5 Signs He Truly Loves You

In terms of biology, men are action-oriented, not verbally-oriented, and in our modern times, many misunderstandings are happening constantly to the usual misconceptions of the importance of communication, especially when it comes to the verbal, feminine style of communication. Let’s see what the true signs are that he loves you no matter the fact he doesn’t feel the urge to emotionally “open up”, as ladies often complain.

1. He is consistent

Simply said, he is there for you. This doesn’t mean he is talented to daily recite you some romantic lines about the fragile ornaments of his heart where you have your safe and beautifully arranged place. He is there, he is present and you have his whole attention. Perhaps not all the time, but when he is with you, most of the time he is focused solely on you.

Have in mind that men are action-oriented again, but they are incapable of multitasking. So, your man can focus on one thing at the time. This means that when he is involved with his work, he won’t be able to think about you. And he will surely need some time to rest and relax after his work before he sets his attention to you solely. This is why men tend to have dinner and sleep or watch television while switching the channels all the time. You must understand that in those moments he is not distracted, concerned about anything or annoyed, he just needs his relaxing time and you should give it to him.

In this sense, you shouldn’t bring the hard conversational subjects on the table the moment he comes back home or he is engaged with some other tasks. Learn how to respect him as a man, and he will respect you way more for your understanding.

2. He is physically present

This is a very sure sign that he loves you because he is not using you for texting types of fun or online video chats. He knows he has to be near and dear to you, so he is using every moment of his time to spend it with you.

On the other side, you have to respect the time you are spending separated and if he needs a regular evening during one week to be with his buddies, or he has some part-time job or the time needed for gym or martial arts training, then you mustn’t be jealous.

Use those free time frames to spend them with your girlfriends or relatives. The girly evenings or afternoons shouldn’t be wasted just on the shopping or talking hours, but rather for some interesting educational goals like learning new languages or sculpting your body. Also, do remember your elderly female relatives and learn some old skills from them, because something like sewing, herbalism or cooking can be a great joy for you all.

In any case, the moment you come back home, he will call you and make the arrangement to see you as soon as possible, and in this way, you will know how important you are to him.

3. He loves your achievements

As an important part of your life, it’s natural for you to love and admire his success. But the real sign that he truly loves and admires you is the fact that he rejoices and feels good or great whenever you achieve some success, no matter how small or big it is.

The emotionally and mentally stable man who truly loves a woman will never humiliate or put her down when she shows initiative and receives some awards for her efforts. The fact that the positive and uplifting personal events, like your professional recognition or promotion, your happiness and personal upscaling are making him happy is the proof that he sees you as someone very valuable.

4. You are the part of his inner circle

By now, you have met his parents, siblings, close friends, co-workers, and a dog, and you are the “established” and respected person in his life. Those important people treat you with respect too, and you can consider this behavior as a sure sign that you have been put on the throne of his heart.

At the same time, you have to learn how to present yourself in front of his family and not to care if they don’t accept you fully. Your task is to behave like a lady and offer you help when you are present, but also to avoid any sort of confrontation with them. Just treat them with respect, even if they don’t deserve it, and soon enough they will start to respect you.

By doing this, you will show your man how much you care about his family and social circles, and he will be endlessly grateful to you.

5. He makes plans for your future

If the man is not too young and he is seriously in love, it won’t take him seven to ten years to propose for sure. It will usually take him from nine months up to two years the most to make this step and in the meantime, he won’t be able to sustain from making the future plans regarding your union.

So, when you hear him talk about the home improvements, planned loans for the new house, wonderful vacations he had just noticed, or similar things, you will know that he is thinking about spending his whole life with you and to translate it, this will mean that you are the one and only for him.

Just learn to observe your man and to read the signs and don’t fall into a trap to expect romantic statements. Some small gestures like when he is holding your coat while you are getting dressed, he worries about you being cold, or makes you a sandwich out of the blue, will show you the whole universe of his pure feelings of devotion than any word could ever achieve.

Be grateful for such a good and carrying man and don’t forget to praise him or to mention how grateful you are for having him in your life.

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