Working Creatively with the Phases of the Moon

In our modern society we use all sorts of calendars and time-management apps in the hopes of increasing productivity, creativity and focus. However, we have turned away from using one of the most powerful productivity-boosters of all time— the Moon!

The Moon moves through a 28-day cycle of 8 phases, and if you understand the meaning and quality of each phase, you can organize your life and work along this calendar.

Not only is this a beautifully efficient way of scheduling— you will also infuse your project with cosmic energy, since you will be acting in alignment with the inherent energy of the moment. It is almost like inviting the Universe to be a collaborator on your project!

Moon Phases

In this article we will look at the 8 phases of the Moon, and how to use the Lunar Cycle to manifest the completion of a project. Pick one or two goals that you think you can reasonably finish within one month, and follow this guide to grow them to completion by way of lunar energy!

The 28-day Lunar Cycle

New Moon

This is the very beginning of the 28-day cycle. This is a highly ascetic, inward time that is meant for planning, organizing and setting everything in order. It is good to spend some time in deep meditation on your goal for this cycle. In a quiet state of mind, envision the realization of your dreams come into being. See it, journal about it and contemplate upon how you want the finished product to be. Try to spend this time in solitude to heighten concentration on your goal.

While the moon is invisible in the sky, it is best not to take any serious action or start any big enterprise. This is not the time to start laying the bricks— instead, put care and effort into drawing the blueprint. Now is a time of mental creation. Read, write, study and plan.

The New Moon is also a powerful time of cleansing. Energetically, this is the most fertile phase of the lunar cycle. Any influence that you introduce during this time will grow over the entire course of the next three weeks. Therefore, it is a great time to abstain from alcohol, drugs, indulgent food, screens, social media or any addictive substances you are trying to eliminate.

Instead, practice the healthy habits that you would like to sustain throughout the moon, like rigorous exercise, meditation and a clean diet. It is an excellent time to fast, do yoga, meditate and uplift the mind. Try to be the IDEAL version of yourself for these 3.5 days.

Waxing Crescent Moon

The Waxing Crescent brings the first visible sighting of the Moon, and once she appears in the sky it is good to start taking the first concrete, physical steps toward the accomplishment your goal. It is still a delicate and introverted time, but it is the start of the actual work on your project. You can think of this phase as taking a few warm-up laps around the track in preparation to sprint. Make some calls, start to manifest some activity, without over-exerting yourself.

This is also a great time to catch up on the errands or social obligations that you put off during the ascetic New Moon period.
For these 3.5 days, attend to your appointments, household tasks or social commitments.

Waxing Half Moon

This phase is known as the “crisis-of-action” phase— meaning that is is devoted to good old-fashioned elbow grease!

For these 3.5 days, work as hard as you possibly can on your project. Try to set up your schedule so that you can put 100% of your effort into your work.

The key word for this phase is effort. It is natural during this period to encounter obstructions, blocks and problems. You may not have them solved at all by the end of this phase. That is fine. The point is to keep on pushing forward during this phase, no matter what. Keep throwing solutions at the wall and see what sticks.

Gibbous Moon:

You should be quite fatigued after a solid Half Moon. Now, as the Moon approaches the peak of the cycle, the luminary energy begins to flow in with more powerful force, and you will begin to feel “carried along” by the lunar energy.

The Gibbous is a phase for relaxation. This is a wonderful time for parties, social events and spending time with your loved ones. Take your mind off of your work for these few days. It can be tempting to keep on wrestling with unsolved problems, but you actually do yourself a disservice if you do not take a break. When we let go of the work, we create space for inspiration to come in.

This is a time for recuperating and refreshing. Spend time in nature, catching up on errands and relax.

Full Moon:

The Full Moon is renowned as a magical, otherworldly time for good reason! The full force of the lunar energy is let in and with it come illuminations, epiphanies and elegant solutions to complex problems.

This is another phase dedicated to hard work on your project. However, you will find that during the Full Moon phase the labor is a LOT more enjoyable and free-flowing!

You may receive the “big picture” answer you were looking for during this time, or you may finish the project completely. This is a time for bringing about resolution of one kind or another. There will be an energy of “culmination” or “climax” during this time.

Disseminating Moon:

The Disseminating is oftentimes a continuation of the work of the Full Moon, although the somewhat ecstatic energy calms down by this phase.

Use this time to polish, refine and work out the kinks in your project. You received the “big picture” answer or illumination at the Full Moon, and now you can apply it fully in all the more minute details. By the end of this phase, your project should be almost or entirely complete.

Waning Half Moon:

This time corresponds to the festivals of Harvest in the fourth quarter of the year. This is a time for enjoying the fruits of your labors and enjoying yourself. As the moon shrinks back down, the time for working draws to a close. Your work stands completed, or at least as completed as it will be during this lunar round. The Waning Half Moon is a great time for receiving feedback or input on your work.

This is the time for letting go. As the sun sets, so to speak, on this cycle, take some time to truly enjoy yourself. Break your rules, eat dessert, stay out late and mix up your routine. Now is the time that you get to indulge in yourself. Soon the New Moon approaches once again, and during that time you will want to be greatly disciplined and concentrated. So give yourself this time to “get your ya-ya’s out”, whatever that means for you!

Waning Crescent Moon:

During this final phase of the lunar cycle, the energy of the moon gets very quiet and small, as it is about to go to sleep again. This is a good time for gathering your thoughts and reflecting upon the past cycle. What did you do well? What do you want to improve? What are your goals for next cycle? Take this time to clean up, take stock and reorient. The cycle is about to begin again!

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