Chariot Tarot Card Meanings

The Chariot card instantly gives off a sense of power and control when you look at it – and rightly so, as it is a card of progress and movement!

This card is the seventh card in the Major Arcana Tarot Cards, and represents the end of a journey of an individual in the extremal world. After experiencing Mother and father (Emperor and Empress), then Teacher (Hierophant), and finally, falling in love (The Lovers), we come to appoint where we have to strike out on our own as young adults.

Hence, this card represents movement, action, direction and progress. It represents the moment we move into dependence, in any part of our lives, and how we need to keep things in balance using out develop maturity. We will have a big journey ahead of Ut with the next seven cards which represent the inner journey. But, for now, this is the time to lay our own foundations.

The Chariot Card often represents leaving home, starting a job or some other big, independent step. The classic meaning of this card is “victory” – which means, essentially, that we will achieve what we set out to do.

Symbolism of The Chariot Card

In this card, the eye is immediately drawn to the strong-looking man in the chariot. He seems to be able to direct his vehicle without too much effort and is clearly in control of where he’s going! There are no reins – he holds, instead a wand, which symbolises his will moving things forward rather than any facing.

He wears the symbols of Moons, a square and another symbols which represents change, strength and transformation. The stars in his heed suggests that he is connected to his Higher Self, or the Divine.

The chariot itself can reparents an actual car or other mode of transport, though is usually symbolic of mooing forward in life in particular direction. Whether its moving house or getting a job, staring a business, the chariot reparents that direction.

The black and white shines in front of the Chariot represents his dark and light side as well as any opposing external forces, which he has brought into balance in order to move forward using his immense willpower.

Finally, the river shows the emotional journey he undertakes as well as a need to go with the flow.

General Meaning of The Chariot Card

The Chariot card in a Tarot Reading indicates that this is a time in which you will be making huge progress in a particular direction. You will be in a place of immense personal strength, and amble to independently take action – and make it a success.

This card tells you that victory is close, as long as you keep control of the situation. If you allow yourself to be tempted in different directions, you can suffer a loss, but that seems unlikely unless there are more negative cards such as the Devil or 5 of Cups in the reading.

You may strike out independently now, away from home to “make your fortunate”. You are every much supported in whatever you do, and your focus is strong. You’ll manage to overcome obstacles along the way and assert yourself where need be.

This is a card of true courage and could also be test of endurance, a test that you should pass. Sometimes, this card may actually represent actual travel, whether by car or plane.

Meaning of The Chariot Card in The Past

The Chariot card in the past position indicate that you have recently undertaken a journey, whether physical or symbolic – such as start a business, travelling or another independent venture. This has helped you get in touch with your courageous side, and you may be feeling quite accomplished as a result of what you did I the past. Now is the time to continue building on what you have done, and t perhaps incorporate other people as well.

Meaning of The Chariot Card in The Present

The Chariot Card in the present position shows that you are currently in a path of life where you are moving forward with purpose and will, intense on achieving your goal. Victory is close, or you have it already, and there’s very little that can stop you now! You may have a few obstacles that are coming up, but as long as you stay focussed, you should be just fine!

This is a very positive and strong card, and encourages you towards independent growth and affirms you are in line with the divine will. Kapp going!

Meaning of The Chariot Card in The Future

The future is exciting when the Chariot card comes up! This card means a few things – one being that you may decide to travel soon, independently and on your own, establishing your individuality.

This also indicate that in the future, you will be faced with opposing forces that you’ll need to align in order to active your goal. You should achieve victory if you use your willpower and courage to stay ion the path and keep your eye son the prize. This is an extremely encouraging card to get, and remind you of your won strength. Make sur you are very clear on what you want!

Meaning of The Chariot Card in Relationships

When you get the Chariot Card in a relationship question, the sense is that you are in a space where you have to assert your independence. Perhaps this is not the time to try and join forces, however difficult that is for your partner (if committed). It’s possible that you need some solo time to find yourself and carve your own way, and if they truly care about you, they will stand aside and give you the space you need – reassured that you will return once you have accomplished your goal.

The Chariot card in a love reading also encourages you to think for yourself, and perhaps you need to assert yourself a bit better. That is not to say that you need to be aggressive – but you might need to lay down some boundaries.

This may also indicate a time of travel with your sweetheart – or solo.

Meaning of The Chariot Card in Career

This is definitely one of the best cards to get in a career question. It indicates that success is very close, if not already achieved, and that you are making excellent progress in the right direction. This may lead to a job promotion or heading up a department, or striking a deal with a client.

This is also a great card to get if you are looking to start your own business. Although it indicates that obstacles are around, if you are courageous and use all your willpower, you will overcome them. Be sure to stand your ground now, and know exactly where you are going!

The Chariot card in professional matters also indicate that too may soon be travelling for work, or get a job involved with travel. Very exciting indeed!

Meaning of The Chariot Card Reversed

Getting the Chariot in the reversed position says that you are currently lacking focus and may be pulled in positing directions without resistance or any assertion. It’s reminding you to get in touch with what you want, and then to make that happen through sheer willpower. You may be suffering with a bit of a block or procrastinating, but you need to get up and get going, lest you be left behind!

There may be obstacles in your way that you’re not necessarily doing anything about, which is becoming a trap for you – try and find you way out even if everyone around you is giving you a different opinion.

This card may also indicate that you aren’t standing up for yourself and therefore not making any progress. You need to establishes your sense of independence before you get consumed. This is also not a good time to travel or buy a car, if you have been thinking about it.

Summary of The Chariot Card

This is, overall. A very positive card to get in any Tarot Reading. It tells you that you are going in a strong direction, and it’s time to focus all of your willpower and energy to getting where you want to go.

Courage is required now, and leaning to manage all the opposing forces, obstacles and challenges. Stand up for yourself, embrace a sense of indignance and do things your way! Let no one stop you, because you are aligned to divine will. Be careful of being too controlling though – try and go with the flow of life and trust where it’s taking you.

This card indicates success whatever you do, whether business or otherwise. It’s not a relationship card necessarily, and asks you to find your own independence. Its important to assert yourself in healthy ways right now.

This is also one of the cards that represents travel – whether you are going or a journey or buying a car, this card can indicate involvement with a vehicle of some kind.

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