cards are the four fixed astrology signs – Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio and Leo. This indicate that although change is inevitable, it’s also a certainty. As they say – the only thing you can be sure of in life is change!

General Meaning of The Wheel of Fortune Card

The Wheel of Fortune card in a Tarot Reading says that change is on the way – usually positive in nature, though it can feel unsettling and uncertain. The time has come for a shift – perhaps things have been unbalanced, and we need to grow and expand a little more, especially considering that the Hermit came just before and along with it, a great deal of wisdom. What we do so much inner growth, the outer world will inevitably shift.

The only thing we can really expect with this card is that things will go topsy-turvy, and what we came to expect as the norm will transform. If we can see this as an opportunity for personal growth rather than a problem, we can flow with it and transform ourselves. if we resist, it can be tough.

The Wheel of Fortune indicate that there is a death/rebirth process going on, but that there will be some stability in it all – it won’t be total chaos, in other words!

This card can be very comforting when we are in a difficult space and need things to move forward and make progress. It also reminds us to appreciate what we have! This is the card that shows that karma always happens – what comes around, goes around!

Meaning of The Wheel of Fortune Card in The Past

The Wheel of Fortune in the past position shows that very recently, you went through a big shift, and that there was likely a great deal of personal growth that happened.

You may still be riding that wave and getting used to life as it is now – you may even feel a little disorientated! This experience may have pushed your boundaries in terms of control, and perhaps you are feeling more able to relax an let go as a result.

Meaning of The Wheel of Fortune Card in The Present

Right now, you may feel like you’re in a washing machine of change! The wheel has turned, and so have your fortunes! You’re getting back what you have put out, and realising that karma has a way of coming back – for better or for worse!

This is a card of growth in the present position, and though you may not be aware of it, you are undergoing white an intense time of soul growth. However, it’s not chaotic, as much as it feels that way, and you should look for the stability contained within this time of change. Be sure to adapt and be flexible, because trying to control things won’t work out very well for you!

Meaning of The Wheel of Fortune Card in The Future

This is an especially promising card in the future position of a Tarot Reading if you are hoping for a reprieve. Soon, the wheel will turn, and your situation will change, hopefully to your joy! It’s time to get prepared for the change and let go of what needs to be let go of so that the process is a bit easier.

This card also serves as a warning to make sure you are doing the right thing – if you aren’t, karma will soon come back to bite you, and you may not enjoy the positivity that this card has to offer. Soon, your life will hit a turning point, and it can be very much based on what you are doing right now.

Meaning of The Wheel of Fortune Card in Relationships

When faced with the Wheel of fortune in a relationship reading, it says that change is inevitable in your relationship – and it doesn’t have to nab negative in the slightest. Maybe you are about to get pregnant, buy a new home or relocate, or maybe one of you will start a business. This can be very positive for your bond, even if it does create slight stress.

If things have been really bad in your relationship, or if it’s been toxic, then it’s a time of reckoning, the balance is about to shift. If the relationship is not in your highest interest out may end entirely, and that in itself will bring you enormous personal growth.

You’ll need to allow the universe it “take the wheel” so to speak, and not resist or hang on too tightly. Trust that there is an order and a plan to the seeming chaos.

Meaning of The Wheel of Fortune Card in Career

The Wheel of Fortune Card can be a very positive career card to get. It shows that this are shifting or about to shift, and they may shift in your favour, especially if you have been hoping for things to change for a long time. You can be sure that karma is about to do her job, so check yourself to see if you have been making wise choices and keeping your nose clean!

This may indicate a time of great growth in your career, and that whilst things may seem unstable, they are actually not as unstable as you may think. This is a fork in the road, and you need to trust your gut to make the right choice!

Meaning of The Wheel of Fortune Card Reversed

When you get The Wheel of Fortune Card reversed, it shows that you are resisting change, for whatever reason, and this may be creating quite a bit of fluffing inside of you. the advice here to relinquish your control and let the universe do her job. You are stifling your own growth and creating needless suffering by refusing to allow the cycles of life to happen.

You may even feel quite stuck with this card, and that is a further indication that it’s time to make a move. If you are experienced bad luck, perhaps look at choices you have made and see what you can do differently to get back on the path.

Summary of The Wheel of Fortune Card

The Wheel of Fortune card can be dreaded by those who are afraid of change, who like to be in control and are reluctant to grow. It can be easy to live in a safe comfort zone, but the Wheel of Change really invites better things, so if you are someone who is fixed in nature, try your best to let go and allow things to happen.

This card represents a critical point of shifting gears in your life, which could open up great new doors for you. remember that there is always an order to things, as confusing as they may seem, and that the law of karma is always in effect – so make sure that you are putting out the best karma to get the best returns!

This card can be very exciting, when are open to the shifts, twists and turns!

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