Intuition Education – How To Develop Intuition

Intuition also referred to as the inner guidance is a mechanism of instinctive or inner knowing which does not require or use logical thinking processes. Intuition education is therefore the teaching of how to develop your intuition, which is an alternative knowledge source. We all have the inner voice or awareness and though it is present in different levels, there is a chance to develop it further. Most of the great thinkers in history insisted on the significance of intuition and described it as an indispensable tool for humans. Here are a few tips on how to develop intuition.

Pay Attention To Your Body

For intuition to develop, you must first give attention to how intuition feels in your body and where it is. Some may feel it in their stomachs while others in their head or throat. Start by paying attention to your body especially when you meet someone and listen to what it is telling you. When you meet a new person, you might have a visual judgment driven by their dressing and character, but the feeling you will have towards them is your intuition. Sometimes you feel as though you hate or love someone new without any solid reason and in most cases, the feeling turns out to be right a long time after meeting them.

Separate What you Feel From What You Think

A lot of time people know when something good or bad will happen in relation to the steps they take but ignore this feeling and concentrate on what they think is good at the moment. For your intuition to be developed, you will have to separate what you feel and what you think. Your intuition is never wrong but is in most cases defeated by what you consider logical thinking and at the end of the day, you end up loosing a lot.


Intuition is just like any other skill or muscle and needs practice to develop. Though some people might have strong intuitive abilities, everyone has the potential of enhancing their abilities. You can start by thinking of a person you love and picturing their image in your mind for a number of days. You should not be surprised when they call you or you meet up with them soon and they say that they were thinking about you.


Meditation is one probably one of my favorite ways on How To Develop Intuition. Developing intuition can benefit a great deal from medication. This is because through meditation, you will clear your mind and be in a better position to focus. This will let your intuitive skills take charge of a situation and show you what is going on. In simple terms, intuition will help you rise above thinking. Whatever we think about, we attract it in our lives and when you meditate about intuition, you will enhance your abilities. Intuition education will assist you in growing your intuition abilities and this will in turn help you in moving through life situation easily and smoothly. We all have these abilities in us, all it takes is perfecting the skills and our lives will be changed for the better.

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