Are Extrasensory Perception Abilities Real & How To Develop Them

Developing Extrasensory Perception Abilities

I used to always wonder “Are Extrasensory Perception Abilities Real?” so I did a lot of research and realized they are indeed real. Extrasensory Perception Abilities or simply ESP involves a process of reception of material that is not essentially gained via the recognized senses but is sensed in the mind. This term implies psychic abilities that may include clairaudience, telepathy and clairvoyance. It also involves their trans-temporal procedures like precognition and retrognition.

All said and perfectly taken, now the question that lingers my mind is, are extrasensory perceptions actually real? In addition, if yes, then how do we develop them?

ESP has always been the key subject of research of parapsychology. Well, since research has established its existence to be real, few people will doubt its existence. For instance, you guess that your phone is going to ring ….and surprisingly, it rings right away. Then you also perceive that you friend is in trouble and certainly need your help, then you realize that it is true that what you thought at first is quite factual. So, are these mere coincidences?

Extrasensory perceptions are very real and here are some steps to help you develop and actualize your own psychic abilities:

Acknowledge the ability

The first idea in beginning to develop your extrasensory perception abilities is to acknowledge that they actually exist. They are not just based on mere fictions. They are present within you. Does it sound awkward in a way? Yes, let it be. However, start by letting yourself know that you are psychic. Repeat this to yourself each and every day.

This self-talk idea has some scientific basis. When a person learns an idea and repeats it severally in the mind, the brain spontaneously rewires it. The mind starts to accommodate it and believes in it.

Achieve cautious clarity

Learn to train yourself on what actually surrounds you. Be in your deliberate state of mind. Basically, know what takes place at your immediate environs. For instance, know about who walks in to your room and who moves out of your apartment. This simply means that to achieve this you ought to take mental records of everything around you.

Be a careful listener

Carefully listen and internalize what is being said. Separate it with what is not actually said. Habitually, people say things that tend to mean a different idea. Make sure that you understand the conversation fully to avoid being left out. Omission is sometimes a form of conversation.

Meditate regularly

This is the best way to develop an intuition. Allow the mind to have a little wander into the complexities of the intuition. In this way, you make a way for messages to pass.

Trust your gut

Sometimes you just have a sensation that something was not true. Have you had such a feeling? These intuitions have deeper meanings that you ought to pay great attention to them. There are several reasons for those messages and so do not neglect them.

Write everything down

This is a very significant aspect of developing extrasensory perception. For instance, you have a dream that you will meet a particular person. On the other hand, you dream about a certain situation. It is very important to keep a journal of these messages so that you can be able to track them easily.

Test yourself

If you think that something is going to happen, keep a record so that you confirm it later if it really happened. For instance, your cell phone rings and before you look at the caller, try to visualize who the caller might be. Practice this several times as it develops your innate abilities.

Practice regularly

Another crucial way to develop our Extrasensory Perception Abilities is through practice. This will surely enable you to develop skills that may be you lacked before. Learn about various forms of prediction, and when you realize that they march with your thoughts, keep them, possibly until you confirm that the messages you normally get are valid. We hope this has answered the question Are Extrasensory Perception Abilities Real. If you have enjoyed this please share and comment.

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