Can Astrology Protect me?

One of the differences between Vedic and western astrology schools is the fact that Vedic astrology offers various sorts of remedies for the negative planetary influences and periods. And when a person goes through harsh moments life can serve in front of us all, it really doesn’t matter which school of astrology is consulted, such person just needs to know why and until when.

But the eastern astrology school offers answer to one question more – how to avoid it, and this is the most popular and also, most misunderstood part of it all – the remedies.


Mantras are basically prayers, sentencies, invocations or short texts derived from holy scriptures which a person repeats for precisely determined number of times during each day, or for several times throughout a day. And when the times are tough, prayers can immensely help you to focus on inside of your being, seek for the help of the higher intellingence, gain ispiration, collect yourself and also, implement the daily discipline.

And generally speaking, it doesn’t matter to which religion you belong to or you are perhaps an atheist. When the plane is crashing down from the skies, there is no atheist to be found in it, so don’t worry about your usual intellectual or moral standards, because new times demand the new rules for sure.

The Vedic astrologer skilled for the spiritual side or this art will almost always offer you some protective mantra, even if you are not in the state of emergency. He or she will warn you that you might fall in this state soon, if you don’t “protect” yourself through the process of praying, but it will be up to you to obey or not, and it will be up to your religious standards will you use this exact mantra, or you will “transform” or translate it according to your own religion.

In this regard, Christians, Muslims or Buddhists could recite usual Christian, Muslim or Buddhist prayers or find the appropriate lines in their holy books. It won’t change the essence of this action and it will surely make you feel more determined and even spiritually pure.

The only negative effect you can experience is to find this type of activity tiring or annoying, because you don’t see the common sense in it, you really don’t have so much time or your inner being is revolting against it. For those cases, it’s better to stop and start doing something else which could help you focus better.

Gemstones, facts and mythology

On the other side, there are many Vedic astrologers who promise the ultimate protection from all evil things only if you wear a ring or a pendant with the certain precious stone, and this requires a totally separate line of thoughts.

Yes, there are some imposters who put down the noble name of an astrologer just to be able to sell their own collections of precious and semi/precious stones, as well as minerals, but they are out of the scope of this article. There are way more people who simply recommend those stones as the real and lasting protection without making any profit for themselves except for the price of a reading the natal chart.

And by being so honest in their believes and promising the brighter future, many people tend to trust them straight away and spend their last dime chasing the proper stone. Things are usually funny and nice when the cheap minerals are chosen, but everything gets the dramatic turn when the recommendations go for a big ruby for Saturn for instance, or even a diamond for Venus.

Those ideas can and in most of the cases, cost exceptionally all those scared clients and some of them, especially in the eastern part of the world, are willing to experience harsh moments of poverty, just to get the needed stone.

What do you expect from life?

The major philosophy hidden behind this precious stone’s protection has two basic lines. Either you will become a friend with your natal enemy planet, the one which is causing you certain issues from the moment you were born, or you will get the help from the positive or protective natal planet, the one who acts in a positive way in your natal chart, or the one which is causing positive events or energies during the current period.

This philosophy states that the piece of the mineral a certain planet is representing, will ensure you the direct and easy subconscious “communication” between you and this planet, because you will be recognized immediately.

However, in both cases, you will pay for your stone and then carry it regularly in your pocket, hanging from the necklace or on a precisely determined finger of your hand. After a while, you will surely notice that nothing spectacular is going on, so you could simply give up or you might return to the same astrologer who will recommend another stone or a ritual protection.

In this way you will only fill yourself up with fear and this fear of life will bring you all sorts of negative experiences, because you grew them on the foundations of the false hope in the first place. And even if you complain referring to your common sense, this astrologer or your environment will look at you with the obvious disapproval and with the following story that someone else pulled through the major issue in life due to this or that stone. But, you will never know that person “in person”, so the heavy energy of an insulted taboo will hang over your head for sure.

Please, if you are going through some hardships in life, remember that you were born and you have chosen those hardships even before you were born. You don’t have to bear them in any case if you don’t must, but it will be better to connect to your highest source and to make the proper strategy, firstly learning how to deal with this type of a problem, and then resolving it.

But if you like, you can keep and wear the stone for sure.





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