Magical Properties of Rosemary

Too often we can forget that many of our most commonly used household items carry with them magical properties than can be used to benefit our every day lives. Examples of these items are basil, salt, peppermint, sage, rose petals, and lavender to name a few. Rosemary is a useful herb that can be grown in your garden or picked up from your local grocery store, and contains many healing and psychic properties.

The Latin word for rosemary, Rosmarinus, means “dew of the sea.” Historically, rosemary has been used to ward off negative spirits and energy, as incense during ceremonial ritual, as a perfume and even an embalming herb. Christian folklore claims that the rosemary plant will grow for 33 years, the age of Christ when he died, and will grow no more.

Rosemary, which is ruled by the astrological sign of Leo, is masculine in nature. It is effective in preventing infidelity in relationships and dispelling jealous feelings between lovers. Spells used with rosemary can be effective in enhancing the memory, as well as clearing negative energy. Rosemary can also be used in spells designed to maintain youth. Rosemary burned or smudged together with juniper has a healing effect on the body.

Rosemary is associated with love, lust, protection, sleep, cleansing or purification, youth and mental powers. Rosemary may be placed beneath the pillow to soothe nightmares and assist in dream recall. Rosemary hung over the doorstep to your house or on the porch can protect your home from burglary or thieves.

Rosemary can also be used for divination. Burning rosemary on a charcoal and inhaling it’s smoke can provide the answers you seek to the questions you have. It can also be used to attract elves and fairies.

Because it is so readily available and has so many healing and magical properties, rosemary is an invaluable addition to your arsenal of kitchen witchery.

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