Spiritual Connection through the Seven Chakras

In the body there are seven main energy centers known as the Chakras which regulate intake and output of energy. If a given Chakra is open, balanced and well developed, we can freely give and receive energy in the area of life affected by this particular Chakra.

If a given Chakra is closed or imbalanced, the energy can not freely flow into or out of this area in a natural way, and this can lead to malfunction in the physical body and in our lives at large.

There are many, many reasons for incorporating a Chakra practice into your life. Chakras affect physical health, career, ability to manifest resources or desires, focus, love, connection, trust, security and so much else.

What we will be looking at today, however, is how Chakras affect your relationships. Esoteric philosophy maintained that a true and total “marriage” happened on all seven planes of being. This means that all seven Chakras in both partners are balanced, open, well-developed and harmonized to one another. However, most of our relationships— even our close ones—do not involve connection on the level of all seven Chakras.

We will begin with a basic overview of the meaning of each Chakra, and then explore what connection on each level looks like.

The 7 Chakras


The first Chakra is the foundation of our entire system, the building block on which all other chakras must rest. It governs solid, earthly things like our bodies, our health, survival, material and monetary existence and our ability to focus and manifest our needs. The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine.


The second Chakra is located between the groin and pelvis, and it governs desire, pleasure, sexuality, instincts, passions, and your ability to “flow” or surrender. The second chakra is the seat of pleasure, and thus is the seat of personal power, creativity and your ability to relate and connect with others. When the Sacral Chakra is imbalanced, damaged or blocked, you may have issues with impotence, depression and self-esteem. You may feel not good enough, numb or “dead inside”.


The third Chakra is located right below the lungs in front of the diaphragm. This Chakra governs your sense of identity and your ability to assert yourself. The key activities of this Chakra are taking action and will. This Chakra plays a large role in your tastes, preferences as it is the spark of affection or warmth that animates you as you move toward and take what you want for yourself. With this Chakra we make choices about what we do and don’t want, and take steps to implement those choices.


The fourth Chakra is located within the region of the heart muscle and shows our ability to freely give and receive unconditional love. This is not the pleasure or merely erotic love related to the Sacral Chakra. This is the more elevated form of love which involves acceptance of other as part of self, and unconditional devotion. This is a state of selfless love which does not need or ask anything in return. The Heart Chakra is known as the “gateway” Chakra as it stands as the doorway between the lower Chakras, which are more bodily or personal, and the higher Chakras which are more spiritual and Universal. For this reason, it is the seat of integration and it is the essential key to wholeness of being. It is where we take in our experiences from the outer world and integrate them into a larger understanding of ourselves and the world at large.


Your Throat Chakra is the energetic center of self-expression and personal truth, located at the center of your throat. This Chakra indicates our ability to communicate ourselves to others in an authentic way. This includes the expression of our emotions and opinions, as well as the articulation of our personal truths in art and creative forms. Your Throat Chakra also indicates how well you can listen to and acknowledge others. It is the Chakra of personal truth. When we articulate and express ourselves, we distill the truths of who we are. When we talk, write, read or listen, we distill and purify, which brings comprehension, understanding and illumination.


The Third Eye Chakra governs processes of seeing— that is, both inner and outer vision. This Chakra rules your imagination and your intuition, as well as the ability to transcend polarity. This is the Chakra involved in “seeing the bigger picture,” that is, the ability to step outside of your own personal point-of-view, transcend the ego and appreciate the deeper meaning of your experience, or multiple perspectives at once. It affects your spirituality, morality, ethics and the ideals to which you aspire, and you ability to understand and interpret the deeper meaning in the events of your life.


The Crown Chakra is the portal between the human individual and the Universal All-That-Is. Here is where we receive illumination, revelation, understanding and states of bliss. This Chakra connects us to divine intelligence and the Source of creation. This is the religious and spiritual center of the body, wherein you have access to enlightenment. Awareness of higher reality and structures of meaning are obtained through the opening of the Crown Chakra.

Relationships on the Planes of the 7 Chakras

A couple can only “marry” on any plane of being when they have both developed to that level of being. If you have open, balanced, integrated Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, but your partner has, for instance, an imbalanced Heart Chakra, then your relationship is only engaged up to the Third Plane (Solar Plexus). For as long as your partner’s Heart Chakra remains undeveloped, you will remain unfulfilled on this level of your being, at least insofar as it comes to this relationship.

The first plane is the physical world, so a “marriage” or bond on the Root Chakra level is the physical act of sex.

The second plane, that of the Sacral chakra, is the energy level of desire, instinct and passion, and so a bond that reaches this level is active so long as there is attraction and desire between two people.

A marriage upon the third plane lasts as long as there is affection for one another.

Most modern relationships are occurring on the first three planes of being — the Root Chakra, the Sacral Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra— meaning that two people are bonding on the levels of physical/security needs, sexuality, and on emotion/affection.

When two people have fully open Heart Chakras, the bond continues upward into the plane of the fourth Chakra. On this level the couple shares common content of consciousness and interest. They bond in the realm of acquired knowledge and learning, and they more fully integrate as a couple, coming close to true oneness.

When the fifth Chakra of the Throat is balanced and engaged in both people, a couple bond through shared ideals and principles, and enjoy a deep intellectual companionship and understanding.

When the sixth Chakra of the Third Eye is active in the relationship, the couple shares spiritual ideals. This can bring the experience of the “soul mate” or “twin flame” connection, wherein the relationship has a familiarity, depth and often purpose which seems to precede this particular incarnation.

Connection on the seventh plane of the Crown Chakra means a total and complete oneness, which is not to be found while physically incarnating!

It is extremely rare to attain the spiritual heights associated with fully-developed 6th and 7th Chakras within one’s self, and even more rare for two people of this kind to find one another! However, it can happen, and for the rest of us who are still working on our spiritual development, we can have flashes of this opening, and flashes of this kind of connection with a partner.




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