2020 Spring to Summer Astrology Forecast

We are all facing this global health and socio-economic crisis due to the COVID-19, but before we see how things will develop, let’s just turn back and check about the astrological events which caused it. Perhaps, you have forgotten, but 2019 was filled with several powerful eclipses.

And the one which is directly responsible for this Coronavirus pandemic is a partial solar eclipse that took place during the night between January 5th and 6th exactly over Chinese territory. The announcement was made in the sky and the total winter’s eclipse on the 26th of December had shown us the following virus pathways.

Turbulent 2020 winter

Yes, the Christmas day total solar eclipse marked how this whole year will look like. It took place in the sign of Capricorn. Besides, Sun and Moon, the planet Jupiter played the major role here accompanied by the South Node of the Moon, Ketu. This pointed not just toward a spread of a virus or bacterial infections, because Jupiter and Ketu symbolize something small, but penetrating and very powerful, but it also announced many twists and turns regarding the global market.

At the same time, planets Mars and Mercury were approaching the exact point of this eclipse, showing us the fast and powerful peak of the epidemic, and then joining Saturn and Pluto, causing disastrous numbers of deaths around the whole month of March. It officially began in China, but a huge number of victims appeared all over Asia, spreading toward Europe and soon after, North America.

Through the lenses of astrology, COVID-19 will be highly globally active during the whole month of April and it will begin to lose its power around the middle of May. However, have in mind that the pandemic will last until the end of August and we’ll finally get rid of it completely at that point in time.

Harsh spring of 2020

The beginning of this year will surely be turbulent as we have seen by now, and we all will be forced to become faster and gain some new skills, although we’ll have to face some great fears and surely economic consequences.

The planet Saturn will visit the sign of Aquarius by the beginning of April accompanied by the fiery Mars. And this will show that the majority of people on this planet will be united around the idea of surviving, not just in the health sense, but more regarding their jobs and incomes. This is the exact moment in time when many small-business owners will have to face the horrible uncertainty and to learn how to readjust faster in the case of future mishaps.

When a planet Saturn is in its sign of Aquarius, it shows powerful jobs or national changes and transformations many industries, as well as whole countries, will experience and greatly suffer due to numerous misfortunate events. For those who can, this will be the decisive time frame to diversify their business deals and for those rare and rich ones, this will be an excellent moment to buy cheap and then gain a huge fortune. Saturn in Aquarius is never just about “me”, but about “us” and how we will survive and thrive in the future.

Retrograde Venus in Gemini

The planet of love and pleasure will enter the sign of Gemini by the beginning of April and it will have its prolonged stay in this sign until the end of June. We will surely reevaluate our views regarding many things, especially those related to income or financial issues in general, and love, of course. In this dual air sign, Venus will bring us all sorts of doubts, parallel solutions, and temporary emergency.

Many of us will also think about past romantic relationships and seriously consider the possibility to reunite with important people. Everybody will talk too much, or emerge into the sea of endless electronic communication, but the outcomes of those efforts will have small chances to succeed.

Those attempts will be thwarted around the early June by the position of the planet Mars in conjunction with the master of all illusions, Neptune in the sign of Pisces, and both of them will create the negative aspect in the sky, called the square, toward Venus.

In astrology terms, this will symbolize the woman (Venus) who will dream, plan, talk and try, talk and try endlessly, and the man (Mars) who will agree, but at the same time he will have opposite plans. Don’t trust everything you hear in this period and also, beware of various imposters, frauds, cheaters, and lies in general.

Beginning of summer 2020

By the very beginning of this summer, we will have the total solar eclipse which will finally close the Capricorn and Cancer oriented themes (jobs and homes, business and nutrition, father and mother), we had to deal with for the past eighteen months. And at the same time, this eclipse will open up Gemini and Sagittarius themes (basic and higher education, street knowledge, and spirituality, close friends and teachers, environment and traveling).

This eclipse will have its most powerful point right over Tibet, but it will start in central and eastern parts of Africa, traveling further over Southeast Asia, northern India, Tibet, and China and finishing its influence over Japan’s sky.

This will be a truly powerful eclipse and we will have to deal with its consequences for the upcoming six years for sure. At the same time, this eclipse will mark the starting point for the global economy, probably the deaths of some prominent political or spiritual figures and lots of tears.

Remember, 2020 is the decisive year for this whole planet and yes, it began in an extremely harsh way, but the silver lining you have to find is the way how you will protect your job or business, how to diversify and how to protect your family better. And once you master those lessons through discipline, dedication, and knowledge, you will create the total makeover of your life and greet 2021 in a completely new and way more positive manner.

Don’t be afraid, be smart and calculative, but help others, because we are all together in this time of chaos. Be blessed and be well.


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