Raise Your Vibration to Increase Intuition, Inspiration and Psychic Power

Have you ever heard people talking about having a “high vibration” or a “low vibration”? Do you know what some one means when they say : “she is full of good vibes” or, “I’m trying to keep my vibration up”? What is this “vibration” stuff about anyway?

Your vibration is the sum total of the thoughts that you think most consistently and the emotions that predominate your days. In short, your vibration is made up of your beliefs, and how your beliefs make you feel.

But here’s a hint— your beliefs are simply thoughts that you practice again and again. You actually have far more power than you know to pick, choose and create the beliefs that you want to have. And your beliefs have a tremendous power on shaping the world around you.

IN FACT, your thoughts (that is, your vibration) actually grows into being like a plant.

In a very literal way, your thoughts are like seeds, which, when watered and cultivated, sprout and extend from the invisible into the material world. The physical world around you is the outgrowth of your vibration.

The vibration you are maintaining also acts almost like an antenna, and when you are at a high vibration, you can receive inspiration, guidance, epiphanies, illuminations and sudden elegant solutions to complex problems. Your psychic powers and powers of intuition are magnified intensely when you are “keeping your vibe up”!

When it is at a low vibration, you are shut off from receiving this kind of information.

Thus, creating the life that you want is about taking care of your vibrational garden!

The Power of Positive Focus

Some of our beliefs are helpful to the attainment of our happiness, whereas some of our beliefs make us miserable, and thus create miserable life circumstances like poverty, illness, addiction, depression, isolation and so forth.

Some of our vibrational “seeds” grow into beautiful flowers in the garden, while others grow into ugly weeds that spread everywhere and choke out all other life.

The first step is to learn how to survey your vibrational garden, taking stock of what is growing there. Once you can see what effects your thoughts are having upon the reality of your life, you can then properly nurture and maintain your garden in ways that serve your happiness, health and fulfillment.

For any aspect of your life, such as “My Home”, “My Body”, “My Career”, or “my Relationships”, you can ask:

  • What is currently growing in this garden: what is the physical condition or circumstance?
  • What am I watering: what beliefs am I holding? How do I reinforce them? What am I focused upon in this situation?
  • What am I cutting down: what am I refusing to do, believe or see about this situation?

In any point in time, no matter where you are, no matter who you are with, no matter what situation you may be confronting, there are positive aspects that you can choose to focus on, and there are negative aspects that you can choose to focus on.

For instance, if you are stuck in traffic, you can focus on how slowly you are moving, or how obnoxious the other drivers seem that day. As you remain oriented to everything that is wrong about the situation, you intensify the vibrations of anger and resentment. You can work yourself up into quite a state of frustration if you spend half an hour focused on the negative traits in front of you!

But as you sit in a long line of cars, you could choose to think:

  • “I really appreciate that my car is running in perfect condition today”.
  • “Those trees are really beautiful; nature is so full of abundance and joy”.
  • “I am really appreciative of my physical well-being and health”.
  • “I love my daughter/son/friend/partner.”
  • “I really like that I have been given this opportunity, since I am sitting here in stillness, to tune into the                       positive aspects of my reality, since I know that in doing so I am allowing in inspiration”

In deliberately focusing on the positive aspects, you are not only improving your experience of that particular situation; you are raising your vibration. It does not matter what the object is that you are focused upon; it only matters the vibration that you are activating.

A major discipline to practice when first applying this teaching is to quickly withdraw your attention from that which is unwanted; when you notice that your mind has gotten entangled with something that you don’t like about your life, you must find a way to change your point of focus, whether this means finding a different way to look this area of your life, or, if that is too difficult, simply to pause and change direction, choosing to fixate on a different topic that you do feel positively toward— no matter what it is.

This takes a great deal of attention and self-scrutiny, for most of us give voice to complaints, mockery, resentment and bad feelings all day long without even realizing that we are doing so!

If you cannot find a way to fall in love with the details of your present situation, you need only direct your attention toward something you can fall in love with, whether this is something apparent in your present physical surroundings— like a laughing child or a cute puppy nearby— or something in your life in general that you feel genuine appreciation for, like your health or the idea of your loved ones.

Changing a Belief to Raise Vibration

Every topic is really two topics: what is wanted and what is unwanted. Wanted and unwanted are two halves of a coin, or two ends of a spectrum.

One essential tool in maintaining a high vibration is the ability to change your beliefs so that they are in alignment with what you want for yourself. When you find yourself at one end of the feeling spectrum, you need to be able to find a way to move yourself toward the other end.

For example, if you have an experience of poverty or lack of resources, then you may have a belief like, “I am poor,” and you may have a feeling of something like: “I am unsafe”. In order to raise your vibration, you will need to be able to find a way to move toward the opposite. You need to be able to authentically believe in your own power and security.

You can thus use experience of something unwanted to more fully clarify for yourself the vibration that you want to water!

Once you have encountered something unwanted, make a practice of looking for and appreciating evidence of its opposite in your life. Move through your day and look for examples of abundance,, support and freedom— big or small.

You might start out with saying:

  • “I am really abundant in my relationships. I have incredible wealth in my friends and family and the bottomless support they provide me with”.
  • “My consciousness is infinitely abundant; there is no limit to the amount of ideas, thoughts and solutions tzhat I can dream up.
  • “I have infinite abundance in my ability to express myself”.
  • “The earth is enormously abundant and provides all I need”

Ask yourself, “how is it already true that I am abundant, right now, without anything having to change?”

If you can identify some ways in which you do honestly feel abundant already, and hold your attention there in a spirit of appreciation, then you are watering your vibration of abundance.

As your vibration raises, you will start to receive ideas, illuminations and solutions to your financial troubles, and you will also start to see physical manifestations of your abundance. Try it out!




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