Venus Stands for Values – Your Finances in Astrology

There are so many people living on this planet and facing horrible amounts of debts, harsh jobs, and daily insecurity. And for some, this is the matter of life and death and will they be able to put some food on the table tomorrow or tonight.

For others, the situation doesn’t look so dramatic at first glance, but it also involves many demanding events and issues, especially those issues related to old age and safe retirement. In this regard, we should look at some astrological indications regarding incomes and expenses.

V stands for values and the planet Venus

The “natural” astrological chart always starts with the sign of Aries, as the beginning of all beginnings. And this sign or the first house position in our charts, in general, has to do everything a person is. However, the second sign or the second house in astrology belongs to the sign of Taurus and its ruler is the planet Venus.

This “second” house describes the sources of the native’s direct incomes, the person’s values and the sense of the material world. In terms of Vedic astrology, the planet Jupiter is the leader of all devas or angels, and the planet Venus is the leader of all rakshasas or demons. However, looking deeper this is the story between the spiritual and the material world.

There is nothing truly wrong for someone to seek for the deeply religious or ancient teachings related to the highest power or God or the Universal force, call it whatever you like it. But on the other side, you can’t hope that the heavens will provide you with the food for your children while you are just sitting there and meditating. You have to dive deeper into the material world to get the material benefits.

Education is the key to wealth

Venus naturally stands for material gains when related to the earth sign of Taurus, as something material or tangible. This sign creates beneficial aspects with Virgo and Capricorn also, and this means that the planet Venus naturally creates productive relationships with the planet Mercury, the ruler of Virgo, and the planet Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn.

The interesting fact is that those three planets create productive aspects when they are placed in the air signs Libra, Gemini and Aquarius, which they also rule, and this basically means that the wealth – Venus can be attained through the proper marketing or communication – Mercury, and stabilized and increased through the discipline and calculative mind of Saturn.

The “know-how” is the key here because you can’t just expect to reach wealth without any effort. But you can’t also reach the wealth through the wrong or unsuitable efforts too. You have to know exactly what to do and when to do it.

For this type of education, you don’t really need to attend expensive schools and many rich people have shown this clearly through their own examples. But you need to study and you need to study hard. If you have nothing right now, your best source of free information could be Internet and public libraries, and you will have to learn how to choose the best books related to economics and business. Many of them are free online, so please don’t waste your time endlessly watching cute pets and all sorts of funny pranks, when you can use your valuable time (which is Saturn again) to gain wealth (which is Venus).

Organize and discipline yourself

Once you start reading all those business-related materials you will never stop, which will be a good thing for your future after all. No matter are you a blue-collar worker, you have your small business, run a farm or take part in a big corporate environment, and you will have to make a clear financial statement of your current situation.

Write everything down, your total incomes, taxes, debts and mortgages, monthly expenses, sudden unpleasant surprises like the urgent change of car transmission, the oven that needs to be fixed, everything. Once you get precisely how much money you are putting in and how much money you are “leaking” out it will be way easier for you to find those small, but numerous occasions when the money is slipping through your fingers.

And your next task and those calculative and planning moments are all seen through the symbolic of your natal Mercury, you will have to make the definite decision to cut those unnecessary expenses and redirect the money into the debt payments and investments.

Many women use their Venus to buy expensive designer’s bags, shoes or even wigs, and in that manner, they are directing this beautiful energy toward useless spending which will only astonish their female friends and leave them without the fortune in their retirement funds twenty years later in the future. Please don’t do that.

You can look amazingly good without any expensive brands on you and save tremendous amounts of money at the same time. Not to mention the fortune, many women leave every day for unnecessary takeaway coffee and a muffin, they can surely have for pennies at their homes.

When it comes to men, the greatest sources of financial disturbances are being produced by their car payments. In the majority of cases, men tend to buy very expensive cars just to show off, and then consequently, those car payments will increase their house mortgages and create horrible debts.

This is why you have to learn how to manage this tempting Venusian energy, drive the reliable used car only if you need it, how to look expensive finding the cheap or even thrift clothes, and how to save up for the rainy day. And rainy or the old days will come, without any doubt.

Your goal is to first get rid of small and credit card debts, then get rid of the expensive car, and to focus all of your efforts on attaining mortgage-free home and huge retirement fund. You can start at any age, but the sooner you do it, the better it will look in approximately twenty years from now.

Don’t let the shrewd lady Venus fool you, use her instead and create your safe kingdom.


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