How To Start Developing Extra Sensory Abilities

Developing extra sensory abilities is far from a dream restricted to the realm of the gifted. The term ESP (extra sensory perception) is often called the sixth sense and revolves around sending and receiving information without using the five basic senses of sound, smell, touch, sight and taste. Basic ESP abilities will include telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry and the like.

Developing Extra Sensory abilities

Despite the common assumption, extra sensory abilities are not always an inherited gift; those that presume that these capabilities are restricted to only those that are born with them are sadly mistaken.

It has been posited that the majority of the human race is born with some level of psychic capabilities; however most do not bother trying to tap into them, with a select few that do so slowly allowing this skill to fade as they enter adulthood.

There are various resources on the internet offering methods through psychic abilities might be developed. Most people however tend to lose hope in this endeavor and give up in the weeks or even months that follow as a result of discouragement.

The Difficulties of developing Extra Sensory abilities

While it is indeed possible, the truth is learning to master these psychic abilities is no easy task. The key lies with quiet, honing the ability to achieve a perfect state of relaxation within which you eliminate all internal and external noise to find that one crucial spark.

This, despite the assumptions, is no easy task; quieting human thoughts and emotions is a near impossibility for most people. As such traditional means of achieving psychic abilities tend to fail because they place special emphasis upon this arena.

Quieting thoughts isn’t something that most people ever need to learn to do during their daily life; and anyone intent on mastering mediation might have to wait some years before achieving results.

The brain

The key lies in the brain. Not that traditional means of developing psychic powers are not effective, however those that find themselves unable to proceed might achieve quick results by stimulating their minds.

Studies have suggested that the use of psychic abilities tends to result from or elicit an increase in the production of theta waves in the brain.

Theta waves have a direct relation to matters of relaxation and achieving focus. The key to developing one’s abilities is believed to lie with initiating this theta wave production by listening to records designed to specifically initiate the so called theta state

The idea is by maintaining this practice for a while one will learn to naturally enter this state of relaxation and hence find their extra sensory gift. Of course success is best achieved by acquiring the proper recordings at the right frequency, such resources easily available on the internet.


This is the key to most methods of developing extra sensory abilities, basically seeking to perceive images in the so called subtle reality. The idea is to improve your ability to imagine, and the clearer an image is in your mind, the more potent the images are in the subtle reality. Alongside visualizing a third eye between your eyebrows, hypnosis has shown great potential for unleashing hidden mental abilities. As such it might prove necessary to visit a hypnotherapist.

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