3 Online Dating Rules to Get You to the Real Date

Online dating became very popular during the past decade and if you are new to this type of romantic interaction, but not so sure will you give it a try, or you have been there and done that, and now you are full of disappointments and regrets, it might be a good thing to read the following lines and see what are the usual mistakes and how to reassess this dating routine and get the best from it.

Find the appropriate dating website and present yourself properly

There are numerous dating websites and before you create the account on each one of them, you should first check out their style and quality of people hanging there. Some sites are oriented toward casual relationships without commitments, while others offer “exchange” type of deals like this is the case with sugar baby/sugar daddy relationships. Don’t just end up on one of them if your intention is solely committed love which will lead to marriage.

The general advice is to be present on a less number of websites, but those websites should have some quality standards. Remember, your goal is not to communicate with the endless number of men, but to choose between the good ones.

The other important thing is how you present yourself in your profile description. Don’t write essays and don’t be too dry. Just think about a few nice, uplifting and funny sentences that are pointing straight at your character and also, using the same style, describe what would be the ideal partner for you.

After you have finished this part, not before, add your profile picture. And according to your desires, let this picture back up your words. Do not put the naked, semi-naked or too tempting pictures of you, if you don’t want to attract the army of guys who would love just to have “great experience” with you and nothing more.

Value your time first

You won’t have to wait for too long and your inbox will be filled with many messages coming from all sorts of men. And this is the point where you must be very rigid with your maneuvers. To spare yourself from the future problems and heartbreaks just avoid replying to those guys who are living somewhere far and there is no chance they could provide the proper dates any time soon.

No matter how lonely or desperate you are, don’t do this and don’t start the long-distance relationship which will just drain your time and eventually, emotions. This would be like you are having a romance with the Santa Claus, or you are a lonely schoolgirl living isolated life on a faraway farm, and now seeking to have some pen-friends. So again, no matter how tempting someone looks, if he is out of your physical reach, don’t start the conversation at all.

After this category, you will have to eliminate the time-wasters. Those usually those are the guys who act rude in the beginning or openly seek something you don’t want. Don’t argue with them, don’t try to change them, simply don’t waste your time.

The next and interesting ones are the “pic collectors”, and you don’t want any of them for sure. Those men will act politely in the beginning, but soon after they will ask you to send them some more of your photographs. No, no, this is a trap. The majority of them will just want to put you in their computer collection of sexy looking ladies and nothing more than that.

A very serious warning has to be stated here, whether you are communicating with any man for a long time or you have just met online. Do not send anyone your provocative or naked pictures and the same goes for videos, especially videos. The only person who can be gifted with such thing is your husband, the man who has moral and legal obligations toward you, and no one else.

So many online “materials” are up there floating on the Internet clouds and ruining the lives of so many naïve women. You can never know for sure where your picture or video could end up, so spare yourself the trouble and disastrous consequences and just don’t do it.

Know the real deal

Now that you have established your rules and found several prospects, you can start communicating with them. Yes, on one side, your communication should be smooth and filled with uplifting and funny moments, but on the other, you have to be grounded enough to ask the right questions. Keep in mind that this is the initial phase and you still have to show that your time is valuable, because you are a valuable woman, and also you have some firm boundaries.

Don’t feel intimidated to ask the straight questions like is he married, was he married, is he single, does he look for something serious and how he looks at his future. Somewhere between those lines, you will have to check out his environment, career, and levels of education. And from those data, you will build up his portrait.

In this sense, keep away from married guys, those who are in “complicated relationships” (you surely don’t want those complications to spread on your life), and those who are not emotionally available. Remember, you can have a good and pure heart, but this doesn’t mean you are a free mother, psychiatrist or caregiver. And of course, eliminate the deal-breakers, which should be those who have some issues with drugs, criminal records or similar things.

Seek for the man who is available, free from the past traumas, has a job and has some plans for his future. If everything looks good and he isn’t boring, insist on hearing from him or organize a video call during the second or third week of your online communication. And if everything goes fine during this call which shouldn’t last for more than one hour, then ask for a date. If he is a real deal, he will ask you first. However, if this doesn’t happen, thank him gracefully and move to the next one.

You are the one to set the rules which will consequently color your whole relationship. This is why you mustn’t feel afraid to speak up your mind, in a feminine or a ladylike fashion, and if he is the one, he will follow.

And if you have followed these steps, you should have your first date at some public place for safety reasons. From that point on, you will hold the wheel and hopefully, have some fun and lots of love.





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