Connecting with Your Higher Self

Everything in this Universe is a physical manifestation of energy. Everything you see, hear, smell, taste and touch also exists in a vibrational form — including YOU!

You have a Higher Self— a you that exists in a vibrational form. Many people think of the Higher Self as something that belongs or is connected to the human Self— but actually the reverse is true: the human “you” is a part of your Higher Self. The physical “you” is like a finger on its hand!

The Higher Self is an eternal being; it is what Magicians called the “Individuality”, as distinct from the “Personality,” which is the human ego that exists in this current time and condition. Your Higher Self maintains its essential character throughout your many different incarnations in the physical world.

Since your Higher Self exists outside of time and the physical world, it apprehends the totality of existence. Your Higher Self already knows where everything that you want is and your Higher Self knows the fastest route to get there!

Your Higher Self is an unconditionally loving being, at every moment guiding you toward fulfillment and joy. It continuously emits a very high and stable vibration, and when you are embodying high vibrational emotions like love, appreciation or gratitude, you are letting this light to shine through you more fully, and you can more freely channel, translate and manifest the wisdom and guidance that your Higher Self is offering.

You can think of your Personality (that is, your ego or conscious mind) as a doorway, and your Higher Self as an eternal flame that emanates a light through that doorway.

Depending on what you give your attention and focus to, your door might be open wide, letting the light shine in, or it may be shut tightly closed, blocking out all the light of the Higher Self. Or your doorway may be slightly ajar, letting some light in while keeping much in shadow.

When this channel between you and the Higher Self is open, you can receive the information it is offering. Your powers of intuition are based on your relationship with this Higher Self. Your ability to receive inspiration and guidance is dependent on how open the channel is.

Actions taken in response to promptings from the Higher Self feel joyful, inspired and “right”. We have an empowered sense of purpose and a mysterious confidence in our success, even when acting on spontaneous whims.

You do not make decisions based on the cold calculations of your rational mind, or in response to the pressure of your fight-or-flight security instincts, but instead from a place of Knowing which transcends the limitations of human perception.

You may or may not be aware that it is happening. The Higher Self can speak to us through sudden illumination or epiphany, or it may stir us to action through gentle impulses or curiosity. When you have a sudden impulse to go into a certain coffee shop and then run into an old friend, or when you spontaneously take an exit on the highway and wind up narrowly avoiding what would have been a car accident, you are receiving information from your Higher Self at an unconscious level and responding to its nudges.

We all have these so-called “psychic” powers. Mediums and clairvoyants have simply trained to more fully open up to vibrational “voices” and guides, but anyone can benefit by strengthening their individual connection with the Higher Self.

The Higher Self also speaks through synchronicity. When you are “open” and “aligned” with your Higher Self, the Universe can deliver messages and signs to you in an unlimited number of ways:

You may overhear a conversation in a restaurant, where some one mentions a book with just the kind of information you had been searching for…

You may have a dream where an important phrase is uttered…

You may receive a seemingly random phone call from some one from your distant past with an opportunity that dovetails perfectly with your latest intentions…

Your Higher Self can speak to you through all creation— from within and from without!

So how do we let in more of the Higher Self? If you want to strengthen your powers of intuition, inspiration and psychism, you must practice gratitude and appreciation!

The key to aligning with your Higher Self is thus paying attention to how you feel at all times.

It sounds so simple, and once you have gotten the hang of it, it is!

Emotions exists on a vibrational scale. There are very low vibrations, like rage, victimhood, jealousy and hopelessness, and there are very high vibrations like unconditional love, appreciation and gratitude.

At the higher states on the vibrational scale you are fully allowing in the light of your Higher Self, because you are rising up into the vibration that it is emanating. When you are in a state of unconditional love and appreciation, you are emanating the same vibration that your Higher Self always emanates, and you are thus One with it and allowing it to fully come through you.

When you are in lower states of resentment or pessimism, you are choking yourself off from this light. You are falling farther down the scale away from the range that your Higher Self occupies, and so you close the door to its wisdom and guidance.

When we are first learning, it takes some close observation and careful practice to recognize the difference between focus upon what is wanted and focus upon what is unwanted, since the two are so intermingled in our day-to-day experience. If you want to fully allow in your Higher Self, you must pay very careful attention to how whatever you are focused upon makes you feel, and deliberately choose to focus only upon that which makes you feel good.

Because your Higher Self is benevolent, acting from a place of alignment with it will always feel good to you and will also serve the freedom and empowerment of others.

Try out different gratitude exercises to find one that works for you, seeking to activate the vibration for as long as you can without forcing it.

Here are some examples of gratitude practices for aligning with your Higher Self:


  • Write a list of 10 things you are grateful for, and then for each one, a list of 5 reasons for why you are grateful.
  • As you move through your day, make it a practice to notice things in your environment that you appreciate. Note colors, plants, people, smells, tastes, sounds that you enjoy.
  • When you find something you enjoy, spend a few moments exploring why you enjoy it. In exploring why  we like something, we activate that frequency in a stronger way.

Try to live as much of your day as possible maintaining a state of appreciation and gratitude for what is around you. This will allow your Higher Self to flow more freely through you more of the time, and you will love the effect this energy has on your life!

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