“The Hierophant” Tarot Cards Meaning

Hierophant Tarot Card Meanings

The Hierophant is a card that many people just don’t connect with. They often just see the religious figure sitting on the throne, and have a reaction to what they may think he represents. Or, they might just miss the entire meaning of the card. Some Tarot Cards are just like that – but upon investigation, they can become one of the richest cards out there, if we take the time to investigate.

The Hierophant is all about education, teachers and learning. It’s the stage of life where we leave our parents (The Emperor and Empress), and head out into the world, encountering our teachers guide us farther along the path of life. From our elemental school years, to college and beyond, teachers form a very important part of our destinies!

Eventually, we reach a stage where we go beyond their teachings and perhaps become teachers ourselves – this is the true message of the card!

Symbolism of The Hierophant Card

The figure sitting on the throne wears red robes, which is a colour of power and authority, a colour of passion and action. This man is essentially a priest, but his archetype is that of the teacher, the wise one, he one that knowns and understand society’s rules, and shows others what they are.

How do we know he is wise? Well, there are two crossed keys just in front of his feet, which symbolise knowledge and wisdom. He also has two acolytes in front of him, who represent his students, those who are willing to learn.

The fact that he is on a higher level than them also indicates that he has more knowledge that they do. His face is stern and his crown very tall, which shows the power that society has given him. The three levels of the crown show his knowledge of the conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious worlds.

His hand is raised in a blessing and he holds a sceptre of power. The Hierophant is a man who holds mysteries to teach the world!

General Meaning of The Hierophant Card

The most generalised meaning of the Hierophant card is teaching and learning. It often signified s a time in which you are either studying under a master teacher, or that you may be the one who is a teacher! It’s important to ask yourself which it is – if you are the acolyte sitting at the teacher’s feet, or the one passing on the wisdom and knowledge.

The Hierophant signifies a period of time where you have to follow the rules and structures in order to attain the wisdom you’re seeking. This card is ruled by the astrology sign, Taurus, which further represents the importance of a set routine and rules to follow as you set out on this path of learning!

The message of the Hierophant card is to eventually find your own wisdom, to discover your own beliefs and form your own opinion. Your teachers have been there for a good reason, but now it’s your time to develop s strong set of beliefs. You may encounter someone who inspires you or sets you on a path of development, such as a mentor or wise friend.

It’s important to remember that whatever it is that you are learning per teaching follows tradition, and you’ll need to respect the wisdom of its tenets. You may join a formal institution where you have to toe the line – but it’s all for a good reason! This can range from a university, to an online Tarot circle or even a meet-up group.

Meaning of The Hierophant Card in The Past

The Hierophant card in the past represents a time of learning or teaching is now behind you. You may have had a wonderful mentor or been a wonderful mentor to someone else. Now’s the time to take that wisdom in the world and use it wisely – you have all the knowledge your med, for now. This is also a time to move forward with your own beliefs, your own ideas and to set yourself free and shed any limiting ideas. This is a time of integration of the learning from the recent past!

Meaning of The Hierophant Card in The Present

This is a very exciting card to get in the present, especially if you are keen and eager to find a teacher or mentor, or if you have been seeking a teacher. Right now, there is someone in your life whom you are learning a great deal from, and is helping you to shape your ideas and beliefs.

This card in the present position can also mean that you are in a teaching position, and that people see you as a guide and mentor, as someone who has the wisdom and knowledge to help them on their path. You may not be giving yourself enough credit for all you know already! You are also possibly on a search for knowledge to developing a strong set of personal beliefs that will guide you in the future.

Meaning of The Hierophant Card in The Future

Getting the Hierophant card in the future position indicates a time where you will soon join a group or institution under the guidance of a mentor to learn something. You will become a student, or acolyte and you can look forward to a period of much learning and wisdom!

Having this card in the future also means that you may soon be a teacher of some kind, either in a formal institution or in a spiritual sphere, and people will see you as someone with knowledge and authority. You’ll have to follow a certain set of rules and structures – which is not a bad thing!

Meaning of The Hierophant Card in Relationships

When we get the Hierophant card in a relationship question, it could mean that the person we are with or the person we will meet soon is someone that is some form of teacher or student. If single, we may meet someone in an institution, and fall in love, for example, with our lecturer or mentor! This person may have a lot to show us, and somehow guide us.

We may also be this person for someone else, of course. Either way the relationship is about learning and growth – it is a spiritual connection.

Sometimes, you may experience this teacher/ lover as a little bit bossy and authoritative, but generally there is alto of respect for each other. This card also suggests that your relationship is a place of learning, and that it’s implant to make it serious or official. You may even get married under the influence of this card!

Meaning of The Hierophant Card in Career

It’s very positive to get the Hierophant card in a career question. It means that very soon, you could be promoted or elevated to a position in which you teach or lead others in some way. You could be put in charge of a team, or become a main figure in an institution of some sort. You deserve it – you have worked hard to get to this point!

This may also mean that you get assigned a mentor or authority who will teach you and upskill you in some way. You’ll have to follow the rules and regulations in order to reach a point of success, and you may be dealing with a lot of company traditions.

Lastly, this may mean getting a job in a university, bank, or some other institution of some kind.

Meaning of The Hierophant Card Reversed

When you get the Hierophant card reversed, you may be struggling to come to terms with the rules and regulations of your workplace or institution. Maye there is someone in some kind of authority that is pushing your buttons, who is a challenging mentor, or not much of a mentor at all. This may be a time where you have to develop your own belief systems rather than allow others to dictate the truth to you.

This may also indicate a time where you follow your own path, and educate yourself in a non-conforming way. However, be careful of pushing too hard against authority as it may take you nowhere!

Summary of The Hierophant Card

The Hierophant card is a positive card, and hopefully makes a great deal more sense to you now! It’s a card of education, learning, and structure, whether you are the one doing the educating or whether you are the one doing the learning.

This card speaks to gaining knowledge and wisdom, to receiving or being a guide and mentor, and to elevation and/or promotion. It teaches you the value of structures, tradition and rules, encouraging you to eventual follow your own rules. This card encourages you to learn all you can, and then to develop your own beliefs systems once you have gained the knowledge you need.

The Hierophant is a card of leadership and learning – a very positive card overall!


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