Justice Tarot Card Meanings

There’s an interesting fact about this card. It’s number 8 in the Rider-Waite deck, but in other decks, it’s number 11. So, if you get this card a little later in your deck, don’t worry!

This card starts a 7-part journey (according to tarot author, Rachel Pollack) into the inner world. With the previous 7 cards, ranging from The Fool to The Chariot, we took an outer journey. That is to say, we learnt about the material world I the forms of parents, teachers, school, college, university, lover, relationships, values and independence.

Now, with Justice, begins our inward journey. We may have come to a place in which the outer world is handles, and we need to take a peek inside and go within.

With Justice, we begin to learn about what’s right and what’s wrong, and start to realise that there are always consequences to our actions. This Card is all about a reckoning of some kind, reminding us that nothing is taken without needing to be given back, and that justice will always be done.

Symbolism of Justice Card

For many people, this is one of the easiest cards to learn in the Tarot as it’s very clear to understand as to what it’s all about. You can instantly see the red-robed figure on a throne holding the scales of balance. The astrology sign that represents this card is Libra, of course, which is all about finding the middle ground, negotiation and compromise.

The red robes indicate a sense of power, and the person, is, of course the judge. Who is the judge? It depends on what you believe, but the general idea is that the Judge is the law of karma. That’s to say, whatever you sow, you reap, and whatever you do, shall be done back to you. In other words, you get what you deserve (and so does everyone else!).

This judge is totally neutral and doesn’t care about feelings. The sword in their hands represents the sword of truth, no matter how harsh that truth may seem! The stone throne shows an unyielding attitude, which may seem hard to some. As with may cards there are two pillars symbolising balance of opposites.

General Meaning of Justice Card

One of the most straightforward meanings of this card is a legal matter, or legal action. You may find yourself, or have found yourself in a situation in which courts and judges have to get involved, whether it’s a divorce, business issue or tax topic.

The idea here is that “Justice shall we done”. If you have done the right thing and have listened to the law of the country you live in, then all will be well. If you have been underhanded in any way, or have been sneaking around, then you will unfortunately pay the price. The same can be said of your partners/colleagues or whomever you are having a legal issue with.

This card lets you know that karma is on its way, and that everyone is about to get what they deserve – without mercy. The playing field is going to be levelled out, and you may not even have to make that much effort.

The Justice Card also says that you are learning about the difference between right and wrong, and that you are taking responsibility for your own actions. This may be the first time for you, or the millionth – there is a reckoning and its imprint that you take ownership where you need to.

Meaning of Justice Card in The Past

The Justice card in the past position of a Tarot Reading talks about a recent legal situation you found yourself in, or a situation in which karma was done and justice was served. Where ha that left you now? This is the time to put things back together and build again, this time with a greater sense of right and wrong, and a maturity around taking responsibility where you need to. Certain people may have been cut out of your life, which has probably left you better off in the long run.

Meaning of Justice Card in The Present

Is there a situation in your life that is unbalanced and unfair? The Justice card says that at the moment, you are trying to find that balance again, whether in love, business, money or anything else. This may be tough, as you need to face the truth of your own actions and deal with the consequences of actions. However, this will lead to enormous growth.

You may be currently dealing with a legal situation, and the guidance is to rest assured that justice will be done. Everyone will get their just desserts – including you. The outcome will be fair, even if it may not feel fair to you. Remember, the law is not emotional!

Meaning of Justice Card in The Future

When you get the Justice card in the future position of a Tarot Card reading, you’ll soon be facing a legal issue ire an issue where the balance has to come right. This could indicate a business or another kind of relationship reaching a breaking point, and a comprise having to be reached if it is to last.

You will also soon be taking responsibility for your actions and realising any consequences of your choices. Be sure to choose wisely at this point to avoid problems in the future!

Meaning of Justice Card in Relationships

Sometimes – not all the time – the Justice Card in the relationship position can indicate that a breakup is on the horizon. However, this is only if the relationship is unbalanced in the extreme, and there is no work on the side of either partner to correct the problems. In the extreme, this card may indicate divorce or a legal issue with an ex or current partner.

You can be sur that the right thing will be done here – that the outcome will be fair and neutral. It’s important for you to also stay neutral instead of over-emotional.

In heathy relationships, it’ imprint to make sure that the give and take is equal for a happy connection. Make sure that you are giving as much as you are taking, and visa versa.

Meaning of Justice Card in Career

If you are hoping for a legal career, this is obviously the best card to get! But usually, this card simple indicates you’ll have to step up and take responsibility for something important. You may be facing the consequences of your actions, which could be very positive f you have been doing the right thing. You may receive a positive outcome to a legal issue with an employer or employee.

However, if you have in any way acted unfairly, you will have to step up and face the music – you may be faced with a lawsuit or battle that may reveal problems under the surface, try to make sur you are acting with total integrity in order to avoid the problems this card can bring.

Meaning of Justice Card Reversed

Getting Justice in the reversed position says that there may be an avoidance on your part, or on the part of someone else, to take personality for your choices and actions. This may be leading to a stalemate, which could be very frustrating in the long run.

This is a time to do the right thing instead of hoping the problem will disappear – otherwise karma will do her work! Have you been acting according to your own set of morals, or have you thrown them to the curb? This is the time to dust off those morals and start behaving in line with a code of ethics.

It’s important that accountability has to be taken with this card, whether by you or someone else to avoid negative consequences. Once mistakes have been admitted, healing can happen in a healthy, balanced way.

Also – remember to forgive yourself! No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes and learns from their actions.

Summary of Justice Card

The Justice card is a stern one, to be sure, and can bring a reality check to those of us who haven’t been accountable for our actions and choices. This reality check may be harm in the form of a legal battle or going to court, and may teach us a very important, life-changing lesson.

The Justice card often does indicate a legal issue in some form or another, and reassures us that the right thing will be done, without emotion.  This card if often around when we are experiencing a divorce or settlement issues at work or in any other areas.

We are reminded with the Justice Card to toe the line and act with fairness, being aware that very action has a reaction. Karma is very strong word linked to the justice card, and says that in the end, everyone gets exactly what they deserve. This is a very important life lesson for us!

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