What’s my real age?

Although our age is commonly based upon our years of existence that does not necessarily reflects our physical vitality, nor emotional age, not to mention, our ageless spiritual nature.

To define our correct age, regardless of how long we have been here in this life, is more a question of how old do we actually feel. It is unquestionable how so many feel much older and mature for their “determined” age, or how young some appear to be independently of their longevity. Once more the concept of Time seems to elude our logical perception and rational thinking. Perhaps, Time itself can be adaptable to human consciousness and vibrational level, of how much Life is there still within us and our eagerness to embrace it.

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Age is relative to many factors. As our physical vitality seems directly connected with our emotional stability and maturity, how we deal with each emotion with loving harmony and respect, and above all self-love. The more we respect and love ourselves, the better our body responds with energy, well-being and vivacity. Our physical marks of time, our wrinkles and grey hairs, our physical limitations of mobility, are a proof of that. There are many examples of fascinating women, for example, who still run marathons, teach yoga and give dancing classes with eighty years old, while others start complaining with thirty of how old they are and how they cannot do things anymore. Age is therefore an emotional choice above all and a mental tag.

We either surrender to our fear of aging and death or we embrace our love for Life. It is that simple and basic. In this free will universe, we have the freedom to choose what we will. The beauty of it, is that there is always time to change our minds.

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There are no rules, only Love. Loves conquers health, self-healing and regeneration. Once we understand Life in harmony with everything around us, magic happens. Love is the key and the cure for eternal life.

Spiritually, we are timeless, ageless. There was never a beginning, nor will be an ending. We are ever-lasting energy. We come to life, for as many times as we want, and in any forms we desire. Our souls register each learning experience, which can later be reminded. If we can access our full memory, imagine all the amazing stories we could tell, since the beginning of the universe, the big bang, from the perspective of a star, or a comet.

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We worry so much how our age reflects in our body, so much we forget its history, its memories and amazing moments of pleasure, conquers and adventures. We forget how inside this body there is a soul who has seen the sky from all possible point views. Doesn’t it sound so silly now to be worrying about a single wrinkle or the first grey hair?

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