Psychic Weakness – Defend Yourself Against Any Psychic Attack

How to Protect Yourself from Psychic Attacks

that you seek medical attention first so that the medic rules out any medical problem such as anxiety or schizophrenia.

As such, this article articulates on the several measures you can take to protect yourself from Psychic Weakness:

To begin with, it is very important to know when you are under psychic attack. Read on to find out the things you should look at so that you can know that you are under the attack.

1. Check Energy Level

It is important that you confirm your energy level. One of the commonest symptoms that you are psychic attack if that you will begin feeling drained of energy. If you have such a feeling of extreme and inexplicable energy, visit a medical facility to get your energy level checked to avoid such undesirable attack.

2. Check your Emotions

You should access your emotional state. If you feel anxious or fearful, or a constant feeling of danger, these are signs that you might be under psychic attack. You are also advised to meet a specialist to access if such feelings are not as a result of depression or access yourself to find if it is not a causing some past dreadful events.

3. Note Headaches

Also, take note of headaches you may be experiencing. Again don’t forget to note the frequency with which they attack you. Such occurrences may be a symptom of the dreadful psychic attack.

4. Watch for Other Symptoms

Be watchful of other symptoms of the psychic attack such as the strange feeling of depression, a tense or tepid feeling in the stomach, and suicidal thoughts among other morbid imaginings.

5. Be Informed of Both Psychic Attack Types

You also should be informed that psychic attacks could come from an individual or a group of people. If from a group, you need the help of a professional healer. In such a case, you are advised to visit the “International Association of Reiki professionals”. Here you will meet Reiki energy healer.

After you have known that you are under psychic attack according to the symptoms you exhibit, it is only wise to protect yourself from the menace:

1. Say a Prayer

It is good that you address your supplication for protection to the being you believe in according to your religion through prayer. Believe that you have received cover against such attacks.

2. Consult your Angels

Too, you can ask for protection against psychic attacks from your spirit guides and angels. These seraphs and light beings are believed to help cover you from negativity and spiritual oppression.

3. Use the Cling Film Method

Further in your endeavor to shield yourself from psychic attacks, place triple layer of cling film upon your solar plexus. The solar plexus is the most volatile area. The cling film helps in repelling undesired energies.

4. Use protective Gemstones

You can also place a protective gemstone upon the solar plexus. A number of gemstones, such as black tourmaline, are believed to improve vital vibrations. This is believed to bounce off energies directed at you. Among the other gemstones are agate, jasper and turquoise.

5. Smell Scented Flowers

You are also advised to use natural essences from flowers and roots to protect yourself from psychic attack. The scent of flowers is believed to promote positive emotions and feelings around you, thus deterring the dreadful attack.

6. Avoid Fear

When you are fearful, you become susceptible to psychic attacks. Free yourself from fear and try meditation, visualization exercises or yoga projects to balance and strengthen your emotional and mental states.

7. Read Caitlin Matthews Book

Finally, read the “Psychic Shield: the Personal Handbook of Psychic Protection”, a book written by Caitlin Matthews explaining you about how to cover yourself from psychic weakness.

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