Must-Read Psychic Readings Guide To Ensure You Dont Get Cheated

Making the choice to go to a psychic can be an incredible personal journey, and one that is wrought with questions. Since a psychic is supposed to be an individual that has the ability to use powers outside of the normal senses to perceive information, society has historically set them on a level that is considered to be supernatural. In many cases people seek out the assistance of a psychic due to loss or any of life’s failures.

This places the individual in a position of vulnerability, with the potential of grasping onto anyone that may offer words of hope. To make sure that you make the right choice, you need to pay attention to our psychic readings guide.

People with paranormal psychic abilities have existed throughout history. While the popularity has had its ebbs and flows, we continue to be fascinated and enthralled by these individuals. It is estimated that one out of every four people that claim to have psychic abilities, really do. You need to remember that there are people who are professionals at claiming to be psychics and they can sound and act very real.

Follow this Psychic Readings Guide to ensure you are on the right path:

There are a few ways to distinguish the authentic from the fake:

Types of Questions:

Genuine psychics will not ask your date of birth or your sign. They will also not ask you anything about your demographics, including age, city that you reside in or where you were born. These kinds of questions are easy to manipulate as they can answer with today’s astrology as well as guess the type of lifestyle you have based on your location.


True psychics as well as spiritualists do not make promises that they have the ability to make changes for you. The fake psychics use these parlor tricks to gain additional income through the use of personal potions, objects, hexes or curses. A real psychic has the talent to ‘see’ using their particular talent only.


If you go to a psychic and they begin rattling on about how they have read the charts for many Hollywood stars or they are well-known internationally or nationally, you are in the presence of a fraud.

Answers only you know:

Fake psychics have a talent for giving you the kind of information that you want to hear and want to stay clear of offering any answers that only you would know. The information they impart is often general and they don’t like to be tested or questioned. True psychics will be able to tell you about your past, present and sometimes future journey path.

Face-to-face advice:

If you will be meeting face-to-face, fraudulent psychics have made a profession out of being able to read things about your mere presence. Wear casual clothes, no jewelry and don’t reveal anything about yourself. Genuine psychics will not ask questions from you, but will give you answers. A fake psychic will be more apt to tell you what you want to hear, as opposed to the real psychic giving you truth.

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