The Signs of Love or Arranged Marriage in Astrology

In astrology, the “house of marriage” stands right opposite to the rising sign, and if you know the exact time of your birth, you can easily find the free online astrology program and print your own chart. And in this chart, you will see what your rising sign is, and seventh or opposite from it will show you the placement of your house of marriage. Now, let’s see how you can determine will you have the “love” or arranged type of marriage.

Traditional and modern societies

In many huge areas of the eastern part of this planet, arranged marriages are still very present. And many young women are deeply afraid of those “deals”. However, arranged marriages are more usual in the western part of the world as well, than you could ever imagine. Yes, there are many traditional communities practicing arranged marriages all over Europe and America, but this is nothing bad per se as you will see it very soon.

On the other side, the huge numbers of arranged marriages are happening all over the world and those numbers are increasing rapidly due to the online dating sites intended for marriage-oriented people. And there is nothing really negative going on there.

First of all, you have to understand the nature of marriage in astrology. There is a house of love and there is a house of marriage, and those two are divided. In those ancient days, romances were reserved for rare rich or noble people, while all others had to stand by the partners their parents, priests or local authorities have chosen for them.

This is why the house of love is not reserved for “love” solely, but it also represents the children, love for children, and various artistic talents. And the house of marriage represents partnerships in general, like in an official marriage or regarding any business deal, you will have in your life.

Building one marriage on the foundation of “falling in love” is a very romantic thought indeed, but as the statistics show us clearly, this foundation is very weak and leads to so many destroyed families and single parents in our modern times.

Better foundations are being laid when they are based on mutual respect and the clear financial situation between two people, and then get garnished by the true and lasting love derived through mutual protection and efforts to grow and gain wealth.

How you will meet your spouse

Each sign in astrology has its own planetary ruler and depending on this ruler first, and then on the possible placement of other celestial bodies in your house of marriage, you will determine how and on which occasion you will meet the person who is destined for you.

So, in general terms, if the ruler of your house of marriage is placed in the first house of your chart, he will find you and you don’t have to do anything in particular because your spouse will recognize you at any point in space and time and approach you, because he will resemble yourself.

If the ruler is placed in your second house then there are some possibilities that the member of your close family will introduce you two, and there is a big chance that your union will be based on your financial means, which indicates a lucrative type of arrangement.

If this planet is placed in your third house, then you could start as close friends, or a close friend or your sibling can introduce you to your future spouse. This is the 50/50 chance of having an arranged marriage. Think about those blind dates scheduled through mutual friends and you will get the point.

If the ruler is placed in your fourth house, then you will surely have an arranged marriage and your family or mother will get everything in order even before you know it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that things will go wrong, and in the majority of cases, it means exactly the beginning of a very happy and prosperous union.

The ruler of the house of marriage placed in the fifth house will show the strong possibility of love marriage, but also love being born during the high school years or at the places of public celebration.

If this ruler is placed in your sixth house, again, you will have a strong chance to meet your spouse through your family or a professional match-maker. In other cases, you two will start your relationship as co-workers first, or you will meet in your working environment.

If the ruler is placed in your seventh house, then you will gravitate toward your spouse first and your initial meeting could happen during some elegant celebration, wedding ceremony, business partnership or an affluent outing.

If this ruler is placed in your eighth house, then you better pray you will have an arranged meeting related to your future mutual finances and through your spouse’s family. In other cases, this meeting could happen in some places of misfortune.

If the ruler of your marriage is placed in your ninth house, you two might meet while traveling or attending the holy place, like a church or any sort of temple. However, more often, you two should meet during college years or while you are attending some additional educational gathering.

If this ruler is placed in your tenth house, here it is again. You will have the high chances to meet your spouse through your father or his personal or business connections. In other cases, this will mean you will marry your boss or some of your superiors at work.

If the ruler of your house of marriage is in your eleventh house, then you could meet this person through your social circles, but more often, you will find him through the online dating sites, which again can indicate arranged marriage, because you both will have the desire to find the suitable marital partner.

And lastly, if this ruler is placed in your twelfth house, you will find your spouse overseas, in the distant lands, through an arranged marriage in a foreign country, or while achieving the highest levels of education, or while working in isolated places like laboratories or hospitals.

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